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Backgrid Comes Out Swinging Over Demands And Even The Woke Question The Chase  – Opinion

You know you’re in deep when even the woke crowd start questioning your narrative. I suddenly have much more respect for Whoopi Goldberg as a human being than I did previously. Harry and Meghan are finished in America after the stunt they pulled with the alleged two-hour car chase through Manhattan. Backgrid has also come out swinging at them after the couple demanded that the photo agency/paps-for-hire hand over their photos and video.

So, let’s break this down. Whoopi Goldberg, who used to be a favourite of mine, has become a pioneer for the woke. However, even she doesn’t believe the two-hour car chase happened. Much like Megyn Kelly did, she even said it is impossible for a pursuit to occur. Why? Gridlock. Even if you have never been to New York, traffic is on the road 24/7. However, as Megyn points out, there are plenty of places to pull over safely.

Brittany of the Royal News Network did a video where she says that people who live in Manhattan can tell you that a two-hour car chase is virtually impossible. New York is like Sydney, Australia. Anyone who doesn’t live in the city catches the train as everything is mostly within walking distance, or they take the light rail once they get off the train.

Driving in Sydney traffic is like pulling teeth, not that I’ve ever tried. I have been in the city a lot over the years, and it is manic. So let’s get back to what people say about the alleged car chase in New York. If Harry and Meghan don’t know that even their supporters are questioning them, they are dense.

If Whoopi Goldberg says a chase can’t happen in New York traffic, she’s right. This backs up Megyn Kelly’s account too. The only person who looked upset over the whole thing was Harry. He had the hand over his face and the phone out. Meghan is just sitting there, trying not to smile at how much fun she’s having being on camera. Meanwhile, Doria looks like she’s either looking at her phone or asleep. The statement from Backgrid said that Meghan was smiling in some of the pictures they have.

Speaking of the photos, I cannot wrap my head around how their feelings matter more than the facts. This is according to Omid Scobie, who, as we know, speaks on the Sussexes’ behalf despite saying he has no contact with them. Yeah, right, okay. Whatever you say, Omid. Thank you, Dan Wootton, for having the stomach to show his interview on GB News.

Omid also claimed the Sussexes were going at 80 miles an hour. Hmm. The car must have been flying in the congested traffic. For those who don’t live in the U.S., that’s about 128 kilometres. In Australia, that’s illegal in most states. The highest speed limit in the country is 130 kilometres, but this is only applied in Western Australia and the North Territory. What blows my mind is how stupid Meghan, in particular, thinks everyone in the world is. As I mentioned earlier, Harry was the only one who genuinely looked distressed. The cab driver said that he, Meghan and Doria looked “a little” scared, the keyword here being “a little.”

Meghan’s an actress; while not a good one, she should know how to act frightened. It appears she has even taught her husband and mother a few tips. Well, more Doria. She believes the claim that the chase was reminiscent of the crash that killed Princess Diana will get her sympathy. Sorry, Meg, but it doesn’t. The Mayor, the cab driver, the media and the police have all said you’re a liar.

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