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Are The Sussexes Still On The Same Team? – OPINION

Is Meghan Markle setting Harry up for failure? Could the long-rumoured divorce be looming? Who knows when it comes to the duchess? She changes her story so often that it’s hard to determine whether she can tell the truth. This post was inspired by a comment made by According 2Taz in a recent video.

So, could the Sussex marriage be on the outs? It’s entirely possible, given things that have happened recently with Harry. He has continued to slam his family for no reason while Meghan sits on the sidelines and watches it unfold. She doesn’t even attempt to stop it. His comments in Spare were a classic example of this, as the book makes her look exceedingly bad. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t make him (as an employer) look very good, either.

The long-rumoured divorce can only happen when Meghan has everything lined up. This is what happened with her first husband, Trevor Engelson. Once she had a stable job on Suits, she dumped him, but when she was being written out of the show, she realised she was screwed as no one was offering her a role in anything else. The acting offers had dried up.

Returning to Harry, Meghan is encouraging his failure. How do we know this? His relationship with almost everyone in his family has fallen to rock bottom. As a result, he is only going to his father’s coronation to salvage his connection to the monarchy, which has been non-existent since Megxit.

Do I believe that Meghan has ever cared about Harry’s feelings? No, I don’t. She has been using her race as part of her victim narrative. The royal family does not care that she’s half-black. They have black staff who have been with them for decades. One of the equerries to the late Queen was first noticed at William and Catherine’s 2011 wedding. There was also a Nigerian woman who had worked for Charles for almost 20 years. Also, if they were racist, why would they go to countries with black people? I could go on about this forever.

Meghan’s current spiel about “unconscious bias” is another way of saying “the royals are racist.” The Sidley Twins, Nancy and Stephanie, mentioned this in their latest video. Markle is trying to erase the word racist to make it look like she wants “forgiveness” by switching words out with something else. Unfortunately, the woman doesn’t know how to use a dictionary. She’s also misusing a thesaurus so much for being the educated woman she claims to be.

Finally, when it comes to Harry’s failure, he won’t know what hit him when he finds her engagement and wedding rings on the bedside table. Or, she takes the rings with her because they’re worth a fortune, especially since Princess Diana’s jewels are in her engagement ring.

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