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Meghan’s New Obsessions (And Yes, She’s Still Channelling Diana)

Meghan New Obsession

Meghan Markle has a new series of new obsessions. We’ve all seen her eat out of the palm of Prince Harry’s hand with the Princess Diana comparisons and how she’s better at everything than the royals are.

But what if we told you Meghan had some new obsessions that aren’t brought up as often as they should be? Yeah, there’s a few. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Meghan Markle’s New Obsessions

  • Meghan loves to expose her shoulders
  • Halter Neck Tops
  • Wearing jewellery that looks identical to Diana’s
  • Having a microphone in her hand at all times
  • Claiming she of a certain ethnicity when she’s not
  • Talking about her children but not showing her being a parent
  • Turning her back on people mid-conversation
  • Allowing her mask to slip when she thinks no one is watching her
  • Appropriating another country’s culture (more on that in another post)
  • Wearing pants and skirts up to her boobs
  • Accuses people of being racist towards her to hide being bigoted herself
  • Wearing clothing that hasn’t been tailored
  • Wears the wrong outfits to events – i.e. wearing thousands of dollars worth of jewellery on a hike
  • Goes on “a tour” of Nigeria, a place where Diana and Charles went two years before they separated
  • Continues to prattle off word salads that no one but her (and Harry) appear to understand
  • Copying other brands to create her own i.e. Goop, Martha Stewart, Flamingo Estate, Buckingham Palace Shop, Highgrove
  • Continues to not film her Netflix garbage in her own house
  • Has to look for the camera every place she goes
  • Has to wear a microphone wherever she goes.
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