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How Meghan Markle TRULY Feels About Women More Successful Than Herself


Meghan Markle thrives off attention. Negative. Positive. It doesn’t matter. She loves it all. It’s now August 31, the 25th anniversary of her mother-in-law, Diana, Princess of Wales’s death. Does the Duchess of Sussex care? No. She doesn’t. A new episode of her podcast series, Archetypes, has dropped, and her second guess is the Queen of Diva Antics herself, Mariah Carey. Again, I have not listened to the podcast as Markle’s voice annoys me like there is no tomorrow.

It is no secret that Meghan is a diva. Tom Bower’s book confirmed it. She’ll be the first to call someone a ‘racist’ if they call her out. But what happens if the person throwing the shade is one of the world’s biggest pop stars? It’s blasphemous as far as Meghan is concerned. If you think about it, Markle is one of those people who would say, “don’t say yes to something you cannot commit to”, but does the complete opposite. Look at what happened with 40×40. Then, there are the rumours about whether The Tig would resurface.

It is also no secret that Meghan despises her sister-in-law, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. It is alleged that Markle complained that Kate wouldn’t go shopping with her. This is a rumour, but the speculation claims that the former actress wanted her heavily pregnant sister-in-law to take her shopping. She appears to have forgotten that the future Queen Consort had two children under ten and with a third on the way. Not to mention, she was working.

I’m sure Catherine wanted to do something to welcome Meghan. It’s possible she found herself overwhelmed with the children. Also, she probably saw through the façade. We know that much of Harry’s family did see through the act. Three of which were Princess Diana’s three siblings, Baroness Fellowes, Lady Sarah and Earl Spencer.

Meghan takes offence to every tiny piece of criticism thrown her way. But, again, this is no secret. Remember the look she threw at her mother, Doria Ragland when she cut into a conversation?

[Credit: Daily Star]

Yes, that look. Scary. I believe Meghan’s diva antics are the subject of her insecurities. Likely, they stemmed from her mother’s absence in her childhood. As Tom Bower states in his book, Revenge, there is a decade where Doria was not around. Thomas Snr raised Meghan.

Whenever Doria was around, Meghan constantly had to prove she was worthy in her mother’s eyes. This is not my opinion, as it is implied in the book. Now that she is an adult, Markle uses her mum to show the world she is ‘family-oriented’. She couldn’t care less about family. She certainly didn’t care about her dad when he had multiple heart attacks and almost died. Also, she never cared about a foreign head of state, who is her husband’s grandmother who welcomed her into her family.

Now, I know many people will question what this has to do with diva antics. Let me explain. We’re aware that Meghan wants to be successful. Quite frankly, can anyone blame her? But she has to step on and discard people to do that. Moreover, she ditches her first husband, Trevor Engelson, and is implied not to have wanted to marry him. Also, she didn’t want him to be the father of her children. However, she wed him because he could help her advance her career, which didn’t work as she still didn’t become an A-lister.

Meghan’s desire to be famous fuels her narcissism and diva antics. Hence, this is why I bought up how she is the Queen of Montecito in the article that came out yesterday by The Cut. Also, she is the Queen of Rewriting her past. One thing I didn’t mention is Meghan’s love of emeralds. One of the photos of Meghan has her wearing emerald earrings. Could this whole situation be part of the rumoured divorce plan? Who knows, but it is imminent, given how unhappy Harry looks whenever he’s with Meghan.

Harry dug his grave. As Donald Trump (god, I cannot believe I would ever quote him) once said, he’ll [Harry] return to his family, beginning them to free him. Courtesy to HRH Princess Sneakie on Twitter, who found the video.

[Credit: @intrested19 – Twitter]

Harry and Meghan are as bad as each other when realising they’ve never been relevant. Charles and William don’t need them to succeed when they become monarchs. Why? They’ll have the support of those who matter. We’re talking about Catherine, George, Charlotte, Louis, Princess Anne, Camilla, and the Royals who work and support The Queen. Yes, I know the Cambridge children are too young to be working. I’m thinking like fifteen to twenty years in the future.

Going back to Meghan’s hatred of successful women, it’s clear from her jabs at the royals that her intended target in The Cut interview, is Catherine. There is no denying that. Not to mention, Mariah calling Markle a diva shows us that she is onto Meghan. Don’t get me started on how she trashed my country.

To end this article, I want to say this. Meghan’s diva attitude will be her undoing. As my YouTube friend, Sue Smith noted in her latest video, which was to debunk everything Meghan said in The Cut article, the royal family won’t do anything until the Queen passes. I completely agree with that. Her Majesty is a woman deeply rooted in her Christian values of forgiveness. She’s 96 years old, and her grandson and his wife have dishonoured her by trashing everything she holds dear.

When Charles takes the throne, he will have something done as this cannot go on. Also, the Prince of Wales has always struggled to garner the same popularity as his mother due to his past.

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