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What Prince Harry Doesn’t Want To Acknowledge About Princess Diana’s Death

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Prince Harry blames the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, on the British Press. He refuses to acknowledge that not only were the UK paps NOT involved in his mum’s demise, but he refuses to accept that her passing was a tragic accident. While his brother, Prince William, was able to get on with his life, get married and have children, the younger son has made himself look like a fool. He appears to have forgotten what the ruling of Operation Paget was.

Princess Diana’s death was tragic and unexpected. The entire world mourned alongside her two beloved sons. We, the people, became protective of William and Harry as they grew up.

Furthermore, excusing the Duke of Sussex’s behaviour with the Nazi uniform, his naked romp in Las Vegas, and, of course, his racist gaffes, and so on. However, as he has gotten older and married Meghan Markle, he’s made it impossible to believe him anymore.

Sorry, Harry, People Suffer Loss All The Time – You’re Not Special

Harry believes people will sympathise with him because his beloved and famous mother died, yet he hates that the world mourned her. Millions of people have lost loved ones in tragic ways. It is not a new concept. Also, he doesn’t want to acknowledge that Diana’s death was not part of some conspiracy because Dodi Fayed “wasn’t white.”

Diana’s demise came due to a  speeding, drunk driver and three of the four people in the car not wearing seatbelts. It is well-established that she could have survived the collision if she’d worn her seatbelt.

Operation Paget goes over every angle and conspiracy into the deaths that happened that faithful morning on August 31st 1997. Three lives were lost. A fourth was left with a lapse in memory even after all these years and permanent scars.

Looking For Someone To Blame

Prince William had the right idea to continue Diana’s legacy. He didn’t want the pain of losing his mother to break him. William has done everything to honour his mum; he even named his daughter after her. Charlotte Elizabeth Diana inherited a lot of her late grandmother’s appearance when she was the same age.

Harry, however, has gone from not talking about it to using his mother’s death to make money. Sure, he too, named his own daughter after Diana, Lilibet Diana, but his decision seems to be more about capitalising off his mum’s memory than actually honouring her. Meghan may have put in his ear that Charlotte shouldn’t bear Diana’s name as their daughter does. After all, she has crooned over Lili’s ‘blue, blue eyes.’

Fractures With William

William and Harry are no longer on speaking terms, and it is frighteningly clear that their mother, had she lived, would be appalled at the divide between them. Harry acts like his mother favoured him. No, she had more to do with William as he was older and more mature.

If anything, Harry will blame everyone when, in reality, the only person to blame is Henri Paul, the driver who died the same night as he was drunk and speeding. Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dodi’s father, had the same sentiment. He spent the rest of his life claiming his son and Diana were murdered rather than it being just a tragic accident.

Mohamed was left a broken man after the death of his eldest son and needed someone to blame. He also was responsible for a documentary about Diana and Dodi’s deaths that never saw the light of day, which was based on his long list of conspiracies.


Even to this day, there is no proof whatsoever that Diana and Dodi were murdered. Operation Paget was incredibly thorough in the investigation. Also, William and Harry were clear when they said they wanted this.

In the years following the crash, Mohamed came out with many claims. They were proven to be nothing more than conspiracies to push blame on others.

The ‘Engagement’ And Ring

One of the bigger, more significant ‘revelations’ he came out with was that Dodi and Diana would announce an engagement on September 1st, 1997. Dodi bought two rings the day before he and the princess died. Australian Vogue explained what happened compared to what was shown in The Crown, where Dodi proposed to Diana. This did not happen in real life; it was a fictional depiction of a tragic romance.

According to Australian Vogue, in reality, Dodi had picked up two rings: the Dis-moi Oui (translated to tell me yes) ring and a prototype for a custom piece. The jeweller, Alberto Repossi, told the Washington Post after Diana and Dodi’s deaths that they did NOT mention getting engaged, despite what the press was saying.

