Princess Catherine’s Medical Records Caught Up In Breach

Princess Catherine Medical Breach

There has been a potential medical breach of Princess Catherine’s information at The London Clinic, where she had abdominal surgery. Seven News Australia reports that at least one staff member was caught attempting to access the future Queen’s medical information.

An investigation has been launched into what happened. Furthermore, Kinsey Schofield revealed on TalkTV that a Southern Californian blogger with one million Instagram followers has a contact at The London Clinic who allegedly gave her information about the Princess of Wales. The blogger then had to apologise.

Bringing Back Memories Of The Prank Call Gone Wrong

It is unknown whether this blogger’s having the alleged information is why the investigation was launched. Kinsey also clarifies that the media reports say that a staff member only attempted to access the information. Nothing has been said as to whether the files were actually opened.

This story about Princess Catherine’s medical breach brings the story of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who gave the radio hosts of an Australian radio station information, thinking they were the Queen and Prince Charles, back to the forefront. This was during the Princess of Wales’ first pregnancy; with Prince George. Ms Saldanha’s passing occurred days after the call when she was found deceased in her nurses’ quarters. She had handwritten three notes; one was to the radio hosts blaming them for her demise. The second was a criticism of her workplace for their response to the prank call. Note number three was for funeral arrangements.

While the information given during the prank call was an accident, the medical breach this time was on purpose. Whoever tried to read Princess Catherine’s file was likely looking for money from the press. The King released his cancer diagnosis, so it’s only fair that the Princess of Wales does the same, right? No, wrong.

Catherine Is Not Yet Queen; She Has A Right To Privacy

Princess Catherine is not on the public stage in the same way Queen Camilla is. She is the wife of the heir apparent, while Camilla is the King’s wife. Also, the Princess of Wales has three young children under 13. Camilla also has a right to privacy, and when she asks for privacy, she gets it. Why isn’t Catherine also entitled to it?

Catherine is a mother to her children first and the future Queen second. Therefore, her medical information should remain private. It is no one else’s business to go snooping. While there is a natural curiosity, that is as far as it should go. There is no conspiracy from the palace. They are not hiding the Princess of Wales away or hiring body doubles.

The rumours surrounding Catherine’s surgery have become a whirl of conspiracies. The Palace said from the beginning that she would be back after Easter. Not before. After.

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