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SUSSEX RUMOUR: Did Meghan Want To Wear An Ivory Gown To The Coronation?

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Markle News 1 on Instagram has posted a blind item that a royal has commissioned an ivory dress for a special royal event. Could this be Meghan Markle or someone else? Our best guess is it’s Meghan. Another suggestion is that the gown was created for Queen Rania of Jordan.

We do not believe that the ivory dress was for Rania. Not because she’s our favourite international royal but because she’s not that petty. Also, the wording of the short blind item says “certain”, which is the keyword here. It’s rare that blind items ever refer to anyone else. Also, most other royals don’t engage in controversial matters.

If the blind item points towards Meghan, an ivory dress would make it seem like she’s the bride at a third wedding. While we now know Meghan won’t be at King Charles III’s coronation, the blind item might have pointed to another event.

Blind items aren’t always genuine. However, the source in the screenshot, which is Royal Fashion Police, said that their source is legit and that it is more than like the third option they listed, which is the coronation. After all, Meghan had the coronation listed on her IMDb page a while ago.

[Credit: The News International]

Since it was announced that she would not attend the coronation, Meghan has edited her IMDb page to reflect this.

[Credit: Reddit – Saint Meghan Markle]

Also, the blind item claims that it was a couture house making the ivory dress. But, again, this is not surprising. If the rumour is true, Meghan probably thought the Palace would cave to her and Harry’s demands, and when they didn’t, she threw countless tantrums.

Nope, Not Queen Rania

Returning to Queen Rania for a moment, it was apparent it wasn’t her as the big royal event that the gown could have been for was her eldest son’s wedding in June. It’s unlikely she would want to upstage the bride. She might be the Queen of Jordan, but she loves and respects her children’s partners. So she embraced Iman’s husband, Jimmy. We also love her social media bios, where she says, “Mum and a wife with a really cool day job.”

Not to mention, she has been Queen of Jordan for almost 25 years and knows her place.

Attention Seeker

Meghan, however, wants to be the centre of attention and will go against whatever the dress code is. The blind item even speculates that the dress code is possibly gown/tiara for working royals and day dress for non-working royals. We’ll have to wait. and see. Finally, it would not be surprising if Meghan ordered the dress (if the rumour is true) before the invite went out and had to cancel the order before proclaiming she wasn’t going.

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