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Meghan Markle’s Attempt To Have Her Catherine James Bond Gold Dress Moment Utterly Fails!

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No one can replicate the stunning gold dress that the former Duchess of Cambridge, the now Princess of Wales, Catherine Middleton, wore to the European premiere of Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond. Not even her envious sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, can.

gold dress, Catherine
[Credit: Town and Country Magazine]

Catherine knocked her gold dress moment out of the park, and it impressed Daniel Craig, who said she looked “smashing.” The gown surprised everyone, and it was just amazing to see. Even Prince William couldn’t take his eyes off his wife. However, someone in Montecito, California, was far from happy with the positive press her “enemy” was receiving. There was a rumour that Meghan hated Harry’s reaction to seeing the look, so she screamed outside.

Meghan Markle has just received her award from the Ms Foundation from her friend Gloria Steinem in a gold dress. But the dress isn’t on the scale of Catherine’s dress from the James Bond premiere. It’s basic and out of season. Also, the style is too simple and looks like something that could be wallpaper or a couch from the 1970s in a nightclub.

There was even a picture on Twitter that someone found of the same dress with straps.

No Straps!

The dress looks better without the straps, so Meghan should be applauded for that. However, she’s not Catherine, who is well-known to have a positive relationship with many of the labels she wears. One example is Sarah Burton from Alexander MacQueen. She designed Catherine’s wedding dress and has been a point of contact ever since.

Catherine when to Sarah during the debacle with Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress. Sarah agreed with Catherine, saying that the bridesmaids’ dresses were too big and needed to be remade even though there were only three days until the 2018 wedding.

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