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Lady Colin Campbell Calls Duchess Meghan Out For Being A Fame Addict

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Lady Colin Campbell might be right with her accusation that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is a fame addict.

It’s long been known that not every snooty aristocrat in England obeys the rules of the rich society. One of those people is socialite Lady Colin Campbell who is famous for her often controversial views. She hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about how Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry is a fame addict. Her words, not ours.

In her upcoming book, Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, Lady Campbell claims that the Duchess of Sussex is not only a fame addict, but an operator. According to The Sun newspaper in the UK, the socialite claims that Markle is no more suited for the royal family than Angelina Jolie would be at competitive boxing.

If you’re a longtime reader of Project Fangirl, you’ll know what our opinion of the duchess is, and while we’re hesitant to agree with Lady Campbell, she does make a valid point. Meghan is a fame addict as she is always smiling at the camera as if to go, “I’m going to be the next Princess Diana.”

However, there is so much more to this than you might think.

Wants Privacy, But Is A Fame Addict? How Does That Even Work?

Now, before all you Meghan fans accuse us of being racist for not liking her, it has nothing to do with that. It’s great that a biracial woman joined the royal family, but someone of the duchess’ calibre, better known as her Hollywood ego is not suited for the life inside a fish bowl like ‘the Firm’.

Let’s look at this logically, shall we? Before Meghan joined the royal family, the last American that graced Buckingham Palace was Wallis Simpson, the wife of the Queen’s uncle, Prince Edward who served as king for a short time but was never coronated.

Let’s just say that the Duchess of Windsor wasn’t exactly liked by the family she married into. Not to mention, she was twice divorced whereas Meghan has only been divorced once. We’re not going into the rumoured ‘annulment’ that she allegedly had to an ex-boyfriend. We might address it later in a post, but for now we’re just going to address the whole ‘Meghan is a fame addict’ thing.

With Meghan and Harry, they want privacy to continue on their lives, but the duchess is always seeking out the cameras. A person who wants to be left alone, doesn’t actively look down the lens. Does the prince know what his wife is capable of? Does he simply tolerate it because of their son? We’re not part of their inner circle so we’re just speculating here.

A person who wants privacy doesn’t seek out the camera or ways to get in the news. Meghan, however, is not even attempting to adhere by the demands she herself is making of the press. She wants to be left alone, right? Well, why does she keep seeking out attention?

Did Meghan And Harry Try To Influence Lady Campbell’s Book Release?

If Meghan and Harry weren’t drawing attention to themselves and making it look like they are just as important as William and Catherine, people would stop complaining. However, Lady Campbell made another claim that doesn’t surprise us.

While she was writing, the socialite apparently kept getting calls from Meghan and Harry’s ‘close circle of friends’ and attempted to ‘feed her stuff’ to add to her book. Also, she makes the claim that they tried to stop her release so they could get their own biography Finding Freedom out first.

What does this tell us about the fame addict that is Meghan? Well, if you look at what we know about her, she wanted to be a star from a young age. We don’t believe what Lady Campbell says about the duchess wanting to be president. However, we do think she was right about her desire to update the ‘stale’ royal family.

Also, if the couple had nothing to hide, why would they try to influence Lady Campbell’s book? They wanted to get in first with their biography because the truth is more important. However, something is off here. If they didn’t see the socialite’s piece as an issue, why would they try to intervene? It was to feed the fame addict known as the Duchess of Sussex.

What Lady Campbell’s Words Mean For Harry And Meghan’s Future

Who would you believe in this debacle? A woman in her 70s with life experience and connections to the royals? Or would you take the word of a couple in their 30s who have caused more trouble in two years of marriage than all the senior members of the family put together?

If it was us, we’d put our money on the older woman. Sure, she’s controversial in her views, but everyone is entitled to have their say. What makes this intriguing is how sketchy the whole thing is. What are Harry and/or Meghan hiding that they don’t want getting out? We’ve defended them in the past but there’s more to this. While we’ll never know the full story, we’re done with them playing the victim.

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