Prince Christian Of Denmark To Change Schools After His Boarding School Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct And Bullying


Prince Christian, the eldest son of Crown Prince Frederik and his Australian-born wife, Crown Princess Mary, has been pulled from his private school. The future king, 16, was enrolled, according to the Daily Mail, at the Herlufsholm Boarding School but was pulled out due to a sexual assault and bullying scandal currently plaguing the school. It is also believed that Princess Isabella, 15, was due to join her elder brother at the same school later in the year.

The plans have now been changed, and the royal siblings will attend two different schools. Christian will directly enrol in Ordrup Gymnasium in Gentofte. Isabella’s new school will be Ingrid Jespersens Gymnasieskole in Copenhagen.

Christian and Isabella’s change in schools shows how their parents are distancing them from the scandal as much as possible. However, if they chose to ignore it, the Danish people would call Frederik and Mary’s parenting into question. Also, it is no secret that some Danes don’t like Mary. Though, there are many who do. Mary puts herself to the task of working hard. She’s Denmark’s version of Britain’s Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Though, Mary was born and raised in Australia, not Denmark.

Your Danish Life reports that many people wanted the Danish monarchy abolished before Queen Margrethe II ascended the throne in 1972. Woah. However, in the last fifty years, the support for the Danish royals has increased to eighty per cent.

The last thing that Christian needs is a poor popularity ranking before his father even becomes king. Moreover, it is good that Frederik and Mary made this move for their son and daughter. There are things in life that cannot be predicted and Christian attending a controversial school was one of them. It was just poor luck that he ended up being a student there.

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