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There have always been outfit wars between Catherine, the Princess of Wales and her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle. However, it is no secret that the former Duchess of Cambridge knows how to dress. Her clothing fits her like a glove. Whereas Meghan Markle dresses like a slob in public and then claims she wasn’t told how to dress. Also, her outfits are costly. I was supposed to have this written last week, but I’ve been busy trying to get evergreen content written. I have much more to do, but I had to write this one because it’s a slap in the face for Meghan, whom I live for.

So, let’s talk about where this story originates. Last week was the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey. Catherine was wearing an outfit by Erdem, as reported by Daily Mail. However, Meghan also liked the label. When she was a working royal, this triggered outfit wars between the two. I’ve always admired the Princess of Wales’ fashion sense. But, at the same time, there have been some outfits that I have not liked. One example is the yellow monstrosity she wore on her and William’s departure from the Caribbean.

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I wouldn’t say I liked her Baftas look this year. Usually, she’s on point. The look was all over the place. Her gown was an altered rewear from a couple of years ago.

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Overspending vs. Being Thrifty

Meghan’s fashion sense is all over the place, even after leaving the royal family. Her fashion sense was better when she and Harry were dating. At least her casual looks were better. Her formal attire was always hit-and-miss. The one thing that has become increasingly apparent is Markle thinks that being royal means she can spend up to $100k on a gown she will only ever wear once. Also, she never expected to be called out on it. That much is clear. Who can forget the sheer $70k engagement shoot dress? It looked good in the released photos, but the skirt was horrible. It reminds me of Zoë Saldana’s 2010 Oscars dress. The top part was terrific but the bottom, not so much.

People were questioning who paid for Meghan’s gown at the time, and the palace had to cover for her, said it was bought privately. Then, the photographer said she had several options and felt more comfortable in the one she eventually wore. Whatever. Catherine’s engagement outfit was nowhere near $70k. According to a 2011 article by British Vogue, the photocall dress was about $615, a vast difference from what Meghan would eventually spend.

A Big Difference – Class Wise

We’ll get back to the Erdem situation in a second. Catherine knows that you don’t need to spend big to look good. She also understands her position as the wife of the future king. People respect her a great deal because she doesn’t make every situation about what she is wearing. Sure, there is massive curiosity as it is human behaviour. Also, she doesn’t flaunt her privilege. Meghan, however, does.

Going over to the Erdem sitch, it was reported that early in the relationship between the two royal wives, Catherine was prioritised by the label over Meghan. There is a simple explanation for this. Catherine, then the Duchess of Cambridge, was higher in rank. Despite sharing the same title, the two women were separated by one thing; the ranks of their husbands.

When Meghan came on the scene, William was second in line to the throne. Harry was fifth, as Prince Louis hadn’t been born yet. So, going over to the Erdem thing, they chose Catherine purely because she is the future Queen Consort. They probably had nothing against Meghan, but having a top royal wear their brand is huge.

The Countess of Snowdon And The Queen – Example

One non-Catherine/Meghan example we could use is Princess Margaret and The Queen. Let’s say the late royal sisters wanted to wear outfits from the same brand. Who would get priority? The Queen would have because of her position. Also, Countess is lower in rank than Duchess, which is what the Queen was before she was crowned. She was the Duchess of Edinburgh in the early days of her marriage to Prince Philip. This was made apparent by a recent article which alleges Sophie, the new Duchess of Edinburgh no longer has to curtsey to Meghan. I’m not sure if that is true, as royal friends don’t tend to talk unless they have to.

One example I’m unsure about is The Queen Mother and the Queen. If mother and daughter had worn the same brand, who would prioritise? I think the Queen Mother would’ve because she’s the older one of the two.

Did Catherine Get Revenge On Meghan In The Outfit Wars?

So, to end this post, we need to review whether Catherine was getting a leg up in the outfit wars with Meghan. I don’t believe she was, as I had no clue that there was a conflict of interest until the article from the Daily Mail came out.

Royals are allowed to share favourite fashion labels. It has been recently said that a load of royal women love the same shoe brand. There’s nothing wrong with that. Finally, the one thing many news outlets find unprofessional is pitting women, royal or not, against each other.

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