Donna Troy Makes Her Debut In Titans And She Kicks Serious Ass

Donna Troy

Amazon Inbound! Welcoming Donna Troy To The World Of Titans.

Titans has been full of twists and turns during its Freshman outing. We’ve had our first taste of the second Robin, Jason Todd. Now the original Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, has made her Titans debut. Imagine what would happen if she went up against Kaldur or Barbara Gordon or even Roy Harper.

In this week’s episode, the audience becomes acquainted with the adoptive daughter of Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, Donna Troy. The show depicts the honourary Amazonian as an orphan who comes into the Princess of Themyscira’s care after her father dies in a fire.

Before adult Donna Troy is introduced, a flashback shows a young Donna and Dick as teenagers. Donna plays the older sister role in Dick’s life. She gives him a pep talk after he comes face-to-face with The Joker and comforts him when he expresses his fear over what the villain can do.

What is more, is Donna tells him even Diana thinks The Joker is scary. She adds it is natural to be afraid of things. Not to mention, this is a very Woman Woman thing to say.

In the Present

Back in the present, Dick farewells the Titans. Afterwards, he tracks Donna down, and they chat. Later, he accompanies her to a gallery opening for her photography work. He surprises people when he tells them he knows a lot about the subject.

The close bond between Donna and Dick is still very much there. They enjoy teasing each other and use the skills their adoptive parents taught them to do so.

Exploring The Friendship Between Donna Troy And Dick Grayson

Dick and Donna’s friendship is special as it is sibling-like. They have each other’s backs, even after the Titans split. However, there is a difference between them.

Donna’s upbringing as Wonder Woman’s adoptive daughter and sidekick shows she understands what it means to be loved. Diana embraced her and saw her as her own.

Meanwhile, despite his good intentions, Bruce turned Dick into something he never meant to be; a weapon to fight crime.

Donna Troy’s Backstory

Despite her upbringing, it’s not clear whether Donna was born an Amazon. All know we know is Diana is her adoptive mother as we’ve mentioned before.

In most versions of Donna’s backstory in the comics, Donna and Diana were sisters as Queen Hippolyta forged them both from clay.

In other versions, Donna was created from a template of Diana to serve as her rival.


Donna’s journey in Titans is far from over. Her adventures have begun and will be one hell of a ride. It will be awesome to see her suit.

Titans airs on DC Universe, and the next episode, Hank and Dawn, airs on December 7.

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