Chronicles of Harkle

Chronicles of Harkle: Harry And Meghan Need To Stop Weaponising Mental Health


Do you know what I’m tired of seeing in the media? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle weaponising the topic of mental health. I’m bringing this due to a video the Duchess of Narsussex did about famous people with bipolar disorder. I only just had the time to watch it as I love her videos as she always goes into her explanations in-depth and doesn’t hold back on her opinions.

Anyway, I wanted to note that while we all know how vile the Sussex Squad is, it is NOT okay to criticise someone for simply having a mental illness. As Duchess of Narsussex pointed out in the video linked above, she’s gotten ridiculed online because she has bipolar disorder by the more influential members of the Sussex Squad. Don’t these individuals care about anyone but the Sussexes?

Now, I report on the Sussexes on a near-daily basis as it is in the public’s best interest to have honest content. I don’t log into my Content Management System every day and plan to write about Harry and Meghan. That is not how my brain is hardwired. If it were, I wouldn’t get a chance to write about anything else. What I don’t appreciate is the Sussex Squad weaponising mental health. Let alone, in the name of two irrelevant grifters whose only talent is bitching to the masses and hoping something sticks.

Also, they have no compassion for anyone, despite it being part of Meghan’s woke mantra. All they do is log onto their social media accounts and blast anyone who doesn’t like Harry and Meghan. They’ve gone after journalists too, which says a lot about their mental health. They believe they are doing what the Sussexes would want. In reality, they wouldn’t care. Either that or they’ve been encouraged and bankrolled. 

Payments And Weaponising Mental Health

Do I believe that the Sussex Squad gets paid to trash people? Yes, absolutely. Regardless of whether you think of their comments about so-called “Christmas bonuses,” I was always in two minds about it, but it doesn’t matter. They’re deranged and dangerous. How DARE they go about weaponising the mental health of others when they’re not examining the grander picture. Meghan doesn’t have depression or whatever it is she claims she had.

Also, has anyone ever noticed that Harry hasn’t disclosed to the public what mental illness he has? He and William have always been open about their issues with their mental health. Ultimately, this is before Meghan officially came on the scene. Remember this?

[Credit: TIME – YouTube]

Here’s a screenshot of the date stamp:

What does that say? That’s right. April 2017. Seven months later, Harry would announce his engagement to Meghan. Furthermore, this is where his unhappily ever after would start to get worse. He needed Meghan more than she needed him. His mind saw everything it needed. He wanted a woman who “matched” his mother’s attributes to a tee, and Markle knew this. However, she is nothing like Diana or Catherine. I’ll get to this in a moment.

Anyway, going back to the Sussex Squad, their weaponising of mental health is no different from what their idols are doing. Meghan, claiming to Oprah that she was suicidal while pregnant, is the same narrative as Diana. The story goes she threw herself down the stairs when she was expecting William.

Meghan Weaponising Mental Health Is Her Way Of Getting Even

It is no secret that there has been no record of Meghan having a mental illness. Harry, yes. Markle, no. Would this be disclosed to the public if she did? It depends. It’s uncommon but not unheard of for adults to be diagnosed with mental illnesses later in life. Sometimes it lays dormant until it presents itself.

If Meghan is an advocate for mental health, why doesn’t she reveal what she has? Harry has been open about his struggles in the past, so why can’t she? Oh, right. She doesn’t HAVE any mental illness condition to speak about, so the topic isn’t relevant to her. She only mentioned “feeling suicidal” because she knew her fans would buy into the narrative. Also, she knew they’d begin their tyrannical attacks on those who didn’t believe her. Her story was meant to “tug at the heartstrings” of the American public. She knew the UK public would see through her, so to her, they’re a bunch of racists.

Let’s dive into Meghan’s mind for a moment, shall we? If someone doesn’t believe her version of events, they’re bigots. Furthermore, if they do, they’re the most undisturbed person on Earth. If she were to meet one of her followers in the street, she would probably walk past them. Why? Because they don’t have money or importance. She only talks to people with money.

Also, claiming you have a mental health condition is the woke thing to do nowadays. It takes away from the public believing someone who truly has a mental illness. This is no different from situations where someone claims their significant other was violent towards them when it’s further from the truth. The Amber Heard/Johnny Depp situation is a classic example. Moreover, there is legitimate proof she assaulted him.

Meghan Believes She Is Better Than Catherine And That She Is Diana Reincarnated

I’ve written multiple times that Meghan believes she is Diana 2.0. She mirrors her outfits and mannerisms, as seen in the Oprah interview. She also thinks she is better than Catherine. How do we know this? Well, she threw her under the bus to Oprah by claiming the Duchess of Cambridge made her cry the week of the wedding in 2018. Then, you have television personality Kirstie Allsopp come out months later to say no; Camilla Tominey’s story was correct, and that had made Catherine cry.

Meghan, before she married Harry, was a nobody. I mean that literally. Very few people knew who she was, then suddenly, she became an overnight sensation as she’s dating one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. That doesn’t just happen. When you’re associated with one of the most well-known families in the world, an average person rarely becomes worldly famous as they tend to keep a low profile. However, this is not what Markle has done.

She has cried victimhood, used racism to her advantage, and is constantly in the media in some form or another. Catherine, meanwhile, ignores the negative stories and keeps her head down. Meghan doesn’t do that. She believes she is serving the people by taking their money and preaching to them to live “authentically.”

How do you live authentically, exactly? According to a dictionary definition, to be authentic means to live with facts. In Meghan’s mind, to be “authentic” is to be “woke” and live by your own code. This means to be weaponising something like mental health to achieve a goal.

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