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CopyMeg – Meghan Markle Copies Catherine, The Princess Of Wales

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We love writing these Chronicles of Harkle posts comparing CopyMeg to Catherine, Princess of Wales. Initially, this was going to be solely about copying fashion. However, we wanted to do something a little more original.

We will assemble a list of things that Meghan has stolen from Catherine and passed off as her own. There will be outfits here and there. Though, this is nothing like our Meghan’s Diana obsession post.

The Black And White Outfit

When Catherine and Prince William attended the Top Gun: Maverick premiere, we saw the incredible off-the-shoulder black and white Roland Mouret dress. Some people have compared the dress to a bodysuit once worn by Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. However, we wanted to discuss the comparison to Meghan here.

Not long after Catherine’s appearance in Roland Mouret, Meghan was flouncing around New York in a Gabriela Hearst jumpsuit, almost identical to the dress her sister-in-law had worn about a month before. Also, the dress Kate wore is worth less than Meghan’s jumpsuit.

Before anyone accuses Catherine of copying Queen Máxima, the Queen of the Netherlands wore her Roland Mouret jumpsuit in 2017. Catherine wore her dress in 2022. Also, there are a lot of royal women who wear similar outfits coincidentally. We do NOT believe the then-Duchess of Cambridge purposely copied the Queen of the Netherlands.

We would not be surprised if Meghan saw Catherine in the dress and thought she would look better. Clearly, this a classic case of CopyMeg: Upstage Catherine.

The Paparazzi Abuse

Meghan loves complaining that the paparazzi are stalking her during her courtship with Harry. However, this is not the case. She is parroting what Catherine went through when she was dating William.

The picture above you see of Catherine was taken on her 25th birthday on January 9th 2007. You can clearly see the pap in front of her. 2007 was at the height of paparazzi culture. It was around this time that the paparazzi actively hunted and harassed celebrities. Since the rise of social media, the paparazzi aren’t what they once were. They don’t stalk famous girlfriends the way they did with the Princess of Wales.

Picture two is Meghan walking up and down outside the Daily Mail office in Kensington. According to RoxanneReaction on Twitter, she was seen walking up and down in front of the office for an hour. Someone felt sorry for her and took pictures that were later posted. She wants to be hounded like Catherine and Diana were.

The Netflix docuseries was ripped apart because it used footage of Catherine being hounded, where you could easily assume it was Meghan because you cannot see the face. Anyone who has seen the footage knows it was of Catherine. There were also stock pictures used from a Harry Potter premiere and footage of someone else walking out of a courtroom.

The Air Fresher And The Carpet

Meghan allegedly wanted a red carpet at Saint George’s Chapel when she married Harry. Why? Ahh… because Catherine had one when she married William. Duh. It is alleged that The Queen told Meghan she could not have a red carpet, but she could have a blue one.

Meghan… being Meghan, was ticked at this and opted for no carpet. However, Eugenie had the blue carpet and she got married in the same church.

Another story is that Meghan wants to spray the church with air freshener due to the old smell. Again, she was told no. Catherine was allowed to have scented candles in Westminster Abbey when she married William.

Roast Chicken And Jam

Remember the fuss Harry and Meghan made during their engagement interview about the roast chicken? Well, it turns out Meghan stole this from Catherine. How do we know this? An article by the Evening Standard mentions that the Princess of Wales, then the Duchess of Cambridge, liked to cook roast chicken for her hubby.

Then we get to the jam thing. With Meghan in the middle of scrambling to create her American Riviera brand, she wants to create jams. Hmm. This sounds an awful lot like Catherine’s grandmother’s chutney recipe.

Also, when has Meghan ever shown an interest in making jam?

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