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Does Prince Harry Realise That He And Meghan Markle Are Trying To Recreate Princess Diana?

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Meghan Markle was 36 when she married Prince Harry at Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor on 19th May 2018. They have just celebrated five years of marriage and have been together six years in total. But, unfortunately, their relationship has been a total train wreck. They left the royal family because they saw it as toxic and decaying, as the family and the staff wouldn’t allow the former American cable actress to be Queen.

That is what Meghan wanted to be. Queen of the Commonwealth. Why? Because she’s black. However, She is not a complete person of colour. She is half-white but knows zero about the people of the Commonwealth, of which the United Kingdom is a member. She was not born in the Commonwealth; she only worked in Toronto, Canada, for about a decade. It does not mean she is well-educated in the subject. She knows nothing about how to govern in any other country but the nation of her birth, the United States of America.

The Queen Knew Meghan Was Bad News From The Beginning

Her late Majesty The Queen wasn’t just going to step aside and allow her grandson’s unknown wife to take over. Now, the prince is a shell of who he used to be. He is no longer the Larkin who used to buy drinks for the press while on tours. Instead, he jumps at shadows that aren’t there. Moreover, this is his reality now as he feels he needs to defend his wife from the press, despite her calling the paparazzi regularly. Does he realise that he and Markle are recreating the life of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales?

Examining The Last Six Years Of Harry And Meghan Land

If you stop and examine what has been going on in the last six years, there are a ton of parallels that many people don’t realise are there. That’s what I wanted to explore here. Finally, the public is slowly waking up to the farces that are Meghan and Harry. Furthermore, this includes their delusional thoughts that Diana is still living through them.

In this post, we’ll explore things Harry tends to forget and some of the parallels he makes between Diana and Meghan.

What Prince Harry Tends To Forget

So, this first one is probably the most critical part of this article. Prince Harry is NOT the only person who lost Diana that night in Paris. Unfortunately, he and the press seem to forget that. William also lost his mother. Charles lost his co-parent and ex-wife, which whom he was developing a close friendship. Earl Spencer, Baroness Jane and Lady Sarah lost their sister. Her numerous nephews and nieces who were born at the time lost their aunt. The public all over the world lost their beloved princess. Her friends also lost.

Diana meant a lot to those who knew her. In Harry’s mind, he is the only person affected by her passing. He also appears to push the narrative of Meghan being like his mother onto her. Though, Markle instigated a lot of his paranoia.

The Outfits

I’ve mentioned before that Meghan is well-known for dressing like Diana. The last colossal outfit that was a copy of the late Princess of Wales was Meghan’s top on stage at the Invictus Games at The Hague. 

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Diana’s outfit was part of her last photoshoot just weeks before she died. Also, Harry claimed in his memoir Spare that his maternal aunts offered Meghan the Spencer Tiara for the wedding, only for the Queen to step in and say, “Hey, use mine.”

Jane and Sarah do not own the tiara they and their late sister wore on their wedding days. Instead, their brother, Charles, holds it as he is the head of the family, as he has been since their father died in the early nineties.

It is also well-documented that Meghan wore one of Diana’s favourite perfumes on her first date with Harry. Also, her former childhood friends have all said that Markle was obsessed with Diana and watched her wedding on VHS and the funeral, where she wept and would’ve seen William and Harry walking behind the coffin.

Harry’s Comments In Recent Years

Tom Bower wrote in his book Revenge that Harry went to his maternal family and said, “Isn’t Meghan just like mum?” This is where the Spencers and William looked at each other and agreed; no, Markle wasn’t like Diana.

Then, there are the comments from Harry in The Me You Can’t See. He says, “They [the British Press] won’t rest until she [Meghan] dies.” This docuseries was released almost immediately after the Oprah interview, which exposed the world to how toxic the Sussexes were and how dirtily they were willing to go to get what they believed to be their “revenge” on the royal family.

Also, Harry compares his marriage to Meghan to his mother’s relationship with Dodi Al Fayed. First, the prince is stupid for even making this comment for a man who is supposed to advocate for people of colour.

Dodi Al Fayed was Caucasian. He was NOT a person of colour. Yes, I am aware that some Egyptians can be black. I’m not an idiot. However, there has never been any indication from the Al-Fayed family that they identify as black.

All Harry does is talk about how “similar” Meghan is to Diana and how they’re both victims. Moreover, this shows how little he knew who his mother truly was.

Who Princess Diana Truly Was

All Harry sees when he thinks about his mother is how she was a constant victim. He and Meghan don’t understand that Diana orchestrated her issues with the paparazzi. First, she would call them herself to get the shots she wanted. Then, however, when they didn’t go away, she would get upset.