Also, Diana had no intentions of getting married again so soon. She had only been divorced from Prince Charles for a year. She reportedly told her friend, Lady Annabeth Goldsmith, as per Reuters, “Annabel, I need marriage like a rash on my face.” This was the last conversation Diana had with Annabel.

Diana Didn’t Want To Marry Again

During the inquiry into Diana and Dodi’s deaths, Annabel explained that she had seen the romance all over the news and had to ensure that Diana wouldn’t do something silly like elope with Dodi. Even Paul Burrell, Diana’s friend and butler, said that Diana didn’t want to get married again.

Also, during the Inquest, Diana’s sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, said she didn’t believe the relationship with Dodi would last. Annabel Goldsmith and Rosa Monckton believed that the fling with Dodi was just a rebound.

Diana’s Family Didn’t Want Her Marrying A Muslim

A rather interesting conspiracy that Mohamed seemed to believe was that Diana and Dodi were killed by the British Royal Family because he [Dodi] was a Muslim and that her family didn’t want her marrying him and making him the future king [William]’s stepfather.

The royals have always been tolerant of other religions. King Charles III has always respected other religions, and Prince William, Catherine, Princess Beatrice and Edo went to a Muslim wedding in Jordan in 2023. So, there’s the first hole. The second hole is that Diana’s previous boyfriend, heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, was Muslim, and the relationship was well-known to the public, and there were no issues with them dating. At one point, it was reported that Diana did consider an interfaith marriage with Khan. She wanted to know more about Islam.

This conspiracy, in particular, would go with what Harry said during ‘The Me You Can’t See’ where he claimed his mother was killed “because she was dating someone who was not white.” Race and religion are two different things, but whatever floats his boat.

Cut Brakes And Fears Over Safety

Diana appeared paranoid that Charles was planning to have the brakes cut in her car. She expressed this in a note or letter to Paul Burrell. However, during the Operation Paget inquest, multiple people questioned the note’s validity because Diana always dated her notes and letters. Burrell knew how to copy her handwriting because he often helped her write Christmas cards.

Whether or not Diana wrote the letter will never be fully known. 

Why would Burrell write a note like that to himself and claim it was from Diana?

Prince Philip Wanted Diana Dead

It is widely believed that Diana feared for her safety. Mohamed claimed that Diana told him that she feared her father-in-law, Prince Philip, wanted to have her killed. There is also a hiccup here. 

Over the years, much speculation has been about the relationship between the Princess of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh. The Independent alleges that Diana and Philip exchanged warm letters, and he expressed concerns about her marriage to Charles as it broke down.

Also, Diana often referred to Prince Philip as ‘pa’. This was similar to how Sophie, the new Duchess of Edinburgh, would refer to The Queen as ‘mama.’ Also, what would the Duke of Edinburgh have to gain from having Diana ‘taken out’? Why would he want to rob William and Harry of their mother?

In one conspiracy, Diana allegedly believed she would go up in a helicopter and not come back down.

As for the fear for her safety, most people who spoke during the inquiry said Diana had never brought this up with them.

Alleged Pregnancy

Mohamed also claimed that Diana and Dodi had rang him and said they were having a baby. However, medical testing on blood found in the Mercedes from the crash and two different examinations concluded that she was NOT pregnant when she died. Also, multiple people said that Diana never missed taking her conception pill.

Moreover, this also led to Mohamed’s belief that she was embalmed before a positive pregnancy test could be done, as embalming would interfere with the result.

The coroner who was present during the examination of Diana’s body and determined she was not pregnant was John Burton, who worked in The Queen’s Household. Robert Chapman, who performed the post-mortem, agreed. Not to mention Angela Gallop, a forensic scientist who examined the contents of Diana’s stomach, also concluded she was not pregnant.

Insistences That Diana Was Pregnant

Mohamed was insistent in his belief Diana was pregnant. He had his staff inform the media that Dodi had taken Diana to his villa in Paris to choose a room ‘for the baby’ in the days before they died.

