Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles of Harkle: Diana Belonged To THE WORLD And Harry’s View On Journalism

Princess Diana was an icon from the second her engagement to Prince Charles was announced. We all know this. Fast-forward several decades later, and their wayward son, Harry, is living it up in California with his wife and their two children. If that’s what they want, fine, but their followers DO NOT get to say that Diana is theirs. Diana belonged to THE WORLD. Not one set of people. No one owned her. She was a force for good in ways Harry and Meghan will never understand.

The other day, someone on Twitter posted a screenshot from an account that is aligned with the Sussex Squad. I won’t say what the group is as I don’t want to be targeted. If follow you me on Twitter and know what I’m referring to feel free to retweet it at me as I can’t find the tweet now with the screenshot.

Before I continue, I’ve been blocked by the account mentioned in the screenshot, so I can’t see their tweets, so kudos to the poster of the screenshot. Sorry if this is confusing, guys, but I have spent a week or two keeping the blog and my Twitter account continuously under the radar due to a Squaddie reporting me to a certain you-know-who. That’s why my account is locked.

Anyway, back to the Diana thing, the Sussex Squad are claiming the late Princess as their own and using the caption, “Our Beautiful Diana.” I can guarantee that anyone who supports the Sussexes had zero interest in the royals until five years ago.

Diana Is William’s Mother Too!

One of the biggest things that pisses me off is the constant harping of these people saying, “Oh, poor Harry! He lost his mother!” Yes, he lost his mum, but so did Prince William!

Diana is William’s mother too, or did people suddenly forget that? Harry, before Meghan came along, rarely spoke about his mother. It was William – not Meghan – who told him to open up. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video from Time (yes, the same publication that put the Sussexes on the front cover).

[Credit: TIME – YouTube]

What makes this whole thing grind my gears is that it’s always, “Poor Harry, poor Harry,” when Diana had another son who needed her just as much. Sure, William was older and could take care of himself at fifteen, and Harry was shy of his thirteenth birthday when Diana died. However, Diana’s passing was just as traumatic for William as it was for Harry.

After their mother’s death, William could no longer keep his promise to her that he would restore her HRH status. Yes, I know it is a child’s promise, but it is still a promise from a devoted son to his mother who was wronged.

Harry’s Stance On Journalism

The second topic I wanted to address was from last year I believe it was where Harry took a swipe at journalistic practices. He claimed that true journalism is behind a paywall while the lies (better known as tabloid shit and anything that is true about them) is not.

Okay, this guy does NOT know how journalism actually works. Secondly, not all people are rich like him and can afford to get the news from behind a paywall. Also, he does realise what a paywall does, doesn’t he?

Since newspapers are a dying art, the way media corporations get money outside from ads on their sites is to have people sign up to what they deem “exclusive” content.

Just because something is behind a paywall, doesn’t it is factual. The Times published a couple of articles last year about Meghan which were placed behind a paywall. She then threatened legal action against the paper because she deemed it slanderous towards her.

Just a point of reference here, if the Sussexes are trying t sue, it usually means the story is true. They don’t like that the truth is out there. I’ll do a proper article about this later.

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