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Meghan Continues To Blame Her Ethnicity For Her Failings And Harry’s Books Screams Victim


Okay, I wanted to get away from the Stargirl cancellation news and I thought I’d talk about two articles that came out in the Express about the Sussexes. The first is about the continued complaint Meghan has about her ethnicity while the second is about Harry and his memoir titled, Spare and his inclusion of his grandmother’s death.

So, let’s jump in. As I’ve said before, usually I don’t like having to use the Express as a source, but I felt this had to be mentioned again. Meghan’s podcast, Archetypes is all about settling scores with those who criticise her. We all know this, so it was to no one’s surprise that the constant complaint about her ethnicity of being a “black woman” became a talking point in last week’s episode.

She spoke about the “angry black woman” trope that apparently exists. Here’s the thing, I have never heard of this before. I’ve heard of the “angry, middle-aged white woman” stereotype though. After all, the Sussex Squad are the ones who came up with the phrase for the Megxiteer community.

Now, I am a PROUD member of the Megxiteer community, however, I do not fall into that trope. Yes, I am caucasian. But I am NOT middle-aged. Well, not yet at least. I’ve said this a million times before and Meghan’s ethnicity has NOTHING to do with her failings in Hollywood. I am not the first person to say this and I won’t be the last.

Meghan Thought She Was Naturally Talented

Meghan just didn’t want to learn how to be an actress on the terms of other people. Tom Bower wrote in his book Revenge that her college professors said that if she wanted to be a serious actress, she should take theatre classes to help her skills. However, she rebuffed them and her career suffered because she didn’t have the know-how to play anything but a version of herself; the sexpot who did too many scenes either naked or having sex. Also, this is the same as Thomas Markle needing to realise that his daughter is not perfect. Or that Princess Eugenie could be one of Lili’s godmothers. It’s the same classic BS that we’ve become accustomed to and it’s becoming tiresome. No one cares. They’ve dug their graves.

Also, Meghan has no other skills outside of parading around in the nude. She’s not a good writer despite claiming she is. She had to write the “pump-pump” in the dedication on The Bench children’s book, which is cringe. Anyway, it also doesn’t help Prince Harry’s cause either as he went from being idolised to antagonised.

Aaron Korsh Didn’t Know That Meghan Was Biracial

Going back to Meghan’s complaint about being a person of colour, she never identified as such until Suits Season 2. In Tom Bower’s book, Aaron Korsh, the creator of the show, even said that he had no idea Markle was biracial until the second season when she decided to disclose that information. The casting of Wendell Pierce as her father caused issues with some fans as it meant she wasn’t the caucasian woman they thought she was. It’s really sad because the comments towards Pierce were disgusting. The racist commenters couldn’t believe that the hot chick they had been hoping to bang themselves was half-black. What idiots.

Anyway, Meghan’s talentless. As I mentioned, she wouldn’t know how to write a story if someone paid her to do it without a ghostwriter. Then we get to her media narrative which isn’t great as it is. She cannot keep her victim narrative straight and is constantly saying that no one knows the real her. That’s correct. No one does as she keeps changing her backstory. Let’s quickly go over what she has said about her life so far:

  • She was poor and had to survive off Sizzler salads.
  • No one spoke about the royals because Americans don’t have them.
  • She didn’t know anything about the tabloids when she had had pap shots taken for years.
  • Had no friends.
  • Went to Korean spas and had to be naked as a teenager while there.
  • Ate at some of Hollywood’s most expensive restaurants growing up.
  • Is a vegan when she does eat meat.
  • Made the complaint that she was made a bimbo when she chose to take the briefcase girl role on Deal or No Deal.

The Unruly Complaint

These are just a handful of things she has said about her life that are untrue, fabrications or over-inflated due to her need for attention. Also, she claims to support women, but all she does is ride on their coattails. She didn’t come out praising Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor on their article about Weinstein. Despite mentioning the #MeToo movement, she hasn’t bought it up since 2017. Also, she didn’t call out educated people for their cruel comments whose work is accurate.

Now, let’s go over Harry’s complaint of being the spare to William. He cannot help his birth order as Charles’ secondborn. Once upon a time, he didn’t care about status. However, his association with his wife has made him backpedal to the nth degree. Meanwhile, he wants to be seen as a saviour who freed himself from a toxic business model that doubles as his family.

Moreover, he wants his so-called children to have titles while continuing to trash the people that have to decide on whether princely titles will be issued. Once upon a time, the Queen was the one who had to make the decision. Now, his father, the King has to do it and he is holding firm on his decision until they know what is the memoir. In all honesty, the children shouldn’t get titles because they have no ties to the UK. The kids at their US schools will bully them for being Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

Harry Should Blame His Mother For The Spare Title

Also, it was Princess Diana who referred to her youngest son as the spare. She knew his birth meant being a backup in case something happened to William. As horrible as this might be to come from a mother’s mouth, it’s true on so many levels.

Finally, Harry being the spare hasn’t been a problem for a decade since Prince George was born. After his birth, Harry dropped to being his nephew’s spare before being reduced to his niece, Princess Charlotte’s spare before becoming the same role for Prince Louis.

Upon Princess Charlotte’s birth, Harry was more or less not important. In the years to come, Charlotte and Louis will probably dispute their uncle’s claim that being the spare is horrible. Then, I can see Harry countering this by saying, “your mother didn’t die” While using Diana’s death as an excuse against his niece and nephew’s claims. Also, it would be greatly disrespectful towards William and Catherine as they allowed him to spend time with their children and then he metaphorically spits in their faces.

Oh, Harry! Please do us a HUGE favour! Please tell your little winged monkey, Omid Scobie, to leave Louis alone! Also, he’s not a sexy redhead. He’s one that whinges about his life.

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