Also, Diana had a vast array of mental health issues. She had an eating disorder and could be cruel to people when they double-crossed her. Look at the fight she had with Sarah Ferguson. They never made up, which is seriously sad. They were going through divorces simultaneously, and they had young children. Moreover, they could’ve leaned on each other for support.

Diana was a lot of things, but she is not the saint Harry makes her out to be. William understands that as he deeply delved into their mother after she died. He spoke to people who knew her and got to understand all her quirks and personality traits from those who had known her. Harry, however, doesn’t want anything to do with it and places her on a pedestal that is a lie. What will his children say when they find out as adults that their late grandmother wasn’t the woman they were told she was?

William likely has told his kids about the good qualities of their grandmother but will leave the bad ones until they’re old enough to understand she wasn’t a perfect human being and was flawed like everyone else.

Meghan’s Circle Drives Harry To Insanity

Harry has never fully recovered from his mother’s death. His constant acting out in public before Meghan came on the scene was a way for him to numb the pain of losing his mother. For a few years, he seemed okay as he had the support of his family.

However, things changed when he got together with Meghan. At first, everything seemed fine, but when he started to do things outside the advice he had been given, those around him seemed something was wrong.

His friends, according to Tom Bower, hated Meghan as she was lecturing them on their first meeting on what they could and could not say. Harry was oblivious to this as he was deeply in love with her. She knew this and used it to her advantage as she was in love… with herself. Anyone following this trainwreck for the last five years can see how demented and twisted it is.

Meghan Works On Harry’s Emotions

Meghan works Harry into such a state that he no longer knows what is right. Please don’t take my word for it. Take a look at these photos. Does he appear to be a man who is happy with his life? No, he looks distressed. Plenty of pictures of him in recent months show him with dilated pupils. He was off his head when he spoke to Doctor Gabor Maté, who told him he didn’t have a good childhood. He hung off every word that was said. His pupils were blown out like he was on drugs.

People now dictate his life to Harry, and he buys into it. Furthermore, this is not healthy, and this is not an opinion. Anyone knowledgeable about life can tell you that. So, Maté is now one of these individuals telling the prince his life was always terrible. 

Okay, for those who might not be aware, Doctor Maté has been in trouble with the law for supporting a drug banned in the United States, which Harry is now taking to “clean his windscreen.” Also, during his conversation with the prince, he blames his mother for giving him up to strangers to protect him from Nazis when he was a baby.

Harry Is Not Safe In His New Life

If Diana were alive today, she would be horrified to see how bad Harry’s life has become thanks to Meghan’s influence. Now, this is not entirely the former actress’ fault. The prince has been damaged most of his life. He has been unable to keep relationships with women because of his paranoia at seeing paparazzi when there weren’t any.

He needs severe intervention before something terrible happens to him. Diana would be heartbroken to see Harry on a downward spiral if she were here today. Moreover, he appears to see something happening regarding his mother’s memory, but he either turns a blind eye because it makes him money or he’s still overly oblivious.

He has no say over what he can and cannot do, and everything is about Meghan. Not him. He has played second fiddle to his brother all his life, but that hasn’t changed with his wife. He doesn’t see that he is just a side piece in a bigger plan to make Markle the biggest star on the planet.

Meghan knows that Diana was one of the most photographed women in the world. That is what she wants to be too. However, she needs to be compared to the late Princess of Wales as much as possible, which is why there was that so-called “car crash” through New York last week.

How Meghan Has Been Compared To Diana

This was touched on earlier, but Meghan has been compared to Diana much more than Catherine, the current Princess of Wales.

Catherine has never tried to be Diana. Yes, she has worn outfits similar to her late mother-in-law, but she doesn’t outright rip them off the way Meghan does. Markle attempts to modernise every outfit she wears that resembles Diana’s; however, she leaves enough to show how similar something is.

One particular outfit that Meghan wore during her pregnancy with Archie was the same colour green as a coat Diana had worn whilst pregnant with William in 1982. Also, this would be one of many times this would occur. Markle wore the Kermit the Front cape dress to her last engagement in 2020, which was the same shade of green as another maternity outfit Diana would wear on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

Picking Up Where A Dead Woman Lived?

Another thing that has been picked up is that Meghan was 36 when she and Harry married in 2018. Diana died at 36. Some have thought that Markle pounced and wanted Harry to believe she was his mother reincarnated. It has worked for a while, as he has obsessed with her as she is with herself. That’s not a secret. His public persona now isn’t what it used to be, and it must kill him that what Meghan had planned out for them hasn’t gone to plan, and they have been ridiculed up and down for their actions.

In conclusion, Diana would be appalled if she could see Harry right now. She would be upset that he is choosing to throw his family and friends away because of a woman who cannot handle criticism. It’s a mixed bag as to whether Harry knows that he and Meghan are using his mother’s memory to bring her back to life in an impossible sense.

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