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The Alleged Drama During The Australian Tour – RUMOURS

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Australia Tour is often compared to King Charles III and Princess Diana’s Australia tour in 1983. The Sussexes love to proclaim that it was what cemented the former actress as having Diana’s stardust. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Tom Bower, who wrote the book Revenge, said that the Australia Tour was a nightmare. This was further backed up by former aide, Samantha Cohen. She said her replacement, who was being trained, quit midway through the tour. Valentine Low heard Meghan was caught saying “I can’t believe I’m not being paid for this.”

Before we continue, we want to explain why we’re discussing this. Being Australian, it is insulting that Meghan used our country as a platform to advertise herself as being the new and improved Princess Diana. She allegedly crapped over the then-Governor-General and his wife and demanded they leave Admiralty House so she and Harry could have the whole house.

We’ll explain this in the post, but it’s disgusting that she abused her new privilege as the wife of a British prince to complain that she’s not being paid to parade around her wealth. People are suffering from homelessness and a shortage of homes while she got to live in grace and favour homes gifted by the literal Queen of England.

Let’s break down the Harry and Meghan Australia Tour rumoured drama. We’ve added a bit of commentary.

“Don’t You Know Who I Am?!”

Rumour one, courtesy of Saint Meghan Markle on Reddit, is that Meghan was allegedly horrid to the Governor-General’s wife, Lady Cosgrove. When Meghan demanded the whole of Admiralty House, which is the Governor-General’s official residence like the White House is to the American President and was denied, she flew into a fury and screamed at Lady Cosgrove, saying, “Don’t you know who I am?!”

Meghan allegedly proceeded to complain “loudly” about needing the whole house.

Yes, Meghan, they do know who you are. You’re the wife of the sixth in line to the British throne. The Australian governor-general is your grandmother-in-law’s representative. Show some goddamn respect!

The Banana Bread Drama

We’ve already covered this, but Meghan was allegedly a tyrant to the Admiralty House kitchen staff when she ordered them to make her banana bread. For the full rumour, please go to the original post.

The Bridge Climb

If you thought the stuff at Admiralty House was bad, wait until you hear the rumour that surfaced regarding the bridge climb, where Harry mounted the Invictus Games flag.

As per a tweet by Meghan’s Mole, Meghan threw a massive hissy fit when she was allegedly told she couldn’t do the harbour bridge climb because it’s not recommended for pregnant women. She was replaced by the Australian Prime Minister. After a bit of digging on the Bridge Climb website, it has been said that if a woman is under 24 weeks of pregnancy, they need a doctor to sign off on a certificate to allow said pregnant woman to climb. If a pregnancy is over 24 weeks is not recommended that they participate.

The Constant Protuding Of The Belly

Meghan was not that far along in her pregnancy, yet she was insistent that she show off that she was pregnant by holding her belly and puffing it out. Here’s an example found again on the Saint Meghan Markle Reddit.

Harry And Meghan Fought Whole Time

There is one juicy rumour, as per a post on Quora, where it is alleged that Harry and Meghan fought almost the whole time in Australia. It was allegedly so bad that they slept in separate rooms and Harry had to apologise to the staff and the Governor-General for his wife’s behaviour.

Harry Questioned Meghan Was Actually Pregnant

Another Harry and Meghan Australia tour rumour is that Harry, allegedly, questioned whether his wife was pregnant. If this is true, then it gives more credence to his email to palace staff before their wedding that references “before the baby arrives”. This had nothing to do with Catherine who was pregnant with Prince Louis. Why would he reference his sister-in-law’s pregnancy when he’s talking about his fiancée, which has nothing to do with them?

We cannot find where we saw this rumour.

The Rumour About Money Being Handed Over After The Tea Throwing Situation

This next Harry and Meghan Australian tour rumour is connected to the confirmed story of the tea-throwing. The tea-throwing story was confirmed in Tom Bower’s Revenge as being true.

However, the rumour found on Quora, is that the person that Meghan threw tea on was paid a large amount of money to keep quiet. It is rumoured they were paid a quarter of a million dollars.

Jessica Mulroney Was The Only Person Allowed In Meghan’s Room

We all know how Meghan fell out with her longtime stylist bestie, Jessica Mulroney. However, during the Australia tour, they were as thick as thieves. It is rumoured that during the Australia tour, Meghan and Harry – as we mentioned before – had separate bedrooms, but apparently, there is more to this speculation. It is alleged that the separate rooms thing was Meghan’s request.

Allegedly, Jessica was the only person allowed in Meghan’s room. This may have had to do with the rumour that Meghan wasn’t pregnant as allegedly, there was a moonbump found in the room. Jessica and Meghan would go out drinking and as everyone knows, when you’re pregnant, you’re not allowed to drink.

We cannot find where the initial rumour of Jessica only being allowed in the room came from. We’ve been searching for it and cannot find it.

Meghan Was Only Nice To The Good-Looking Staff

Another massive rumour as per Quora is Meghan was only nice to the “good-looking” staff. However, this didn’t stop her from bullying the Kensington Palace staff.

Meghan And Harry Refused To Wear The Hats Given By The Governor-General

The Governor-General gifted the Sussexes Akubra hats. Harry had worn one before when he was in his gap year. However, Meghan kicked up a stink. She refused to wear hers and Harry wanting to remain in his wife’s good graces didn’t wear his either.

What’s more the reason Meghan gave for her refusal to wear the hat is hypocritical. She complained the hats were made from rabbit pelts. She was wearing leather shoes, which you know, come from cows. So… it’s okay for her to wear cow leather but it’s not okay to wear rabbit? Did she claim her shoes were pleather? It wouldn’t be surprising. So much for her “animal activism.”

Constant Criticisms Of Having To Work AKA “Tour Crap”

A well-known rumour, as per Quora, is that Meghan and Jessica referred to the engagements on the tour as “tour crap.”

Lady Cosgrove Had To Step In

There has been chatter online that when Meghan was mistreating the Admiralty House staff, Lady Cosgrove had to step in. This is allegedly when Meghan told her to eff off. Markle overstepped her position as a guest to the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove.

We suspect it did if Samantha Cohen’s comments about her replacement quitting midway through the tour were any indication, Lady Cosgrove did what The Queen and Catherine did in trying to rein in Meghan’s behaviour.

Meghan thought that because she was a duchess, she could treat those around her like trash. Little did she realise, word would get back to the Queen and it is alleged Prince Andrew had to do an apology tour. The Governor-General is the Queen’s representative in Australia and things would’ve been passed along to her.

Meghan’s Behaviour Was Borderline Rude

Like in the UK, there were so many accounts from people saying that Meghan was borderline rude. Her rudeness basically started from the moment she was told she and Harry would only be getting a wing of Admiralty House and not the whole house.

There were reported that slipped out about the tea-throwing, which ended up being true, as per Valentine Low and Tom Bower.

People working on the tour or those that knew people who were commented on how awful she was.

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