Being A Royal Is A Privilege, Not A Right

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Royalty is not what it once was. To have a monarchy is a privilege, not a right. Did you see that Prince Joachim? Prince Harry? Meghan Markle? Prince Andrew? Just because you were born into an institution like a royal family or marry and get a title doesn’t mean it is your right. It can be taken away as quickly as it was given.

Any monarchy that still exists in the world is there because a large amount of the public wants it. Over the years, many monarchies have been abolished because the ways of the country they’re situated in have wanted a republic. Greece did it in 1973. However, the royals still kept their titles and are still known by them as it is all they know. Also, there are a ton of Greek royals who were born after the abolishment. We’ve also seen some of them cash in on this, such as Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark, born in 1996.

In a previous post, we discussed why there is only one monarch in some monarchies. This is also up there with some of our favourite non-British royals.

The Privilege Of Denmark’s Prince Joachim And Sweden’s King Carl Gustaf Strips HRHs From Most Grandchildren

An example of cashing in on Princely titles is Princes Felix and Nikolai of Denmark. They’re both male models, and they must make it known that they are royalty every time they appear on something. Every monarchy is different, but given the times we now live in, not everyone wants to have their taxes used to fund people who sit around and do nothing. This is why many monarchies are slimming down their families by limiting who has titles.

A while ago, we spoke about the drama surrounding Prince Joachim’s children. Their grandmother, Queen Margrethe, has stated that as of January 2023, they will use their courtesy titles. The children’s princely titles will be discontinued. The reason? They’re not working royals and never have been. However, their father [Prince Joachim], his ex-wife Alexandra and current wife Princess Marie aren’t happy that their kids are being stripped of “their birthrights.”

Over in Sweden, King Carl Gustaf stripped the children of his two youngest children [Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine] of their HRHs. Unlike the Danes, the Swedish monarch’s grandchildren still have princely titles.

The Sussexes And The Title Drama In A Nutshell And Whether Prince Andrew Should Still Be The Duke Of York

In Britain, there is still a fight going on about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children not having titles. We’re not going to rehash that everyone is aware of what is happening. Basically, the couple told Oprah their son, Archie, was denied a princely title because he was a child of colour, and now they want him and his sister Lilibet to have titles for security. Though, apparently, the late Queen did offer Archie the Earl of Dumbarton title, his parents rebuffed this because it had ‘dumb’ in it, and they didn’t want their son bullied. Oh, and the people of Dumbarton weren’t happy, according to the Daily Mail.

Sorry, but having a title doesn’t instantly mean security will be given. Look at Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Their 24/7 security was removed about a decade ago. Moving over their father, Prince Andrew, and calls have been made for him to be stripped of his dukedom after years of scandals due to his predator connections.

Now, Prince Andrew was believed to be Her late Majesty’s favourite child. However, his actions regarding his staff are another thing. Former employees have claimed the Duke of York was a nightmare to work with as he was demanding and arrogant. The title was once held by his grandfather, King George VI.

The Danish Heirs

Moving back over to the Danish royal family, it has been said that of all Crown Prince Frederik’s children, only Prince Christian will be tax-payer funded. His three younger siblings, Princess Isabella and Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine will not get this privilege. They will have to go out and get jobs like every other person in Denmark. It’s also not Christian’s fault that bad things happened at his previous school.

By only having Prince Christian be tax-payer funded, it saves millions of dollars. Moreover, the Danish royals have the right idea. However, the way the stripping of Joachim’s children’s titles has been handled has been horrible. Though, Joachim’s privileged behaviour is reminiscent of Prince Harry. Not to mention, the rumour about Prince Harry having a crush on Catherine, may have originated in Denmark with Joachim and Crown Princess Mary.

Meghan Markle: Marriage To A Prince Doesn’t Mean Privilege

Meghan Markle is one of those woke individuals who cries some sort of ‘discrimination’ if she’s not given what she wants. For example, she uses her self-identification as a biracial woman to call people racist if they don’t like her. Tom Bower has said multiple times that Meghan always wanted fame, fortune, and influence. Well, just because you’re married to a wealthy man, doesn’t mean you’re influential. If anything, it sullies your selfishness need for privilege. We did a kind of open letter to Ms Markle, which highlights this and her need to stifle free speech.

Also, she should’ve taken inspiration from Crown Princess Mary when it came to being a foreigner who married into a foreign royal family. She didn’t have a long-term goal when it came to being a royal.

Why Princess Anne And Sophie Are Standouts When It Comes To Not Using Privilege To Advance Oneself

There are many reasons to love Princess Anne and Sophie, Countess of Wessex. The Princess Royal was the Queen’s only daughter. Now, she is King Charles’ sister. She has spent her whole life in the shadows of not one, but all three of her brothers. This has never stopped her from serving the monarchy. She does it with such grace

Sophie has long been described as a secret weapon to the monarchy. She might be married to Prince Edward, the youngest of the late Queen’s children, but she doesn’t care about that. She loves people and they love her.

After the departure of the Sussexes, Sophie and Edward have been catapulted into more visible positions. It has been refreshing to see the Wessexes get the credit they finally deserve. If anything, they’re better suited for the work. They [Sophie and Edward] don’t whine that everything is too complicated or beneath them.

Sophie and Edward’s down-to-earth nature has rubbed off on their two children, Lady Louise and Viscount James. While both were the grandchildren of the monarch, they did not carry Princely titles, they do have them. It was a decision that they were allowed to make when they turned 18.

Louise did not take up the offer when she turned 18 and is still known as Lady Louise. Note, she, James and their parents do NOT have security.

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