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Catherine coma, princess of wales, abdominal surgery

No, Catherine Was NOT In A Coma

There have been rumours, thanks to the Sussex Squad, that Catherine, the Princess of Wales, was in a coma. This allegedly occurred during her two-week stay at the hospital after having abdominal surgery. The reason why this has come up is due to a Spanish journalist, Concha Calleja, claiming a source told her that Catherine …

Frederik X

Who Is King Frederik X?

King Frederik X is the new King of Denmark following the abdication of his mother, Queen Margrethe II. Since 2004, he has been married to Mary Donaldson (now Queen Mary) and has four children: Crown Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine. The King also has a younger brother, Prince Joachim, who has …

luna baby daddy, poppy family secret
The Bold And The Beautiful

Why Does Poppy Keep Dismissing Luna’s Questions About Her Dad?

Poppy Nozawa could be keeping a massive baby daddy family secret regarding her daughter, Luna Nozawa’s paternity. She has been incredibly cagey about who her adult child’s father is, and it’s become apparent that whatever she is hiding, it’s big. There has been speculation that the baby daddy mystery surrounding Luna’s paternity has been pointing …

young hollywood nepo

Young Hollywood Nepo Babies

There is a new age in Hollywood involving nepo babies. Sure, there has also been some nepotism in the entertainment industry, with actors following their parents or other relatives into acting, music, dance, whatever it might be. However, it has only started to dawn on people that Young Hollywood has essentially taken over; most have …

TigTots launch, Stolen Stories
Chronicles of Harkle

PLAYTIME! What Stories Could Meghan Markle Steal If She Launches TigTots? – OPINION

We all know that Meghan Markle might be relaunching The Tig with a parenting component, TigTots, which, as someone pointed out on Twitter, sounds like TaterTots. Anyway, there was a great comment by Andi’s Mom, who said that Meghan has stolen stories before, and she’s right. What could Meghan possibly write about on TigTots during …

Tig brand, parenting charities
Chronicles of Harkle

Meghan Markle’s TigTots Could Earn Her A Ton Money + The Celebrity Connections To Her Favourite Parenting Charities

Meghan Markle could be trying to create a Tig brand by having TigTots act as the parenting component, alongside The Tig being the lifestyle sector. There have been many conversations on the internet and in the mainstream media about whether she would return to her former life as she never intended to remain a royal. …

African Parks, Prince Harry, raped tortured
Chronicles of Harkle

Did They Know About This? Claims About Attacks At African Parks Have Come Out And Could Damage The Sussexes Further If They Don’t Say Anything

The Daily Mail has exposed the dark side of African Parks, a charity backed by Prince Harry, where it is alleged tribespeople are being raped and tortured. Two articles have been released detailing horrifying acts of depravity by rangers who are supposed to be keeping people safe. The first article that came out details a …

Princess Marie

Who Is Princess Marie Of Denmark?

Princess Marie of Denmark is the second wife of Prince Joachim, hence making her the sister-in-law of King Frederik X and Queen Mary. She is the mother of Count Henrik and Countess Athena and stepmother of Count Nikolai and Count Felix. Marie Agathe Odile Cavallier was born in Paris, France, on February 6, 1976, as …


Who Is Princess Estelle Of Sweden?

The future of the Swedish royal family is female. Crown Princess Victoria will someday be Queen, as will her daughter, Princess Estelle of Sweden. Born on February 23 2012, Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary is the eldest child of the Crown Princess and her husband, Prince Daniel. She has a younger brother, Prince Oscar. Princess Estelle …

Princess Athena

Who Is Princess Athena Of Denmark?

Princess Athena (now Countess Athena) of Denmark is the only daughter of Prince Joachim and the second child he has with his second wife, Princess Marie. She has three older brothers: half-brothers Nikolai and Felix and brother Henrik. Her middle names are in honour of both her grandmothers and her mother. Born on January 24 …

Princess Josephine

Who Is Princess Josephine Of Denmark?

Princess Josephine of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, is the second daughter and youngest child of King Frederik X and Queen Mary. She has three older siblings: Crown Prince Christian, Princess Isabella and twin brother Prince Vincent, who is 26 minutes older. The twins were born on January 8 2011. Josephine’s name was announced at her …