Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles Of Harkle: Power Dynamics, Money And The Mansion

power dynamic

Ah, yes. Power Dynamics. Celebrities think they have them, as do pseudo-royals Harry and Meghan Markle. I will not be referring to H as a “prince.” He does not deserve that title. Nor does he deserve the dukedom his grandmother gave him. I have a heap of respect for Her Majesty. I wish I could say the same about her second-youngest grandson and his wife.

I’m aware that I sound like a broken record, but I need to stress that these two outreach the power dynamics of the monarchy. So many people have said that they want to be the King and Queen of America. However, their whining and finger-pointing without evidence to back up their argument. Also, they’re trying to prove that they’re better than the royal family. It has spectacularly backfired. Furthermore, t’s a pattern in the news cycle where the only people backing them are Christopher Bouzy, Omid Scobie, the Sussex Squad, Amol Rajan, and Jenny Afia.

Harry is the next-generation version of Prince Andrew. Randy Andy sees himself as more important than his own older brother, Prince Charles. Also, we all know the rumour by now of how he tried to insert himself as Prince William’s regent. His reasoning for this was that Prince Charles was unpopular due to his treatment of Princess Diana even after her death, and William was underage.

Resounding Power Dynamics Not Working

The whiny redhead can cry that his father was horrible to him all he likes and that there was “genetic pain”, but this is nothing more than a power play. As a load of the world will know, this isn’t working. However, the people the Sussexes are trying to cozy up to, who are some of Hollywood’s elite and most recognisable faces, don’t want to know them.

Now, not to state the obvious here, but why would this be?

The answer to this is simple; they see what the Sussexes have done and don’t like their behaviour, such as:

  • Badmouthing and blackmailing family.
  • Cutting people such as family and friends off for various reasons.
  • Throwing accusations into the wind without evidence.
  • Lying and contradicting what was said previously.
  • Inserting themselves into causes, they have no business in being involved.

Essentially, you all get what I’m getting at; the relatability that they have is non-existent. Ultimately, this is why they haven’t had the A-list around to their Montecito house, which I’ll get to later. Anyway, regarding the power dynamics, the Sussexes have in Hollywood, I’d say they have zero. Very few people took up Meghan’s 40×40 Initiative.

As I said in a previous post on 40×40, she stole the idea from Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama. This also displayed how weak Meghan’s hold in Hollywood is. Only a handful of celebrities took it up, including actress Tracee Ellis Ross, the daughter of singer Diana Ross.

Meghan believes people will fall at her feet if she uses her Duchess title. Just because you hold a foreign title doesn’t mean that you’re influential in another country or in any way.

Money And A Non-Eco-Friendly Mansion

Harry and Meghan believed moving to Montecito would allow them to be flooded with job offers without them having to lift a finger. Look at how well that turned out. Markle was not an acting icon when she was on Suits. Also, despite what some people will say, Suits wasn’t anything special. Here’s a screenshot of its list of wins and nominations via the show’s Wikipedia page:

As you can see, Meghan is not listed once on this chart. The highest award here is a nomination for Patrick J. Adams at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Of all the awards, Suits won twice for two different ceremonies for Gina Torres. Moreover, this shows that the series wasn’t as popular as the Sugars want you to believe. Anyway, back to the Montecito castle.

Speculation has arisen when the Sussexes want to sell their mansion because “they’re not over the moon” about the location. Umm, okay, but why did you move there, to begin with, if you didn’t like it? Is it because the celebrity neighbours don’t like the additional attention? Is it because the paparazzi showed up to take photos of Meghan? It could be anything. But to be honest, if they do move, it will raise more questions regarding whether they owned the house at all.

Money Troubles Prompted The Alleged Move?

Now, I don’t care whether Harry and Meghan are rich or poor. They’ve caused many issues, and I’m sick of reporting on their victimhood. Yes, I say that a lot, but if they stopped complaining and lived the private life they claimed they wanted, we would not be here.

Anyway, could money be the reason for the supposed move? I believe that yes, it might be. My reasoning for this is the news that came out via Katie Davis of the Sun that Archewell made under $50,000 in its first year of operation. I have so many questions regarding this.

  • Is the $50k that was declared from the Sussex Squad?
  • Did the Sussexes have more money, but did they spend it on expenses or themselves?
  • Are they paying their bills with their own money?
  • How many employees have quit because they haven’t been paid?
  • How did they afford their legal bills and Meghan’s wardrobe?

News reports have said that they spent more cash on Meghan’s legal fight against the Mail on Sunday than they raised. There are numerous possibilities, which I won’t go over as it is not worth it.

They’ve lost all sense of credibility, and no one will trust them again if their desired target for friends knew the full extent of their selfishness.

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