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Unleashing One’s Inner Narcissist: Why It’s Now Obvious That Everything Coming Out Of Harry’s Mouth Is Meghan’s Inner Thoughts

To control your public persona is to hide something. Meghan Markle embodies the über-classic traits of a narcissist. She thrives from power and respect, believing she can usurp Queen Elizabeth II as the favourite royal, the true monarch. Moreover, a succubus, annihilating the life force of her muppet of a husband. She uses her prowess to hook herself around him, using unsubstantiated claims to pull him deeper into her den of woke.

Elsewhere, Henry Mountbatten-Windsor, Meghan’s hubs, her sweetie-pie, her ‘H’ demonstrates an absence of control. His wife’s succubus claws prod him into submission. She requires his full attention and acceptance that he is her ventriloquist doll who must at all times defend her and nobody else. It shouldn’t matter if there is documentation to prove her wrong. She is always right. To deny her a victory would result in him being locked in their wine cellar overnight.

Even others in their inner circle fall under her charm offensive. She allows permission for them to the media. But only if they shower her in praise and accolades. The Body Language Guy caught one of Meghan’s friends lying when asked whether she’d met baby Lilibet. She said she had when she had not. Prior to this, Gayle King claimed on national television there were receipts of racism. None have materialised and the assertion was made almost a year ago.

Like any science experiment, Meghan has a control that she must meet. In the insistence of Harry, it’s the biggest sore spot of all, his late mother, Diana. On their first date, allegedly, she hooked him by wearing the Princess of Wales’ favourite perfume. Then, the next step, once she’d hooked him, was to dress like Lady Di. And boy did she ever! However, she wore similar outfits before she met H.

Harry The Ventriloquist Dummy

Meghan got her talons into Harry and made him into her ventriloquist doll, where she is in complete control. She makes him regurgitate her word salad and has him claim that they’re his thoughts. Remember when he claimed on the Apple docuseries, The Me You Can’t See when he claimed that the media wanted his wife dead? She would’ve placed this belief in his head as it’s part of her “I am the new Diana” narrative.

Another instance of note is Harry’s implication that his mother was murdered because Dodi Fayed “wasn’t white.” Similarly, Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, has been pushing the assassination conspiracy for close to thirty years. 

We’ll examine Al-Fayed’s claims in another post.

The conspiracies are not from Harry’s brain. Meghan is fuelling these thoughts by making him believe that she will die like Diana if he doesn’t get the media to bow to their (read: her) demands. The more Harry speaks, the less it sounds like him. Remember when he compared people to raindrops wetting the parched Earth? Giles Coren of the Times wrote a hilarious piece about it. Anyway, Harry himself hasn’t got the mental capacity to come up with something like this on his own. It’s one of Meghan’s woke philosophies.

It wouldn’t surprise us if she writes everything Harry says. We know she had a heavy presence in the publication of Finding Freedom. What’s more, given the details in the book about what type of laptop she used to publish The Tig on shows us that prior to the privacy court case, she had a hand in scripting the narrative. Who else would have these details? Some photos she published to The Tig or her Instagram account showed the apple logo. She only ever uses expensive products.

Control Of Harry Must Be Easy

Harry has always been easy to manipulate. Just ask the Russian pranksters who tricked him into thinking he was talking to teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg as transcribed by Vanity Fair’s Erin Vanderhoof. What’s more, is Sebastian Murphy-Bates of the Daily Mail UK published the transcript of the phone call when the news broke in early 2020.

For Meghan, however, she knows his weakness, which is his mother. Her half-sister, Samantha, has said that Meghan wore one of Diana’s favourite perfumes on their first date. If she was looking to snag Harry, this was the hook. Using references to his late mum was the perfect way to entrap him. Additionally, his berating of the press for their “racist undertones” unveils how under her thumb he is.

Meghan uses several control tactics. The first is not wearing her wedding and engagement rings. After the announcement of Megxit, the former actress got photographed not wearing her rings while coming out of the National Royal Theatre. The photos were probably rearranged and sold to the Daily Mail UK as they appeared in an article. Despite claims that the Sussexes don’t read about themselves, their mouthpiece, Omid Scobie, wrote in Finding Freedom that they did do what they said they didn’t. Likewise, Markle claimed to Oprah that she had never researched Harry or his family. Consequently, we understand this is a lie as Prince Charles and “Princess Kate” were mentioned on The Tig.

The second control tactic is Meghan uses what we consider as “the Diana narrative.” She takes parts of her late mother-in-law’s life and applies them to her own story. For instance, she claims the paparazzi hounded her. Diana was bombarded everywhere she went. As did Catherine. 

However, the press learned their lesson to keep their distance from Markle. Additionally, Harry released the statement we referenced earlier about the treatment of his then-girlfriend. Ultimately, this is in major contrast to him not doing the same for his previous partners.

The Lost Cause

Conclusively, Harry is a lost cause. The hypocrisy he displays is in full compliance with Meghan and her yearning for control over their lives. He has not asked for the attacks against his family to cease by the Sussex Squad. His incoherent babble regarding the press’ treatment of his wife makes us reconsider our sympathy towards him.

We consider him unredeemable. His redeemability fell away when his look of anger showed up in a photo from the 2020 Commonwealth service.

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