My Royal Watcher Journey: Part IV – The Danish, Norwegians And What May Happen If The Sussexes Divorce

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I cannot believe that I’m on part IV. Honesty? I had only expected to do one post. But I have a TON to say. So, let’s jump back to the Danish royal family. As I said in part one, my royal journey started with the Crown Prince and Princess’s 2004 wedding. I’ve also talked about some things relating to the Danes in recent weeks, including the uproar between Prince Joachim and his family over the stripping of his children’s titles and why Prince Christian has had to change schools. I’ve also addressed whether Joachim is Denmark’s Prince Harry.

Then I have my thoughts on what is going on with Princess Märtha Louise and her fiancée Durek Verrett in Norway. So, in all honesty, Princess Märtha Louise has her head in the clouds for a woman in her early 50s. Though she does claim to speak to angels, so there is that. If you want more royal mischief, check out parts II and III.

Anyway, going back to the Danish drama, I stick by what I said about Joachim being Denmark’s version of Harry. All the man does is complain. Apparently, he had a crush on his sister-in-law, Crown Princess Mary and one time, when he was drunk, he tried to kiss her when his then-fiancée (now wife), Marie, was present. Now, I have said that it’s only a rumour which also was pushed onto Harry, which I explain in the linked post.

Joachim was never important to the Danish monarchy, and what did he expect as the second son of the Queen? He would never be king, and his two eldest children would milk their titles as male models. Princess Marie and Countless Alexandra can scream that the children are “losing their identities” all they like, but at the end of the day, the Danish taxpayers don’t want to pay royals who don’t work for the monarchy. They’re already not going to be paying for Princess Isabella, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent. So why should they pay for Nikolai, Felix, Henrik and Athena?

The last thing I wanted to cover in this post is what could happen if Harry and Meghan do divorce. I would not be talking about this unless there is some truth to it. But we rarely see the Sussexes together anymore, and their lack of comradery isn’t fooling anyone anymore. Well, except the Sussex Squad. I have also written a TON of articles on this topic as of late. Now, I do want to mention that Lady C said in a recent video that divorce is in the works or the alleged separation is still going on. I DO NOT believe this for a moment.

Meghan is not done milking Harry dry. I’ve already spoken about whether Harry’s reputation will recover if there is a divorce and that he needs to leave his marriage. He’s just become another problem for his father’s reign. A ton of monarchs have had to deal with the fallout from their predecessors.

Also, we don’t know what is going on with Megsy’s title. She uses it on most projects. Then tries to use just Meghan on her podcast like she’s trying to be Beyoncé, Rihanna or Madonna. Sorry, but her name isn’t catchy, and no one cares.

Finally, Harry is going to run back to the UK without the kids as she will find a loophole where she gets full custody and cry that his family was right. However, I can also see him not going back home as he won’t be able to stomach that his family was right the entire time and he was dead wrong about Meghan. More coming in our final part!

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