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Meghan Markle Has Revealed How She Really Feels About Her Husband


Imagine having to hide your true feelings. That is what Meghan Markle is really bad at. It’s no wonder she couldn’t last more than 18 months as a working royal. Now she is free to voice her opinions on whatever the hell she wants but at the expense of other people. She has taken swipes at her in-laws, especially her sister-in-law, Catherine, the Princess of Wales whom she indirectly referenced in this week’s episode of Archetypes by mentioning the Stepford Wives. Michelle of the Royal Daily Tea picked up on this slight.

This was one of the things that Meghan wanted to remove from the podcast after The Queen passed. She thought that Spotify would do what she wanted, but no. She and Harry dragged the chain in getting something out after that failed holiday special in 2020. Also, editing the episodes that were scheduled for after Her Majesty’s death would cost money.

Anyway, this week’s episode sheds a bit more light on how Meghan’s feelings about Harry have taken a backseat. She’s still calling him “her husband” but what else is new? Instead, she pushes him out of the picture and claims she is the one rearing the children and how she feeds the dogs and how she loves cooking breakfast. I find this hard to believe.

Meghan Doesn’t Care About Harry Or Their Family

Because she might say things with passion, it does not mean she actually believes it. I’ve been covering this trainwreck for years and I know when something smells off when it comes to Meghan. She’s a renowned liar we know this, but her feelings towards Harry have come across as sketchy. Not sure what I mean? Let me explain.

So, Meghan has a bad habit of referring to Harry as “my husband” which I bought up earlier. In her Archetypes podcast this week, she never once referred to him by his name. I’ve said before that she doesn’t appear to like his name. Nor does she appear to like her daughter’s name, apparently. It’s odd and it makes me wonder if there’s more to it than we think.

Meghan Markle does NOT regard anyone as being higher or equal to herself. She believes she is the Queen of the World and that everyone loves her. If they don’t, they’re racist and in support of the patriarchy that she wants to destroy. No, I didn’t spell that wrong. She assigns Harry to a label as “my husband.” We get who he is. You don’t have to keep reminding us. However, she thinks we’re stupid. Though, she’s not too bright as she thinks she can trademark a 500 year old word. This is in regards to her Archetypes podcast.

Archetypes Is A Word, Not An Amalgamation

Because “Archetypes” appears to be an amalgamation of “Archewell” and “Stereotypes”, Markle thinks that it was an invention of hers. It’s not. As I mentioned in a post I linked above, the word Archetypes has been around for 500 years. It also has nothing to do with stereotypes, which is what Meghan has reduced Harry to. That is one of the reasons that she is constantly getting called out. She uses the status he gave her to make herself look bigger than what she is. Without him, she is nothing and she knows it. She was so hellbent on getting power and status that she didn’t think what would happen if that were taken away from her.

Moreover, this brings us to something else. More separation/divorce rumours were enabled this week from Lady Colin Campbell. However, she said she might’ve been hoodwinked by allies of the Sussexes. Whatever the case, the marriage is shaky regardless. Meghan makes Harry look like an idiot during this week’s podcast as she allegedly asked him what some of the answers to the UK Citizenship test was as she was supposed to be studying for it during her time in Britain and he didn’t know. It’s his home country. How could he not know the answers. Now, I do need to point out here that you have to live in the UK a few years before you can be eligible to apply for citizenship. Meghan did not fill that quota by about a year.

Harry Isn’t Exactly Smart

We know Harry isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He couldn’t even pass high school without help. It’s also blatantly obvious that both he and his wife are triggered very easily. Meghan knows Harry enough to know what she can exploit and that is everything. The loss of his mother was the biggest factor and so is his mental health. She can claim she understands his struggles all she likes, but very few people see through her act now. We know the royals don’t as they gave her and Harry a wide berth at The Queen’s funeral. So much so that Queen Camilla, Princess Catherine, and Countess Sophie closed ranks around Princess Charlotte and Prince George to protect them.

In conclusion, Meghan appears to be pushing Harry out of the media narrative she is trying to tell. It has been her doing the interviews and photo shoots. He has been nowhere in sight.

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