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People Who Have Called Meghan Markle Out For Bullying

Meghan Markle bullying

We know about the Kensington Palace vs. Meghan Markle bullying report. But there are other people who have called the former actress out for being cruel.

This post will NOT include rumours that haven’t been verified. Also, this will consist of people who have worked with or know her personally. Also, we all know Meghan Markle is the real-life Angelica Pickles.

Childhood Friends

Ninaki Priddy, Meghan’s former best friend of 30 years, told the Daily Mail in 2017 after the engagement was announced that Markle could be cold when things didn’t go her way.

Meghan Markle Is Known For Bullying Crew Members

As per Tatler, Meghan was accused by an entertainment industry videographer of being horrible.

Tom Bower mentioned in Revenge that Meghan was well-known on the Reitman’s ad sets to be a colossal diva. She was mockingly called ‘The Princess’ due to her demanding nature.

Royal Staff

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[Credit: Daily Mail]

Recently, Samantha Cohen, who was asked by The Queen personally to help integrate Meghan into royal life, said she was interviewed as part of the royal probe into the bullying. Though, she did not go any further. She said that she had to stay on longer than she was initally supposed to because the person being trained as her replacement quit mid-way through the Australia tour.

Jason Knauf, the aide who revealed during Meghan’s privacy court case that the Sussexes had worked with Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand on Finding Freedom, revealed that Meghan had been bullying people out of the royal household and “always had someone in her sights.”

An article by Page Six has listed the people who should speak out about Meghan’s behaviour. Also, one of the women who was allegedly bullied was a woman of colour.

The Markles

[Credit: Daily Express]

Finally, we have the three people who have been the most deeply affected by Meghan’s bullying. The Markles. Her dad, Thomas Markle, and her half-siblings, Thomas Junior and Samantha. Moreover, they have been targeted by Meghan multiple times.

In conclusion, Thomas said that he was on a call with Meghan and Harry and when the prince left the room, Meghan’s demeanour instantly changed. Samantha and Tom Junior have called out several of her lies. One big one is when Meghan told the palace that she didn’t know her half-siblings. It would be interesting what they would say about Meghan’s claims that she’s 43% Nigerian and need to push the angle.

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