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Will Prince Harry’s Reputation Recover If His Marriage To Meghan Markle Ends?

One of Diana, Princess of Wales’s most famous quotes was, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” At the time, her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry were just boys. It was 1995 and the Princess had sat down for an interview with now-disgraced journalist, Martin Bashir for Panorama. A year later, she and Charles would be divorced and then on August 31, 1997, Diana would die in a car crash. Fast-forward twenty-five years and her youngest son is now facing questions over the state of his marriage to former television actress Meghan Markle.

Lady Colin Campbell, a well-connected woman to the British aristocracy, made the claim a couple of days ago that the Sussexes have split. However, she did say that it was rumoured, despite having been told by two different sources. She has since put out a second video about this. It is not my job to say yes or no to these rumours. But, I can tell you what I think.

Lady C And That Separation Rumour

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While Lady C has said it is possible that we’re being hoodwinked, she has been spot-on with the news of certain things. One example is how she announced the passing of Her Majesty The Queen before Buckingham Palace did. It has been rumoured that this was done so that Meghan couldn’t get the information out first. I personally don’t believe that as Prince Harry would tell her not to do it, regardless if it started an argument.

In recent months, Prince Harry has appeared in public and looks miserable. Not to mention, Meghan has appeared on magazine covers without him while referring to the Duke of Sussex as “my husband” and never by his name, revealing how she truly feels about him. While she doesn’t directly say her innermost thoughts, her solo appearances give away her feelings.

Meghan Markle NEVER Loved Prince Harry

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Since they have been together, it has become apparent that Meghan Markle does NOT love Prince Harry. He has always been a tool for her to achieve her dream of being famous. She thrives off the spotlight and attention. Her saintly photo shoot with Variety Magazine, where she is bathed in light like an angel coming down from the heavens to save the world, is sickening.

All Meghan loves, outside of herself, is the opportunities being a ‘Duchess’ entails. She can crow about doing a Netflix docuseries about her love story with Prince Harry all she likes, but only her supporters are buying it. All she cares about is the money that she will get from the deal. Little did she realise that the cash that was given out to her and H was for production costs. Projects don’t just manifest out of thin air.

Meghan loves everything that comes from being married to royalty while not giving a toss about the working part. All she wanted was the title (duchess), first child (Archie) and the televised million-dollar taxpayer-funded wedding and she was set for life. Being the wife of a dimwit like Prince Harry affords her with being able to use her title for everything she does. If she wanted a title so badly, she could’ve signed up for that Scottish titles charity where you can get a lord or lady title. But no. She wanted the whole shebang. The Her Royal Highness styling and the duchess title.

Meghan Would’ve Preferred Princess

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I think she would’ve preferred ‘Princess’, but she had to make do. Now, she knows zero about how the British monarchy works. She thought that if she married Prince Harry, she would instantly become, Princess Meghan. After all, Lady Diana Spencer became ‘Princess Diana.’ No, the press dubbed the Princess of Wales as ‘Princess Diana’ as it went hand-in-hand with ‘Prince Charles’. Becoming a princess only happens in monarchies like Sweden with Princess Sofia or Denmark with Crown Princess Mary.

Let’s not forget that Meghan basically mocked Catherine on The Tig by calling her ‘Princess Kate.’ Well, that must grate on Markle’s nerves now that there is a new Princess of Wales in her sister-in-law. The Sussex Squad will always call their goddess a “princess” when she is no such thing.

Meghan’s former childhood friends and some of their parents have come out in recent years to say that she was obsessed with Diana. The mother of the friends said that she loaned Meghan a recorded VHS copy of Diana and Charles’ wedding from 1981. It was also said Markle and her pals watched the entirety of Diana’s 1997 funeral. Another rumour regarding this is that Meghan allegedly bawled her eyes during the whole thing.

A Marriage That Was Never Going To Last

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Prince William knew when Prince Harry got with Meghan that it would spell trouble. Never would he would think – or us the world – the whole marriage would be a sham that was never going to last. Markle, as the bullied palace staff have said, as per Valentine Low, was always obsessed with being the victim. She agreed to marry Harry, but she was always looking for faults. It didn’t matter how small it was. She knew, if she had a title, she could milk every little flaw she found for profit.

There is more to this marriage sham than you think. Because Prince Harry, at the time of the wedding was six in line to the throne, he was closest to the top than any other member outside of William. Now, I do want to mention here that there is a rumour that Meghan wanted William, not Harry. I can see that happening as Markle believes she can have whatever man she wants. It was rumoured that she was a yacht girl. Allegedly, she had affairs during her first marriage to Trevor Engelson. She also allegedly was dating Harry at the same time as her previous boyfriend.

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Meghan, Cory And The Clashing Timelines That Lead To Prince Harry And Marriage

It is even speculated that Meghan cheated on her boyfriend with Harry as the timelines overlapped at one point. This was then covered up by the month of the prince and Markle’s first meeting being changed in an article. The article originally stated that they met in May 2016 but this was changed to July 2016. A photo of the Suits actress with her then-boyfriend from May 2016 has been in the public domain ever since.

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This photo was meant to be the ‘proof’ that Markle had been with her boyfriend in May and that she did not meet Harry until July of the same year. However, in some cases, a picture does not always tell a thousand words. It’s possible that Meghan was on the lookout for a new man while she was still dating her BF. At that point, she would’ve known that at some point, she would be written out of Suits.

Rachel Zane was the sex appeal for Mike Adams (Patrick J Adams). This is no secret, even to those who never watched the show. Prince Harry will meet the same fate as Meghan’s previous partners. While they got away, he will not be so lucky as he allegedly shares children with her. So, no, his reputation will not recover. Not unless he discards of the ‘dead weight’.

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