OPINION – Why Do People Saintify Princess Diana?

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Prince Harry loves to make out that his beloved late mother, Princess Diana, was a saint. Some so many other people view her as such too. I do not believe in saintifying anyone, let alone a woman who has been dead for almost thirty years.

I’m sorry if that offends anyone. What truly upsets me is there are so many issues going on in the world right now and people are choosing to place a long-deceased woman on a pedestal that she does not deserve.

Princess Diana Was No Saint, Yet Prince Harry Won’t Accept That

Diana had a very complicated life. Her youngest son doesn’t want to admit that his mother was a complex human being with issues like the rest of us. Now, I don’t believe she deserves sainthood because she herself would not want it. This has nothing to do with me.

I’ve spoken numerous times on Project Fangirl that Princess Diana the Saint does not exist. It never existed. It is just something that Harry cooked up as a way to compare his mother and his wife. All this, allegedly, started when it was alleged that Meghan wore one of the late Princess of Wales’s favourite perfumes on their first date. As per,, this was broken by Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle, told a Melbourne radio show that her sister knew more about the royals than she let on. She even said on GB News that Meghan has an obsession with Diana and that ‘the car chase’ through New York is an indication of this.

Princess Diana knew she was not a saint. If she were alive today, she would say so herself. She made mistakes. Big ones. We have people who worship to the point that it’s creepy. It is not just Meghan and Harry, but members of the Sussex Squad who genuinely believe that the princess was some victim of the royal family. These people cannot let the poor woman rest.

Let Princess Diana ‘The Not Saint’ Rest In Peace

Diana died almost 30 years ago in a horrific way and there are people still believing the conspiracies that were publicised by Mohamed Al-Fayed during the inquest. Even until his dying breath, he believed that his son, Dodi, and the princess were assassinated on the orders of Prince Philip.

This does not sense. Why, you might ask? Well, Diana and Charles were divorced at the time of her death. Also, Prince Philip, understood what it was like to live without a mother as he spent most of his childhood without his. So, why would he want to rob his two grandsons of theirs?

Conspiracies Concerning Princess Diana’s Death

Understandably, Mohamed was mourning his son and Diana. However, it doesn’t help that his mind was telling him things that did not happen. One of the conspiracies that he had was that Dodi and Diana were having a baby at the time of their deaths. Blood work and the autopsy on the princess confirmed she was NOT pregnant when she died. This was backed up by the finding of remnants of a contraception pill in her stomach. Also, he didn’t think of how these imaginings would affect her loved ones, especially her two grieving sons.

Also, one of the other conspiracies that came from the inquest in 2008 was that it was Mohamed’s view that Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and other people wanted Diana dead because she was carrying a non-Christian child.

Again, this claim makes no sense. Why would Lady Sarah want her own sister dead? Why would she work with her former brother-in-law and the Duke of Edinburgh to have Diana murdered? Also, the only link a theoretical Muslim child would have is being the half-sibling to the future King of England. Diana would have no ties to the family despite being the King’s mother. Also, the royal family doesn’t have an issue with other religions. There are members of the family who are Catholic.

The King Loves All Religions And Wouldn’t Care If His Ex-Wife Had A Muslim Child

Anyone who knows The King (then the Prince of Wales), is aware that he loves interacting with other religions. He wanted to include other faiths in his coronation. William has also been known to embrace other religions as he has visited a Synagogue in the past. Having a half-sibling who is being raised as a Muslim would not have affected him. Also, Charles would have no role in the child’s life as it would not be his. Yes, he would have opinions, but I doubt it would have been negative. He would have embraced his sons having other religions in their lives.

Unfortunately, this never happened as Diana died before her time and she was not pregnant with Dodi’s child, despite what Mohamed claimed. That brings in something else, he claimed that Diana’s body was embalmed to prevent a positive pregnancy test from being performed. An expert said that no test was performed and that it is possible that even if she were, there might not have been signs.

It later came out that the pathologist who did the post-mortem said there were no signs, and there might not have been if a potential pregnancy was less than three weeks old.

Prince Harry Uses His Mother To Please Meghan Markle

Moving on, seeing Princess Diana as a saint is incredibly problematic for a much larger reason than a series of conspiracy theories that were largely debunked and her youngest son’s need to please his obsessive wife.

Diana had a vast array of mental issues. As a teenager, she had an eating disorder. She once threw herself down the stairs, hoping to miscarry Prince William. Moreover, she did this, hoping Charles would listen to her. The Queen found her and was horrified and shaken by what happened. Diana admitted this and several other unaliving attempts in tapes that she gave to Andrew Morton while he was writing Diana: Her True Story.

The ‘Sainthood’ Of Princess Diana Does Not Exist As She Was Not Always Compassionate

What adds to the sainthood narrative is that Diana was good at projecting an image that wasn’t true. For example, she was worshipped for what a kind and compassionate person she was to the public. However, behind the scenes, she was the total opposite. At the time of her death, she was feuding with former sister-in-law, Sarah Ferguson and had cut off contact six months before she died. She had also gotten into a fight with longtime friend, Sir Elton John, which was mentioned in his memoir.

