Meghan’s Mole Is BACK!

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Meghan’s Mole is BACK! To quote Farnsworth from Futurama, “Good News, everyone!” our girl Meghan’s Mole has returned to Twitter after having her account “permanently suspended” last week. It’s been an odd time, and it all leads back to a particular bot scammer and a journalist people have been calling “Smelly.” I will not be mentioning names as we don’t want the Sussex Squad trying to take us down. Let’s also bring back Yankee Wally while we’re at it.

Having Meghan’s Mole’s account returned is fantastic news. But bot man isn’t happy about it. He’s far from impressed, and it is hurting his fragile ego. Here’s the thing that we love about his current meltdown. He thinks bragging about someone’s social media account being suspended is a victory. However, it’s not a win when people use your bragging against you. Social Media really is turning woke.

That’s the whole reason screenshots exist. It is a tool to be used for neutrality. People use this technology all the time. In the case of the scammer, his tweets were screenshotted and used against him. As of writing, we don’t know how Meghan’s Mole got her account back. She Tweeted that she would explain the situation in a video coming soon.

The Sussex Squad will be going mental over this when it gets back to them. Their patterns of predictability got tiresome a year ago. They scream we fight back. That’s how it will be until they wear themselves down and stop talking. Also, the in-fighting amongst the Sussex Squad is glorious. It shows how uneducated and vile they genuinely are.

Welcome Back, Meghan’s Mole

Finally, Meghan’s Mole is back with a vengeance, and we have to say, welcome back, darling Moley. While it might not have been for long, it was odd not seeing your tweets pop up. So here’s to more throwing shade and showing that the truth is more potent than woke culture.

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