Dodi and Diana did visit the mansion, but what they did there was greatly exaggerated. They were there for a half hour and were not with an Italian interior designer. They were not there for 2 hours like Mohamed claimed they were, nor was there any interior designer present. The security guard, Reuben Murrell, who was present at the villa, felt uncomfortable talking to The Sun when he eventually sold the story.

Reuben also stated that he was with Diana and Dodi the entire time they were at the villa. He later resigned from Al-Fayed’s employment, and other staff members made vile comments to Operation Paget against him and Trevor Rees-Jones, the bodyguard who survived the crash.

Also, the coroner, Scott Baker, took a swipe at Al-Fayed during the inquiry. He pointed out that Mohamed had made the claims of Diana’s ‘pregnancy’ three years after the crash that claimed her and Dodi’s lives, which happened to be during a television interview in 2001. He commented, “If it is true, it is strange that he sat upon this important information for three and a half years.”

The Belief About Camilla

One conspiracy not related to Al-Fayed goes back to when Diana was under the alleged belief that Charles wanted her dead. Why? so he could remarry. However, it is believed that he wanted to marry Tiggy Legge-Bourke, William and Harry’s nanny. Moreover, the conspiracy concludes he did not want to marry Camilla and that her life was allegedly also under threat.

Why Would Mohamed Al-Fayed Make Up Conspiracies?

Mohamed had an ambition that he couldn’t achieve. He loved the United Kingdom and wanted to be a citizen. According to People Magazine, he was denied multiple times of becoming a British citizen. He also was never accepted by the British elite. There was also a rumour that he wanted a knighthood.

According to the Times of Israel, he was well-known for embellishing his life. For example, he claimed to have come from a wealthy family when he didn’t. He also was known to be vengeful when he didn’t get what he wanted.

This ultimately begs the question: why create conspiracy theories about Diana and Dodi’s deaths? Looking back at the Operation Paget report, it becomes glaringly apparent. He was a grieving father looking for someone to blame. His son was dating a former member of the British Royal Family, who had ignored him. To get back at them, he accuses them of taking out Dodi and Diana for many largely debunkable reasons.

He also claimed at one point that Diana was being surveillance by MI6 and that the CIA and the NSA were allegedly monitoring her phone calls.

Does Prince Harry Buy Into The Conspiracies About Diana’s Death?

While we know that Prince William knows that Diana’s death was a tragic accident, Prince Harry has done a 360 in his beliefs. We were told that he didn’t talk about his mother’s passing as it wouldn’t bring her back. However, we constantly hear him claim things that don’t ring true.

The biggest claim, as we mentioned earlier, was when he claimed on The Me You Can’t See that his mother was killed because Dodi wasn’t white. This feeds into his own conspiracies that people don’t like his wife due to her ‘black ethnicity’. 

Anyone who has seen Harry’s apparent destain for his family unfold since he got with Meghan will see that he believes everything is done to make it out that is the bad guy and that she has never done a thing wrong in her life. If multiple people come out and say, ‘X is a horrible person because of Y’, it’s the person with the problem’s fault, not the person making the allegations.

Fighting The Press Is Not The Answer

Harry believes that fighting the UK media, not the French media, who took pictures at the crash site, is right. Not to mention a special produced by a woman who worked on the Oprah interview that would show Diana dying in the Mercedes. Here’s the issue. You can’t shut down someone’s opinion if you have an issue. Harry cannot accept or understand America’s First Amendment because he doesn’t want people to talk negatively about him or his wife.

So, to answer the question, does Prince Harry believe the conspiracies about Diana’s death? We’d have to say it’s possible. We don’t have a definitive answer, but one thing is certain: he cannot accept that what happened was ruled an accident.

In conclusion, this tells how immature he is. Most people would accept what happened and move on while doing something small to remember the lost person. Harry’s constant whinging does not honour the good Diana did in her life. Finally, he doesn’t want to see her as a flawed human and believes she was perfect like Meghan.

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