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“If You Don’t Like Me, You’re Racist!”


At this point, I feel like a vinyl record repeating the same track. Meghan Markle doesn’t understand that people are done with her BS. A true narcissist refuses to realise that there will be individuals who don’t like them. The former Z-list actress is her own worst enemy. She believes that if someone doesn’t like her, they’re racist.

I’ve said this a million times; I’ll probably be saying it until Meghan’s divorce from Prince Harry whenever that happens. A ton of in-the-know sources have said that it won’t happen. However, it will look at some point because a load of blind items and speculation seems to lean in that direction.

Grain Of Salt Rumour

Usually, I take everything rumour with a grain of salt. However, the constant thunderous looks of fury and downtroddenness on Prince Harry’s face speak volumes. Especially when the Duchess of Sussex constantly smiles during solemn events, she had a smug look plastered on her face during the memorial service for Her Majesty The Queen in the days after the British monarch’s death.

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Harry and Meghan overestimated the monarchy’s power and the UK’s ability to pull together during a tragic time. Moreover, this explains their apparent desire to pull back on the “bombshells” – and I use that term loosely – in the Duke of Sussex’s memoir and the upcoming episodes of Archetypes.

The Sussexes thought if they pulled back on their “the monarchy is racist” narrative, they’d be taken back into the fold. However, they’ve thrown the family under the bus many times, and the royals have not forgotten this.

Is Bullying A Toddler “Racist”?

That brings me to my first point: the bullying of Princess Charlotte. How can anyone not condone a woman, almost in her forties, picking on a three-year-old? Tom Bower has confirmed in his book Revenge that this is true. Do I believe it? Yes, I do, as I believe Bower’s recount. Also, I believe Valentine Low when he wrote bout the bullying towards the staff.

Meghan Markle is fake. There is no denying this regarding her preachy attitude towards compassion when she couldn’t even be kind to her soon-to-be niece, a literal princess. The Duchess of Sussex believes that ‘compassion in action’ means stomping on the little folk. This also means rewarding her allies. She’s playing her own version of the Game of Thrones, where you must forge allegiances to be closer to the Iron Throne. In this case, the commitment would be to the monarch and who is giving out the titles.

However, Meghan never stopped considering how those below the monarch would feel if one of their own was targeted. In this case, Princess Charlotte, the granddaughter of the King, was picked on by an immature woman who could not take the idea of a little girl sitting higher in the line of succession than her husband.

Meghan Has No Class

So, if someone were to call Meghan out on her treatment of her husband’s family, especially their nephews and niece, she would cry the same old argument, “You’re a hater and a racist.” Here’s the thing, Megsy and I know you’re probably reading this as you scour social media for negativity so you can launch ANOTHER lawsuit; it’s not about you! The Queen wasn’t going to step aside for you to take over. Charles waited 70 years to become King. William will be his successor. Also, can you not read a room? The UK would rather abolish the monarchy than see you and Haz on the throne.

People do not like you, Meghan, because you’re crass, a bully and have zero respect for anyone but yourself. Your in-laws gave you everything they didn’t provide Catherine until AFTER she married William. You’re not grateful for anything. You wanted a platform, and you got one as the wife of a man with mother issues who cannot move on from something that happened a quarter of a century ago.

I don’t think Meghan realised how high-maintenance Harry was until they got together. We know as Tom Bower referenced, that she heavily researched Harry before she met him. According to Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, M bragged about looking into her future husband and knew what to exploit.

Is It Racist To Criticise White Staff?

One thing Meghan did not count on was the staff she bullied coming forward with their stories. Screw the NDAs. The Palace probably told them that the NDAs would be null and void and that they could talk. Considering they were working for the Montecito duo, it’s a smart move.

However, if you think about it, the Palace employed the staff to work for the Sussexes. So another thing I wanted to point out is that Meghan’s racist narrative doesn’t hold up, especially when it comes to the staff.

journalism; compassion; protocol
[Credit: Daily Mail]

See the lady on end with the Community Cookbook? That’s Natalie Campbell, a woman of colour. Meghan claims to advocate for black women, but she then bullies one. Please help me grasp how that works.

