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Lesser-Known Sussex Rumours

Sussex rumours
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Many rumours have been about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Everyone knows the ones about the emerald tiara debacle, the who made who cry situation and, of course, the speculation over the children’s births. The list goes on. However, there are many more out there.

In this post, we’ll explore the lesser-known Sussex rumours. We’ve visited some of these briefly over the years. But this one was too good to pass up, as there are too many. We will also provide some commentary on some of these.

Before we start, this post is purely for entertainment purposes only.

Meghan Demands Archie’s Teachers Refer To Him As ‘Prince Archie’ And That Americans Call Her ‘Duchess’

If you’ve been following Project Fangirl, you’ll know we never refer to the Sussex children by their titles. According to celticcrossanon on Tumblr, it is alleged that Meghan is demanding Americans call her ‘Duchess’. But wait! It gets better! She also demands that Archie’s teachers and classmates refer to him as ‘Prince Archie.’ There was also a rumour we saw a while ago that claims she also orders people to refer to Archie as ‘His Royal Highness’ but we don’t know where they rumour came from.

What makes this demand so wild is that in public, as seen with the SXSW panel she did, she is referred to as Meghan. However, it appears behind the scenes that if this is true, she wants to be referred to as ‘Duchess’ or ‘Ma’am’, by the new Invictus Games CEO.

The Engagement Ring

We all know how much Meghan hated the engagement ring Harry gave her. Soon after the wedding, she changed the ring’s band to have pavé diamonds, like the engagement ring she was given by her former husband, Trevor Engelson. However, that’s not the rumour as the engagement alteration did happen. Also, there are a few rumours about the ring.

The rumour we wanted to cover is courtesy of Murky Meg from a few years ago. The rumour claims that Meghan wanted Catherine’s engagement ring, which was once Diana’s, because Harry had the ring first. The story goes that when Diana died, her sons were allowed to pick one piece of jewellery each.

William got the Cartier Watch, and Harry got the engagement ring. When William was preparing to propose to Catherine Middleton, Harry wanted to see the ring on the hand of the future queen. He gave his brother the ring and was allegedly given the watch in exchange.

Sassyfrassboss on Tumblr mentions that Meghan’s team allegedly put out the original engagement rumours and that Harry would dismantle one of the emerald necklaces or the iconic emerald choker for the ring. This, naturally, feeds into Meghan’s obsession with emerald.

Another post by sassyfrassboss also mentions that Meghan is probably obsessed with taking down Catherine because she has William, a copy of Diana in everything that Harry isn’t. She likely still wants that blasted sapphire engagement ring, which brings us to our next Sussex rumour.

Meghan Wanted Prince William

There is a long-standing Sussex rumour that Meghan wanted William instead of Harry. However, she had to settle for the spare when she realised William was faithful to his wife.

According to The Empress 7 on Tumblr, Meghan hates William for the same ‘Shouty’ Shola does because he’s not married to the alliterate one and loves Catherine. When you compare William with Harry, there is a massive difference between them.

William will someday become King. Harry will not. Meghan likes alpha males, not beta males, though she acts like Diana to please Harry, who likes being told what to do. Let’s look at it from Meghan’s perspective. Men equal stupid, gullible morons who cannot resist a beautiful woman.

It didn’t take Meghan long to realise that William wouldn’t fall under her spell like Harry did. However, it didn’t stop her from flirting with him when Harry wasn’t looking. It is a good thing he didn’t notice.

Wanting Catherine To Give Up Her Engagements Because Meghan Had A Better Handle On The Work

Okay, this Sussex rumour is a new one for us. Upon marrying Harry, Meghan wanted Catherine to stop working because she [Catherine] wasn’t equipped for her work, and Meghan supposedly was.

We were sure it was when we looked through rumours but could not find this Sussex rumour again.

Priyanka Chopra Wanted To Date William And Hates Catherine Because She Married Her Dream Man

This Sussex rumour has nothing to do with Meghan, per se. It’s more… Meghan-adjacent. So, long before she married Nick Jonas, her friend Priyanka Chopra Jonas said her dream date was Prince William. This one is courtesy of Canellecitadelle on Twitter, which might explain why Priyanka snubbed Catherine at Wimbledon. This was also mentioned in an article by Bollywood Life. It might even explain the crude joke made in the series Citadel in which Priyanka’s character mentions “the Duchess of Cambridge’s thighs.”

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