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Bookishly Ever After
Book Haven

Bookishly Ever After – BOOK Review

We were lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of Bookishly Ever After by Mia Page through Netgalley. We have some strong thoughts about this book that we wanted to share in our review. Bookishly Ever After is a general fiction (adult), non-fiction, romance book about Lexi Austen, a British bookstore owner in Washington, DC. …

Bookstagram recommendations
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Bookstagram Recommendations

Bookstagram is a great place to find book recommendations if you’re struggling to find something new to read. There is a tag on Instagram where you can find a ton of bookstagram posts from Bookstagrammers and content creators (like us!). Since there are so many Bookstagram recommendations, we’re going to list a handful from as …

Meghan outfits
Chronicles of Harkle

Times Meghan Markle Has Been Inappropriate Towards Other Country’s Culture

Meghan Markle is well-known for her inappropriate outfits. This makes this laugh-worthy because the former actress seems to offend every country she visits. Isn’t she supposed to have studied international relations? If this is the truth, then why did she wear revealing clothing in a predominantly Muslim country like Nigeria? Why did she not want …

Book Haven

Reading Terms You Need To Know

Reading is often an educational process, no matter how seasoned the reader is. What a lot of people don’t realise going into reading is that there are a lot of reading terms out there that are often head-scratchers. In this Book Haven post, we’ll be explaining what many of these reading terms are and what …

Harry Potter Mothers
Harry Potter

Harry Potter Mothers

Mothers in the world of Harry Potter are something so wholesome. Molly Weasley plays the role of a maternal figure in Harry’s life from the age of 11 as his mother, Lily Potter, died when he was a year old. His aunt, Petunia Dursley hated his guts because he was a reminder of her witch …