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Is Meghan Markle Making Moves Away From Her Embarrassing Husband? – OPINION

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Could Meghan Markle be looking to move away from her embarrassing hubby, Prince Harry? Is she looking to try for the umpteenth time to become a model? It seems like it. Variety revealed that she has signed with the William Morris Agency. Remind us again. How many agents has she had in the past?

Oy vey. This is getting ridiculous. The only reason WME took Meghan on in the first place is because she has a royal title. They don’t care if she has talent or not. All the Harkles do is give empty promises and get exposed for their lies, manipulations and downright stupidity.

So, is the model angle another step towards breaking things off with Harry? It looks like it. Markle is paving herself a path away from her incredibly embarrassing husband. In recent months, none of their projects were team-related. The Archetypes (horrible name) podcast was all Meghan. Spare was all Harry.

Markle can claim to be the supportive wife by saying that the book was all his thing, all she likes, but it would appear even if she were embarrassed by it. He admitted that their staff in England were bent over their desks crying. He exposed her (and himself) as a bully. Harry has been a supportive husband to her, but she cannot show him the same courtesy.

Meghan Markle Refuses To Kiss Prince Harry At Lakers Game

More proof we have of a potential split is that Markle refused to kiss Harry on the Kiss cam at the Lakers game. Just because you appear together in public doesn’t mean anything. Look at Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston before their divorce. They went on holiday together before the news broke of their breakup.

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[Credit: Daily Mail]

Nancy and Stephanie of the Sidley Twins YouTube channel said celebrities go to Lakers games to be seen, not cheer on the team. Also, most A-listers sit in the first couple of rows. Not Harry and Meghan. They had a “private box” for themselves and their Archewell staff. They paid for the box to be filmed and the kiss cam to be on them. Nancy and Stephanie have pretty intel on this as they know people in Hollywood and have to plenty of Lakers games over the years.

We all know that Meghan and Harry aren’t afraid to flaunt their “love” and how much Markle loves being on camera. You would think she would’ve kissed him if their marriage had been outstanding.

Everyone (except the Sussexes’ supporters) has been saying that Meghan only uses Harry to better her chances in Hollywood. Before him, Markle would’ve been rejected as a model. She cannot model to save herself. It’s the same copycat action. Angelina Jolie vibes, anyone?

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[Credit: Geo. tv]

Despite how you may feel about Angelina’s actions with Brad Pitt back in the day, she is a true humanitarian. She doesn’t advertise her endeavours and also doesn’t copycat people.

Meghan Believes She Has Model Looks

The extraordinary thing is that Meghan believes the entire world is stupid. She thinks no one will call her out on her copying ways. Remember where she copycatted the Princess of Wales by wearing a jumpsuit version of Catherine’s dress? Yes, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands wore the jumpsuit version of Catherine’s clothing too, but that was in 2017. Sometimes it’s just a coincidence that royal ladies wear similar outfits. Nothing with Meghan is a coincidence.

[Credit: Town and Country Magazine]

Catherine did not sport a spotty spray tan when she wore the dress. But, of course, we all know that Meghan thought she had a better-looking body than Catherine and attempted to outdo her so soon after the Princess of Wales wore the dress.

It goes to show how insecure Meghan is in her body. She thinks everything looks good on her. Sorry love, but just because you spend a fortune doesn’t mean it looks good. Catherine has worn outfits that weren’t six figures. It’s rare that her entire looks ever go over six figures. Formal occasions, maybe, but Kate knows how to look good on a budget. She doesn’t need to buy expensive brands to show she’s a royal wife.

Meghan thinks having a supposedly rich husband means she can spend big. If she wanted to go overboard with her spending, she should’ve snagged the Duke of Westminster, who is much younger than her and is worth billions more than Harry.

Is Meghan’s Model Contract Concrete Proof Of A Split?

To conclude this post, I want to stress that just because Meghan has a new contract doesn’t mean she and Harry are splitting up. BarkJack on Twitter has said that there is no split coming. While it is not enough to say, “yes, they will divorce”, there is a foundation for it. Whether it happens is anyone’s guess.

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