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‘Pearl’ Is About Meghan


Meghan thought we wouldn’t notice her self-titled Netflix project…

Just the other day, it was announced that Meghan Markle had finally settled on a project for Netflix. It’s an animated series with the working title of Pearl. Whether this will be the project’s actual title is unknown. But it is set to be produced by David Furnish, the husband of Sir Elton John as per Archewell. The Duchess of Sussex will be an executive producer. It is set to be her first time in such a role outside of acting which she retired from in 2017.

Now, we know what a narcissist Meghan is and it shows in the main character, Pearl. For all those Sussex Squad members out there, your goddess doesn’t have one creative bone in her body. She also thinks the world is gullible. The 12-year-old girl is based on herself. How? According to the website Bounty, the name Meghan, spelled as ‘Megan’ means ‘great and mighty’ in Greek and has Welsh origins. Also, as per The Bump, M(e)-ghan has the Welsh origin of Pearl. It also derives from the Greek name Margaret which so happens to be the name of Harry’s late great-aunt, Princess Margaret.

Now, a lot of people have made this comment, but Meghan IS basing Pearl off herself as a 12-year-old. Also, others have pointed out that show’s plot which is about the protagonist having adventures and meeting influential women throughout history is similar to children’s books written by Chelsea Clinton called She Persisted.

There are also other books written by other childrens’ authors like A is for Awesome by Eve Chen or even Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History by Vashti Harrison. There are countless children’s books out there about little girls becoming feminists. Meghan’s Pearl is nothing new.

The Mini Feminist Is Meghan

So, we mentioned earlier that the 12-year-old is Meghan but we didn’t get to finish what we were saying. Going back to that, this is a reference to her alleged early days of how she was the one responsible for Gamble and Procter changing their dishwashing soap slogan because it was sexist. We know that’s not true as it was a school assignment as seen in a video by Inside Edition.

She is using other people’s ideas and passing them off as her own as a form of plagarism. Will she be sued for stealing Chelsea’s idea? Probably not because the First Daughter will probably say, “My idea and Meghan’s are different.” This ‘television show’, is not going succeed. The Netflix deal was minted almost a year ago and she’s only dropping this idea now. We know the idea was circulating as far back as 2018. We were sent the link to an article by Page Six by a trusted source.

Netflix was always in the plan, despite what Harry told Oprah.

Finally, in one of journalist Neil Sean’s videos, he brings up that he has heard on the grapevine that Princess Diana might be one of the historical figures used in Pearl. He makes a good point that the late royal wasn’t just Harry’s mother, but William’s too. It would hurt him that his brother and sister-in-law, who claim they hate the press, are exploiting Diana’s legacy.

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