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Royal Photographer, Arthur Edwards, Speaks Out About Treatment At Harry And Meghan’s Wedding

Arthur Edwards royal wedding

Royal photographer, Arthur Edwards, has opened up about taking photos of Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018. According to what he said on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive YouTube show, it wasn’t pleasant. He called it miserable and the worst event he’d ever worked on.

[Credit: The Sun]

Arthur Edwards is a very well-respected photographer. He has been photographing the royals since 1977.

According to Arthur, Harry was hell-bent on keeping the newspapers at a distance. Why? Because he suddenly hated their guts and that they were the enemy. Duncan Larcombe, who worked at The Sun for many years and was responsible for breaking the controversial costume story, mirrored the same sentiment when he spoke to Kinsey Schofield.

[Credit: NZ Herald]

Both Arthur and Duncan have said that Harry was a delight to work with before Meghan came on the scene. However, this changed when she arrived.

Arthur Edwards Views Haven’t Changed And The Treatment At The Royal Wedding Was Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Arthur mentioned in an interview a few years back how Harry would buy the press drinks whenever he was on an engagement. The best bit? Harry was fun and could laugh at himself. Now, he is the total opposite. He puts on a fake smile as he cannot make it look convincing the way his wife can.

Edwards also said that many photographers were just as irritated as they all had to use much longer lenses than they would normally. When they went to take pictures of the carriage ride, the Sussexes would turn away. Also, Arthur brought up that the couple’s chosen photographers were placed 5 feet away.

Arthur Edwards had every right to speak out about the way the press was treated during the royal wedding. Harry went from being a media darling to being reviled by them. If he didn’t want to have photographers at the wedding, he should have married Meghan in private. We know Meghan called the wedding, which cost over 100k, a spectacle.

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