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Prince Harry Uses His Brother As A Shield In A Desperate Attempt To Win Court Case – OPINION

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Prince Harry is all about the money. In yet another blow to Prince William and the privacy of him and Catherine, his wayward brother has revealed a private settlement between the then-Cambridges and NGN in 2020 of an alleged 1 million pounds. The amount could be more. But, of course, we all know why this is coming up in the latest court battle for the King of Lawsuits.

It’s about money. Harry has zero loyalty to anyone but his bank account. If he ever went to court against even Meghan, I have no issues believing he would rat her out to make a quick buck. Anyway, when we have inconsistencies in the case. The Royal Grift did a whole video on it.

William Didn’t Keep The Money, Harry!

Prince William did not keep the money in the lawsuit he settled out of court. Instead, he donated the cash to charity, one of which was allegedly Invictus. Another was an anti-bullying charity. I have no proof of this. I’m just going off what I’ve read. So, for Harry to complain that there was “an agreement” between the palace and NGN means he knew about the payout.

NGN has said there was no secret agreement with the palace. Also, Harry fails to realise that he was only hacked nine times. Catherine had the biggest target on her back with a whopping 155 times. William was hacked 35 times. Not to mention, Harry has no comprehension of how the court system works. Settlements out of court happen all the time. The last thing William and Catherine would’ve wanted was to relive their texts and voice messages being read and played in court.

He Doesn’t Work For The Money

Anyone with a brain knows Harry only brings this up now because he wants and needs the money. I read somewhere that he was offered 200,000 pounds, and he turned it down because he wanted the same amount as his brother.

Harry cannot get it through his head that he is not essential. That is why News of the World only had him hacked nine times. Now, I’m not saying this is a good thing. I would never condone hacking, as I’ve been hacked myself.

Also, doesn’t it make more sense for the future king to be targeted than his younger brother, who will never sit on the throne? Sure, they’re Diana and Charles’ sons, but it makes more sense for William to be the bigger target than Harry.

Harry wants his family to suffer. He believes he is more critical than William and more beloved. Meghan has bought about the worst qualities in him, though I suspect he’s always had this jealousy inside him but had no way of vocalising it until she came on the scene.

The Inconsistency

The judge in the NGN court case has said that he finds it concerning that Harry claimed he did not know about the hacking before 2019. Then he claims that the so-called secret agreement from 2012 was why he didn’t speak out sooner.

Yeah, it is a massive red flag when official documents claim one thing, and then you change it. What’s an even worse look on Harry and his legal team is that they threw the new “evidence” into the courtroom without submitting it and then had to do so. Talk about embarrassing.

In conclusion, Harry will do anything to reap revenge on his brother for being everything that Harry is not.

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