William v. Harry: One Brother Works, The Other Preaches

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Two brothers. Once incredibly close. Then a woman divided them. One embraced his destiny as an heir. The other is a bag of popcorn waiting to combust from overexposure to the heat. People love Prince William because of his genuine care for others and getting on with the work he has pledged to do. Meanwhile, the admiration for his younger brother, Prince Harry, is almost nonexistent.

Poor baby, right? Not really. People no longer buy Harry’s victim narrative and war against his family. And why have battle lines been drawn? Because his wife, his precious Meg, isn’t the person he believes she is, and they’re being truthful, yet he doesn’t want to hear it.

Catherine has helped to shape William’s life for the better. She has never once tried to be Princess Diana. Kate has also given him three children whom he adores. Her family has also allowed him the normalcy that he has always wanted. They don’t care if he’s going to be king someday. As far as they’re concerned, he’s just William, one of them.

Meghan Is Ruining Harry’s Life

When has Meghan Markle ever done the same for Harry? He doesn’t have an everyday life with her. He never did. He’s broken off from everyone in his life to live in some fancy world where she doesn’t do anything about his drug use. It makes you wonder if he’s ever high around the children. If so, they should be removed from his and Meghan’s care. Those kids are living an isolated life. There have been rumours where it is alleged that Archie has social anxiety. Of course, there’s no proof of this, but it wouldn’t be surprising.

Harry can claim Meghan is warm and maternal, but it’s a sham. She has no interest in the children. Okay, that’s not entirely true. Markle wants to use those children to make money, so she wants them to be Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. However, she seems to forget that the HRH is essential as people would have to curtsey to them. However, there have been stories that she and Harry are now fighting to get them the HRHs. First off, they didn’t need the princely monikers. Secondly, they live in America. They do not require titles as they are not recognised in the United States of America.

Catherine Has Never Put A Foot Wrong

Catherine has never exploited her royal connection. Not once. Does she care about the titles she carries because of who her husband is? No. She is just Catherine. Or Kate to her family. There have been instances where she and William have done Zoom calls to certain charities where she is called Catherine. Not The Duchess of Cambridge. Not the Princess of Wales. This was her choice, as she wanted to be seen as relatable. William is the same. He prefers to be spoken to as average rather than by title.

This is also why William and Catherine only have one nanny rather than a ton of them. This is because they are hands-on parents like Princess Diana was. However, they have Nanny Maria for when they’re both on engagements and for significant events where they need to keep tabs on the kids, especially Louis. Harry and Meghan, meanwhile, have been through so many staff members since they got married; it’s unbelievable.

The Revolving Door Of Nannies

They’ve had nannies come and go, though one of their nannies appears on the Netflix docuseries. Also, Meghan mentions one of the nannies during her podcast Archetypes. Not sure whether it’s the same one. Anyway, we heard one story where they hired a night nanny, and she was fired the next day for “inappropriate conduct.” This goes to show how paranoid these two are.

Rarely William and Catherine’s staff departures are ever publicised. They also don’t have a reputation for having staff weeping at their desks. Harry and Meghan did. The Sussexes think yelling and abusing their staff is expected as they have titles and cannot be punished, whereas the team are underlings who are disposable.

Princess Diana Never Went Through Staff Like Harry And Meghan Do

First, this needs to be corrected on so many levels. Princess Diana, whom Harry seems to think was an absolute saint and that Meghan is his mother reborn, never had staff issues. She treated her staff like human beings. As did Charles, The Queen and other family members. Diana became friends with her butler, Paul Burrell, who trusted her so much that he confided in her that he was gay. Second, Charles has had staff working for him for almost twenty years. One woman who works for him has been with him for over a decade.

Maria, William and Catherine’s nanny, has been with them since Prince George was eight months old, according to Town and Country. She also doesn’t coddle the children and allows them to be themselves. Catherine even told someone in 2017 that Maria has been teaching the kids Spanish as she is Spanish. Also, she attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding, where she comforted one of the bridesmaids. She also rode in the car with the kids at Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding.

Mistreating Staff

We don’t know whether William and Catherine have had additional nannies over the years. However, given that they still have Maria working for them, they treat her like an extended family member. Harry and Meghan, however, think everyone who works for them is dirt under their shoes.

The story in the Times about Meghan bullying staff would not have come out if it wasn’t true. Also, if it were a lie because the team hated Meghan for x, y or z reason, the Times would not have sacrificed its reputation for accurate reporting to publish an exposé like the one Valentine Low wrote.

Also, there was supposed to be legal action against the Times by Meghan for one of the stories that came out, but it never happened. Hmm. We wonder why. Perhaps the Sussexes were told it would be a waste of money whenever they want to sue people for the truth they don’t want to come out.

William Does Engagements Under The Radar

Prince William is well-known for attending charity engagements under the radar. Look at what he chose to do for his 40th birthday. He decided to work with one of his charities and not advertise it to the press. People only found out about it because someone saw him on a street corner working and took a picture, and then the image ended up in the press. While the Sussex Squad screamed, “Oh, William leaked the image,” No, he didn’t. That’s not William’s style. Also, he doesn’t demand titles and privileges for his children. He wants them to earn their place in the world.

However, Harry demands his children be treated like royals, despite publicly criticising the family and calling them everything from racists, which he denies Meghan ever insinuated, to they were mean and just saw him as a being that could supply his brother with ‘spare parts’. Hmm. That narrative sounds an awful lot like My Sister’s Keeper.

The Fairytale

He’s copying what Meghan does by making a fictional story reality. One example of Meghan doing this is when she compares herself to Ariel in The Little Mermaid, who lost her voice. Now, anyone who has seen that film knows that Ariel willingly gave up her voice to be with the man she loved.

Meghan, meanwhile, did NOT give up her voice. In the three years since Megxit, she has not stopped talking. Scratch that. She hasn’t stopped talking since she entered the royal fold, yet she claims to have been silenced. All the lies she has told that can be easily debunked are mindblowing.

One simple ridiculous example is when Meghan claimed in the Netflix docuseries that she rarely wore colour when there are more than a dozen photos of her wearing colour. She even claimed it was a social no-no not to wear the same colour as anyone else. However, the Queen once said that she encouraged the women in her family to wear colour, to stand out. We can even list some of the colours Meghan wore:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Different shades of blue
  • Light pink
  • Maroon
  • Teal

If anything, Meghan wore more colour than she did neutral colours.

Harry and Meghan do not do anything charitable without being paid for it. William and Catherine do things where they WANT to do it. They don’t do it for the money and accept everyone. The Waleses don’t use people to further their agendas. The Sussexes, specifically Meghan, use people to promote themselves.

One example that Meghan uses people is when she hangs around white people for the vast majority of her life. However, she only started hanging around black people when it suited her. Never mind that these black people are also wealthy and influential.

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