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Prince Harry Was NEVER Going To Win His Phone Hacking Court Cases – OPINION

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There is a reason why royals don’t go to court. They cannot handle the scrutiny of being cross-examined. Prince Harry is a classic example. He could not prove that The Mirror and The Sun newspapers were involved in phone hacking. While many other people had their phones and evidence, the Duke of Sussex did not.

During the days of the News of the World, Harry’s phone was hacked, but that does not mean other outlets got involved in the same actions. Any illegal activity is harmful, but Harry’s instance of being hacked as often as his brother and sister-in-law shows how inept he is. He had his chance to prove himself in court, and he blew it big time.

Prince Harry Wasn’t Targeted The Way He Believes

This is not a deflection to say that Harry wasn’t targeted somehow. The News of the World did hack his phone nine times. However, there is no proof that the Sun, the Mirror and the other newspapers did the same. The Duke of Sussex also cannot prove that there was ever a secret agreement. Nor can he prove that his late grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen, was behind it.

What makes me roll my eyes is Harry’s assumption he’ll win the case for several reasons:

  • He’s the king’s son.
  • William got money from his court case that was over a decade ago.
  • Meghan won her case against the Mail.

First off, the judge doesn’t give two hoots about who Harry is. He couldn’t care less that Prince Harry is the second son of King Charles III. Second, William only got money because he settled out of court. This is not a crime or any indication that he was working with the press. Also, the payout was given entirely to charity. Moreover, William sued when the case was fresh, not a decade later. Thirdly, Meghan only won her lawsuit against the Mail on a technicality.

The Mail Printed Too Much Of Meghan’s Letter Which Is Why She Won

The Mail on Sunday printed too much of the letter she wrote to her dad. Also, the letter was always intended for public consumption. She can deny it all she wants. But calling her father “daddy” was always about getting people to sympathise with her.

Prince Harry fails to understand that you can’t make stuff up in the law or journalism. The tabloid media are full of horrid people looking to make a quick buck. But blaming legitimate news outlets for using past interviews to source information is stupid.

Sourced From Elsewhere – Not Phone Hacking

It was pointed out during the Mirror case that a lot of the information that was mentioned in the stories that Harry claimed were sourced from phone hacking was actually from things he had said during interviews he had given. He didn’t want to believe it.

Harry’s desire to be a one-man saviour of British journalism is absurd. First off, there is nothing to save. After the death of his mother, Princess Diana, in 1997, journalism was overhauled, and photographers weren’t allowed to pursue public figures obsessively.

There was another overhaul after the News of the World phone hacking scandal, where everything journalists acquire has to be obtained legally. Otherwise, it opens up the publications for unwanted legal actions against their subjects.

I Use Public Sources – Nothing Wrong With That

I will be honest here and use interviews and other web articles as sources. There is nothing wrong with that. Everything I use as sources are in the public domain. You cannot sue if the words quotes can be proven to have come from your mouth. As Ingrid Seward said in a TalkTV interview, Prince Harry genuinely believes that he has been abused by the press and “unfairly harrassed.”

Not Genuine People

Here’s the issue many people have with Harry, by extension, Meghan. They claim to be global humanitarians fighting the good fight against tyranny. However, they’re nothing but talk. When have they done something charitable more than once? They did Baby2Baby once. They spoke about vaccine equity once.

As I’ve said before, they’re nothing more than bandwagon jumpers. They also don’t give a damn about other people’s mental health. It’s no wonder Prince William wants nothing to do with his brother. Also, no one should be apologising to either Harry or Meghan.

Meghan Hates Women And Has To Fake Stories For Attention

We all know how much Meghan hates other women. She pretends to be a feminist icon, yet she fakes a car chase to make herself look like she’s Princess Diana. It’s also no wonder that Spotify markled the pair as they couldn’t meet productivity thresholds.

Let’s not forget that Meghan is overly jealous of Catherine, Princess of Wales, as she [Kate] had that incredible gold dress moment at the James Bond: No Time To Die premiere. What did Meghan have? A faux gold dress that made her look like the spokesmodel for Hertz rental cars matched her bodyguard’s tie and looked like she was wearing chair upholstery.

It All Goes Downhill When You Get Called Out By Backgrid

It’s good that Backgrid, whom the Sussexes work with to get pap shots, called them out regarding their stupid car chase story. Backgrid hates being the subject of any account as they’re usually the ones helping to tell it. It would be hilarious if there is a court case about this too.

Moving on, people question whether Meghan is trying to move away from her husband’s embarrassing antics. It’s even being asked whether they’re even batting for the same team anymore. Could Meghan’s constant pap strolls be getting under Harry’s skin?

We know that Harry loves preaching to the masses. However, it is the opposite of what William does. Also, the reason why Prince Andrew has more dignity is because he respects his family. Harry does not.

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