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Royal Rules For Thee But Not For Me – The Many Times Meghan Has Broken Royal Rules – OPINION

Meghan Markle hated abiding by the royal rules. There. We said it. Oh, no. Wait. We intended to say that. Oops. Never mind. The former actress wants everyone, including people who are higher up on the food chain, to follow her lead.

Markle wanted to rule the royal roost and even tell The Queen herself what to do. Why? Because the Commonwealth has embraced her as a cultured, black woman. Her husband, the balding muppet known as Prince Haz, has enabled her to do a smash-and-grab.

Sorry, honey, but NO ONE ever told Her Maj what to do, okay?

Meghan Disrespected The Rules Of Nigeria

The reason we’re adding so much sass to this article is because of the disrespect Meghan showed her new “motherland” Nigeria and its people, hence the three examples below.

If Catherine were to go to Nigeria, she would have researched the country, its culture and religion which is important. Meghan, claiming she is 43% Nigerian, doesn’t do any deep diving into her “heritage”, hence why she doesn’t believe the royal rules have to be followed by her. However, it is clear that the people who are her new “family” were not happy.

A panel of Nigerian women criticised her for not being family-oriented and not embracing being a royal with a large family.

These women don’t mess around. They know Meghan’s not Nigerian and didn’t respect The Queen or the family she married into. They can also see that she doesn’t respect their [the Nigerian] culture. Any woman would’ve been glad to marry Harry, if he was sound of mind and wasn’t completely paranoid.

Meghan Markle Breaks The Royal Fashion Rules

Another royal rule that Meghan breaks, even now is that she doesn’t dress correctly for sports events. She dressed correctly for Invictus one time and that was in 2018 in Australia.

Meghan royal rules
[Credit: People Magazine]

Meghan has not dressed in Invictus merch since. While she got the shirt right, she still didn’t get with the program in the shoe department. Who wears heels to a sporting event? You wouldn’t see Catherine do this.

Catherine Middleton Dresses Accordingly While Meghan…

Catherine has always been sporty and knows when to wear activewear accordingly. If she’s playing tennis, she’ll wear a tennis outfit. If it’s Rugby, she’ll wear her Rugby jersey. There is a reason why she is the patron of a lot of sporting charities. We’re willing to bet that Meghan is annoyed that her sister-in-law is the patron of Wimbledon.

Catherine, Meghan royal rules
[Credit: HELLO! Magazine]

Though, we doubt that Meghan cares now that Serena Williams is no longer playing. Does she play sports outside of watching tennis? Probably not. There is a big difference between playing sport and watching it.

Catherine is well-known for getting out there and giving everything a go. That’s why people love her. Meghan, however, doesn’t believe in trying. She expects to be handed everything. This is also not an opinion as it was referenced in Tom Bower’s book, Revenge. There is a section early in the book where when she was a teenager, she was given the choice of being the lead in a school play and going to a camp. The drama teacher told her “You cannot do both.”

Meghan went to the camp but got upset because she couldn’t be in the play. She then ordered her dad not to do the show. However, he did it, and she threw a tantrum to the point she refused to talk to him for weeks. She moved out and lived with Doria.

An excerpt from Tom Bower’s book, Revenge


We all know Meghan refused to listen to anyone’s advice regarding how she should conduct herself as a royal. This includes security. So, we all remember when Meghan shut her own car door and she was crucified for it, right? This was also the picture where she posed like Princess Diana.

meghan royal rules
[Credit: Daily Express]

For an everyday person, this is fine. However, it is not for a royal as it is a security risk. This is backed up by William Hanson, an etiquette coach, who told the BBC in 2018 that while it is not a protocol breach per se, a staff member is meant to do it as it’s a safety thing.

Yet, Meghan loves to scream, “My son wasn’t given security of his own!” or “I didn’t feel safe in the UK!” Biatch, please! We all know she was obsessed with the UK. This was something else that was brought up in Revenge. Ninaki Priddy, her former best friend, mentioned that Markle had mentioned wanting to live in London for at least a month.

This was when Meghan was still with Trevor.

Smiling At The Paparazzi

Meghan royal rules
[Credit: People Magazine]

Meghan loves the media attention. She can say she doesn’t like it all she wants, but her constant smile, says otherwise. Also, she was making it obvious that she was dating Harry by having a necklace with H and M on it.

The palace told Meghan not to interact with the paparazzi and she “didn’t understand why” she couldn’t. All Markle has ever wanted is fame. She wasn’t getting it as an actor and she knew there was no role after Suits for her. Like anyone desperate to be known, she turned her attention to marrying into a family with a lot of money.

This is not the only time over the years that Meghan has smiled at the paparazzi.

These are just two examples of the many pictures over the years of Meghan smiling at the camera when she wasn’t supposed to. Also, she has been called out multiple times for calling the paps herself, even when she wasn’t known.

Paps have come forward saying that they couldn’t sell most of the pictures they had taken because Meghan was a nobody. Photos will sell now because of her association with Harry.

Not Wearing A Hat

mistakes; royalty; privacy
[Credit: Insider]

When the literal Queen of England tells you, “Wear a hat” you do it. You don’t flog her off as some little old lady who is particular. Meghan never wanted to embrace British culture once she married Harry. She thought she could turn the British Royal Family, American, and her “husband’s grandmother” would have to follow her lead.

There is no way this would’ve been allowed. Meghan is fine wearing hats when it suits her narrative, but she won’t do it when told by Angela Kelly on behalf of the Queen. Let’s say for the sake of argument, that Harry was King and told her to wear a hat, would she do it? Knowing her, probably not. Though, she would probably tell everyone else to wear one.

