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FUN YET WILD RUMOUR/STORY: Meghan Wants Harry Locked Up

Is it crazy that Prince Harry is becoming crazier in this latest rumour?

YouTuber Princess Tiffany posted a crazy video the other day about Prince Harry and how he is rumoured to be delusional. Now, she stresses she doubts very much that this is true, but she can see it kinda happening. Before we launch into it, this is JUST a RUMOUR. We don’t believe it for a moment. So, please don’t jump down our throats.

Anyway, according to what Princess Tiffany found on Twitter, Harry is believed to be going somewhat crazy. He is allegedly beginning to call Meghan, ‘Diana’. That’s right. He is apparently calling her by his late mother’s name. Now, if this was anyone else, we’d go “yeah, they’re confused”. Not with the Duke of Sussex. If we’re totally honest, we believe that if this were in fact, true, and it’s not, then Markle wouldn’t be annoyed, she’d be flattered, and here’s why.

We’ve said before that Meghan is trying to be Diana 2.0 so she would actually enjoy being the new Diana. Here’s the thing, she is NOTHING like the late Princess of Wales. Lady Diana was a kind and compassionate soul. Markle is not. She doesn’t think of anyone but herself and she drops people when she’s done with them. Look at what has happened with her father, siblings, allegedly her mother, her former friends, and of course, the royal family.

What Else Is Being Said In This Rumour?

It is believed that Harry has questioned in a rather confused state why his mother aka Meghan has suddenly grown out her hair, dyed it, and has brown eyes instead of blue. He also rocks himself as a smoothing motion in one of the kids’ nurseries. Now, just a side note here. This is what makes this rumour so flimsy. It doesn’t classify which child’s room he was in. It is also is believed he comes out of his dazes after about five hours.

Let’s go back to what we mentioned earlier about Meghan being allegedly annoyed at being referred to as ‘Diana’. Apparently, Harry wakes up in the middle of the night, confused, which is when he asks her about the things he associates with his mother.

Also, he is believed to run around the grounds of the massive Montecito mansion’s property like a crazy person. Can’t remember what the reason for this was, but the point is, the man is clearly disillusioned with his mother. We know that Meghan considers herself to be Diana reincarnated and Harry worships the ground she walks on. He said he still has unsolved trauma from losing the woman who birthed him and while we cannot stand the type of person he has become, he’s actually right on that front.

He cannot let go of his unresolved trauma. That makes us wonder why he even went back to the UK if London is a trigger for him. His plane would have to fly into Heathrow Airport.

There were paparazzi photos of Harry in the car with his phone out for whatever reason as evident in this tweet from Kylieer.
[Credit: @kylieer – Twitter]

Was he recording the paps for another docuseries? Is he gathering evidence of the media ‘stalking’ him?

What Is Crazy Harry Actually Planning?

He does realise that everyone knows about his return to the UK, right? The world has known about the Diana statue for four years. So the paparazzi pictures are hardly a surprise. But, of course we all know what is going to do. He’s going to whinge about privacy and how the public has no right to even talk about his mother and that statue unveiling. Apparently, the world didn’t have a right to grieve such a beloved public figure as he claimed in The Me You Can’t See.

Of course, Meghan is encouraging him to act like a crazy person. Likely so she can use it in the divorce the whole world suspects is coming. Note that Markle has not actually spoken out since that pre-recorded interview she did to promote her children’s book, The Bench. That was done prior to Lili’s birth.

Will Harry crash and burn after being dubbed as crazy? Who knows.

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