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What Did Meghan Hope To Achieve By Bullying Princess Charlotte?

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Meghan Markle bullied her niece, Princess Charlotte. Tom Bower confirmed in his newest book, Revenge, that Meghan Markle is responsible for bullying Princess Charlotte and pushing her best friend, Jessica Mulroney and her daughter Ivy to do the same. The biography on the war between the Sussexes and the Windsors verifies that the Duchess of Sussex did favour her goddaughter over her niece.

What kind of grown woman feels threatened by a three-year-old little girl? An insecure one who hates that a toddler ranks above her husband in the British line of succession is who. This ultimately makes me ask why Meghan would even consider bullying Charlotte.

When I heard this story, I couldn’t say I was surprised because I wasn’t. So many scenarios weren’t adding up, and I was coming out of defending the Sussexes. So anyway, I wrote a different angle involving Jessica and Ivy Mulroney. First, however, I wanted to address something else.

Meghan’s Mask Slips At The Wedding

My dear friend, Sue Smith, did a video a few days ago where she bought up a moment from the 2018 royal wedding. In the video, she reexamined when Meghan reached Harry and waited for the kids to file past. She smiles until she sees Charlotte, who looks at her. Meghan’s smile fades away for a split second before Charlotte walks away, and the grin returns when Meghan hands her flowers to Ivy Mulroney.

The Body Language Guy picked on Sue’s analysis and broke it down further. So, I wanted to discuss why Meghan would bully Charlotte and how she felt about it. We know Meghan has little self-esteem. She only cares about money and trampling on those who stand in her way. As Tom Bower mentions in his book, Meghan was very kind and thoughtful as a child. However, her spoilt behaviour made her feel entitled as she got older.

Also, the one thing that doesn’t make sense is how Harry feels about this. Now, tensions were flaring before the wedding. We’ve all seen the reports of “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.” This gives us all the clarification we need to conclude that she was bullying Charlotte.

How Does Bullying A Little Girl Make A Narcissist Feel Better?

Meghan’s narcissism slipped for a brief second, but it’s evident. I’ve seen Sue’s video and the Body Language Guy’s; it’s scary. So, how does bullying a three-year-old make her feel better? Could it be to hinder Charlotte’s self-confidence? Well, it failed because she’s now a thriving seven-year-old enjoying life. Her time at the Commonwealth Games is the perfect example of that.

I believe that Meghan sees Charlotte as a threat like she does Catherine. Why? Because they carry more status than Harry ever will. Also, Tom Bower mentions in his book that Meghan is constantly envious of women with status. So Meghan bullying Charlotte was her way of feeling in control as the little princess was just a little girl who couldn’t defend herself.

Charlotte is tough and must be, as she has two brothers to pull into line. She is one of the Queen’s eight heirs, like her Sussex cousins and Uncle Harry. Another thing I wanted to question is why she would get Jessica and Ivy Mulroney involved. Would she actively throw them under the bus if it came down to it?

Would Meghan Throw Jessica And Ivy Mulroney Under The Bullying Bus?

I think Meghan would because Jessica has been called a bully several times. Remember the situation with Sasha Exeter, a black influencer Jessica allegedly threatened? If Meghan is desperate to “clear her name” of the bullying Charlotte allegations, she could claim that Jessica and Ivy were doing the bullying and that she was trying to stop it.

Yeah, I don’t think people will buy that version of events just like they’re not agreeing with what her lawyers are saying to get her out of court against her half-sister. Only a true narcissist would tell a child to do something horrible.

Do I think that Ivy had some role in bullying Charlotte? Yes, I think she did. But, given the type of people her mother and godmother are, I think there’s a possibility she could turn out the same when she gets older. Now, I am not blaming a little girl; far from it. I am merely pointing out that the adults around her would influence her. After all, she was four years old at the wedding, a year older than Charlotte.

Ivy and Charlotte are two very different little girls. Ivy is the daughter of a wannabe fashion influencer, while Charlotte is a literal princess born to a future king. However, Meghan sees Ivy as an actual princess and favours her, as Tom Bower mentions in his book. Moreover, it is alleged that Ivy was the “head” flower girl and didn’t wear a flower crown because she had to “stand out.”

Where Are Jessica And Ivy Now?

To end this article, I need to ask where Jessica and Ivy are now. Meghan’s favourite tactic is to cut people off when she’s got no use for them. Do I believe that Meghan cut them both off? Yes, I do think she did. Now, there are two times when their services were no longer required.

The first is just after the wedding. Meghan could’ve watched the footage back and seen that Jessica was trying so hard to have her Pippa Middleton moment. This might’ve her see that her so-called BFF was using her to get her time in the spotlight on her [Meghan’s] wedding day.

When Jessica came under fire for using her white privilege to go after Sasha Exeter, Meghan did not publicly defend Jessica. However, Jessica has defended Meghan on various occasions but has since gone silent whenever the former cable actress has been called out.

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