Wearing Colour

We’ve all heard Meghan whinge about not being “allowed” to wear colour as a royal, despite still wearing beige.

Make it make sense, please. We’ve mentioned before that Meghan wore colours that often clashed with themed events. For example, she wore khaki to her infant nephew, Prince Louis’s Christening where the theme was white, blue and cream.

meghan outfits
[Credit: Racked]

As we’ve said, Harry got the assignment and wore blue and white. Meghan couldn’t even allow her little nephew to have his time in the sun. When you look at the full group shot, your eye isn’t drawn to the subject, which is Louis, but to his horrid aunt.

harry, trash, maddening
[Credit: Harper’s Bazaar]

Why? Because Meghan stands out, which is what she does frequently. She did the same thing at a military event she attended with Harry where she wore a red cape dress the same shade as his jacket.

Sussex rumours
[Credit: New Idea]

The above picture isn’t the greatest, but you get the idea. Also, Rebel Wilson would go on to wear the same dress.

[Credit: The Mirror]

Another example we could use is the Kermit green dress Meghan wore to her final royal engagement; Commonwealth Day.

[Credit: Yahoo Life UK]

There is a shot of Harry and Meghan walking into the church where you can see the inside of Harry’s jacket is the same shade of green. We’re not criticising him for this as he actually understood the assignment and dressed in a Commonwealth colour on the outside as his tie and jacket are blue.

What’s more, Meghan’s claim of never being allowed to wear colour was silently debunked by the royal women during Catherine’s Christmas carol service.

[Credit: People]

As you can see, Catherine, Charlotte, Pippa (though not royal, is the Princess of Wales’s sister) and Zara are all wearing the same colour. Therefore, this throws Meghan’s claim out the window.

Wearing White As A Divorcée Bride

The Queen was a woman who believed in tradition, which is what made her a feminist icon. Despite her old beliefs, she allowed her divorced son, Charles, to marry his also-divorced mistress, Camilla, in 2005.

As we all know, Camilla did not wear white or a tiara on her wedding day. She wore a grey/silver-ish dress.

Camilla, Harry
[Credit: ABC News]

Meghan, like Camilla, was divorced from her first husband. However, she wore white. Not off-white. Not cream. WHITE.

prince harry thoughts reality
[Credit: Vanity Fair]

Meghan was married before Harry. She could have opted for a private wedding, but no. She wanted all the world’s attention on her, which is why she wore an ill-fitting dress, that was, supposedly, to done on purpose to show her “pregnant” belly.

This is not an opinion. Harry mentioned in an email released during Meghan’s court battle with the Mail on Sunday over the drop of her dad’s letter, about a baby’s arrival before May 19th 2018. Most people have assumed he was referring to Louis. But how could it be Louis? Harry didn’t have that much of a role in his nephew’s life. How often he saw and spent time with George and Charlotte is unknown.

Daily Mail excerpt regarding 'a baby'
[Credit: The Daily Mail]

What does Catherine’s pregnancy with Louis have to do with Harry? Also, Zara Tindall was pregnant too. She was a month away from Lena’s birth by the time the May 19 wedding happened. We have heard rumours that Meghan had made the dress big on purpose because she had told Harry she was pregnant. How true that is we have no clue, but we wouldn’t put it past her.

Blood Diamonds

earrings; anti-feminist

Okay, this one is a big one. We all know the stories that have arisen surrounding the Blood Diamond earrings. Meghan was warned not to wear the earrings due to who gave them to her.

For those unaware, the chandelier earrings were a wedding gift from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia who had just weeks before the Sussexes’ wedding been accused of being involved in the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, an outspoken journalist who happened to be the cousin of Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana’s boyfriend who died the same night she did.

Meghan then ordered her staff to lie and say they had been borrowed. All she saw was pretty, expensive jewellery that showed she had “money” and “power”.

Meghan fails to understand that everything she wears sends some message. As per Harper’s Bazaar, the Cartier Love Bracelet that was a wedding gift from her ex-husband, Trevor, literally means a commitment to the person who gave it. It’s doubtful Harry knows that it was her former hubby who gave it to her.

Nail Polish

meghan royal rules
[Credit: Pinterest]

Meghan refused to follow the royal rule for nail polish. The Queen had a very particular rule. No bold colours. While Catherine, the Princess of Wales has worn bright red polish since the Queen’s passing, during her life, she wore a shade known as Ballet Slippers.

While Meghan only wore black nails once, it goes to show she was willing to break the royal rules just to get in the media. This brings us to the next thing we wanted to talk about.

Telling Aides What You’re Doing And When

A must when it comes to the royal rules is that aides must be told before any event is attended. Meghan broke this golden rule when she attended the Fashion Awards where she wore the black nail polish. By this time, the Sussexes were basically feuding with everyone inside the palace, especially the staff.

Meghan being the “rebel” she was, decided to go out and tell no one where she was going. This is dangerous because if no one had been able to reach her, it would’ve launched the palace into a panic. She could’ve been kidnapped. It would’ve been an international scandal and if something had happened, Harry would’ve blamed the palace.

Treating Staff Respectfully

Meghan and, by extension, Harry, have no respect for anyone, let alone their staff. There is a massive turnover rate and that’s not just in Britain. They have gone through staff in America at the same raid rate. Despite claims of Meghan’s “ice cream socials” with only the Sussex staff and Omid Scobie’s insinuation that Catherine went through assistants like water, when she has only ever had a handful in the decade she had been married to William.

Markle at least half a dozen PAs in the space of 18 months.

Catherine and William have held onto their single nanny, Maria since she was hired a few months after Prince George’s birth in 2013. She is the only nanny they have hired.

Harry and Meghan, allegedly, have had several nannies since Archie was in nappies.

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