According to what Elton wrote in his book, their mutual friend, Gianni Versace, was in the process of writing a book that was going to have pictures of half-naked men in it. Diana was originally supposed to write the foreword for it, but she backed out at the last moment. As per John’s recount, he believed that Buckingham Palace didn’t entertain the idea of a royal family member being associated with a book with half-naked men. The pair later made up.

When they both attended Versace’s funeral in mid-July 1997, it would be the last interaction they had before her own death, a little more than six weeks later.

Diana Knew How To Make Enemies Out Of Other Women

Diana was allegedly horrible to Sophie Rhys-Jones (now the Duchess of Edinburgh) because of the outfits she was wearing. Not to mention, according to a second book about Diana written by Andrew Morton, entitled, Diana: In The Pursuit of Love, Diana made Sophie cry at an event. Also, it is alleged that Diana could not stand Sophie and would call her ‘My Double’ behind her back.

The two women, who never be sisters-in-law, as Diana was divorced from Charles and died before Sophie married Prince Edward in 1999, had very different experiences upon their entries into the royal family. Diana, who had just turned 20, had to be examined to ensure she was a virgin before she married Charles. Sophie, however, had known Edward since she was 22, but didn’t marry him until she was 34, and didn’t have to endure this.

Did Meghan Tell Omid Scobie That She And “Kate Middleton” Were Forced To Dress Like Diana Due To What She’d Heard About Sophie?

During Sophie’s time as a royal girlfriend, Diana was paranoid that Sophie was copying everything from her style to her fitness routine. Hmm. Where have we heard that before? We doubt that Sophie had much choice in the matter as all royal women, at least, at the time, had to dress a certain way. It has been alleged, by Sussex mouthpiece, Omid Scobie in his lackluster new book, Endgame, that Meghan and Catherine were “forced” to dress like the mother-in-law they never knew.

I seriously doubt this. Why? Well, Catherine has her own style and always has. There have been a handful of times in the last 13 years where she has dressed in outfits similar to Diana. One example of this was the polka dot dress she wore after Prince George was born. And yes, she has some of Diana’s jewellery, but so does Meghan. Not to mention, Kate doesn’t intentionally copy Diana.

Markle, on the other hand, does. She’s notorious for it and even copies Catherine. We’ve gone over it a million times in Chronicles of Harkle. We’re not going over it again for the sake of our sanity.

Diana Would Be Appalled At Meghan’s Lack Of Respect

Another thing that Diana would be appalled at is Meghan’s lack of respect for other cultures. She has been told off by the First Lady of Nigeria for being virtually naked during her “my country” tour.

If anything, Diana would have applauded the First Lady for her words. Despite the former Princess of Wales’ faults, she at least respected people’s cultures and their religions. She didn’t have tentacles of hair hanging out from under a head scarf.

[Credit: India Today]

Meghan thought it would be cute to show her hair and pose like the mother-in-law she has obsessed over since she was a teenager. This has been backed up a million times by people who knew Markle growing up.

Also, Diana would be scratching her head at Meghan’s claim that she studied International Relations, yet didn’t know how to dress correctly in Muslim countries, curtsy or know who who the royals in any country were.

Anyone with a brain knows that the British Royal Family is one of the most recognisable in the world. Also, Meghan should have known, being an American who would’ve studied the Revolutionary War at school, that the last king to rule America was King George III. The reason reason why there is a president of the United States is because they didn’t want to be ruled by the British anymore.

It’s not rocket science. Also, Diana had great respect for The Queen. The only person she had issues with was Charles and maybe Fergie. She also had immense respect for Prince Philip despite the media narrative. Diana used to call the Duke of Edinburgh ‘pa’ in private letters.

Harry’s Obsession With Making Princess Diana A Saint Is For Meghan’s Benefit

To conclude, Harry has been leaning into seeing Princess Diana as a saint since Meghan entered his life. He never did this before. While you could chalk it up to him wanting to protect her from his mother’s fate, there’s more to it. What person lies and says they didn’t know who their famous other half was after researching them? We know Markle did research because Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne told Tom Bower that Meghan had told her she had researched Harry before their first date.

This would explain why Gina was immediately cut off by Meghan. She didn’t want to be exposed for lying about not knowing anything about him when she did. Also, this was backed up by Megyn Kelly who said a source close to Meghan’s ex-husband, Trevor Engelson, said Markle had a vision board of the royals.

Also, Diana would have been confused about the claims Meghan didn’t know how to curtsy. She had done performances at school where you do end-of-show bows. Markle did ballet where curtsies are taught.

Meghan Channels Diana?! WTF?!

Meghan pretends to be a vessel for Diana’s spirit. Kinsey Schofield told Dan Wootton that she had been told by a source that Princess Beatrice had overheard Meghan tell Harry at the Platinum Jubilee that Diana had told her during her morning Yoga session that she was glad they were in England for the event.

This is a manipulation tactic to keep Harry in check. Meghan knows his mother is a sore subject for him. She even goes so far as to dress like her and parade around in her perfume.

Why does Harry tolerate this? He likes thinking he has it better than his brother because it has been said that William was a mama’s boy. In Harry’s mind, Diana has abandoned William because he [Harry] is her favourite. Diana never played favourites with the boys. She wasn’t worried too much about her eldest son because he had a good head on his shoulders. Harry was another story altogether.

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