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Meghan Believes Archetypes Is Her Word… Um?


Sorry, Meghan, but this is one court battle you won’t win – A few weeks ago, Meghan Markle dropped the bomb that finally, there was movement on the Spotify front. The news was that she would be releasing a podcast in the American summer called “Archetypes.” When this information came out, we were not at all surprised. Meghan is one of these people who tries to keep things within the brand. So, with her former blog, The Tig, she had a feature called Tig Talk, which fell into the influencer category and shared a name connected with the overall website.

Meanwhile, the same applies to Archetypes. Get it? Archewell/Archetypes. Here’s the real blockbuster (thanks, J. Jonah Jameson). Meghan wants to trademark the word. Yes, seriously. You cannot make this stuff up, even if you were desperate. The news was broken by Richard Eden in his column, Eden Confidential. The trademark was filed in late March by Archewell Audio rather than Spotify. This was probably done as there are several podcasts on Spotify containing the word “Archetypes.” Check out the Spotify link for clarity.

When Famous People Fail

We’re sorry, but there is no way Meghan will win this fight if it goes to court. Lexie Cartwright from points out that there is a skincare company that holds the trademark for “Archetypes.” If she does fail to get the trademark, it wouldn’t be the first time a famous person has tried to trademark something of meaning to them and failed. Victoria Beckham tried about twenty years ago to trademark the word “Posh” because it was mostly associated with her. This failed.

Then, there’s the case of Beyoncé and Jay-Z trying to trademark their daughter Blue Ivy’s name and failing because a restaurant owned the trademark.

What’s Meghan going to try next? Attempt to trademark her own name? Archie’s name? Lilibet’s name? This is essentially the same as her and Harry screaming that Her Majesty The Queen doesn’t own the word “royal.” Yet, Meghan believes she owns “Archetypes”? Talk about double standards. Also, “Archetypes” (as in the word) has existed for over 500 years.

This is another way to silence people by talking away their ability to use words within their own lexicon.

Also, Meghan and Harry are still having issues trademarking Archewell, as they aren’t being clear on their products. Also, there’s a company in the Philippines that has the trademark for “Archewell” which they’ve had for years. 

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