Also, the King had black staff, as did the late Queen. If the royals were racist, Meghan would not have been allowed to marry Harry. Did she suddenly forget that she had one of the most multicultural royal weddings in recent memory? Not to mention it has since been claimed that The Queen offered Meghan her black equerry and Markle turned him down because “he would stick out like a sore thumb.” In other words, she was insulted. This is racism.

The Racist Narrative Doesn’t Wash Now

Meghan lacks a moral compass that is not herself. She can push the “love story” all she pleases, but it doesn’t wash with most people now. So much of the world was mesmerised by the Sussexes in the beginning. However, as time has passed, there is a lack of adoration because all they do is lie.

Next, I do not believe that Oprah cares about the royals for a second. She has interviewed Fergie multiple times, but she [Oprah] wanted the ultimate prize; interviewing the “first” mixed-race royal family member. However, if Lady O had researched, she would’ve realised that Meghan is NOT the first mixed-race royal, and neither is Archie.

Lady Davina Windsor married Gary Lewis, a New Zealander, with whom she had mixed-race children. However, Meghan doesn’t care about that and never tries to get to know the family. Moreover, this is part of her strategy: feign innocence that she wasn’t told anything. She knows she was but claims otherwise because she wasn’t getting what she wanted.

Harry’s Racist Threat

Meghan didn’t count on the royals to stop fighting her. The more they did, the more ammunition she had. The Queen was trying to factor peace between the Sussexes and the rest of the family. It would not surprise if Harry went to her and threatened that if he weren’t allowed to marry MM, he would scream that the family was racist.

However, Harry seems to forget about his own racist past. Does he recall that he was caught calling fellow service members vile things because of their ethnicity? What about what he said about his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, “not being black or anything”? Moreover, I wonder if Meghan knows about this. Somehow, I don’t think she cares. Gina [Nelthorpe-Cowne] wouldn’t have lied when she said that her former friend and client wanted fame.

Harry, meanwhile, was desperate to have what William had and would’ve voiced that his brother was “racist” when he showed an ounce of uncertainty about Meghan’s intentions. While this has not been mentioned, we know that a story came out where William told Harry to get to know Meghan first before wanting to marry her. It was claimed that Harry called his brother a snob for saying such a thing.

Harry’s Impulsiveness Needs Rectifying

Let’s forget Harry’s mother issues for a moment. A new piece of information has come out via the Theresa Longo Fanpage, which has intel on what has come out regarding Harry’s memoir. According to their report, it is alleged that Harry didn’t want to go into the military but was forced to do so by his family.

Now, this is all alleged, of course, but what has been said is that Harry was so off the rails that the army was a last-ditch effort. According to H, being in the military was his family’s way of casting him out. Ah. No, it wasn’t. We all know that. However, maybe his comment about “not liking England that much” was his way of saying, “I was forced to do this.” He’s never been that bright.

Harry’s impulsive nature has gotten the better of him as he wants to be seen as more important than William. However, he knows the status quo. His brother was born first and will be the next King after their father’s passing.

Harry will do anything to keep Meghan happen, even if it means trashing his brother and father. However, this no longer works, as they want their children to have titles. They must suck up to Charles and William to get what they want. Will the King and Prince of Wales put up with this? No. They’ve heard all the horrid things that have been said.

Meghan’s Racism Narrative Is Redundant, And She Knows It

Let’s return to Meghan’s narrative to end this insanely long post. First, she should know that the “If you don’t like me, you’re racist” story is no longer working. Though there is an article, thanks to the Express, that she either is oblivious to the torment she has put the royals through, or she’s well aware and doesn’t care. I think it’s a bit of both.

Meghan wants to ignore all the negativity, hoping it will work out in her favour. However, it has gotten to where she can’t control the narrative 100%. Honestly, I don’t think she has ever been in complete control. However, some publications have been printing the truth, like the Daily Mail, which had that information about her collaboration with Omid Scobie, thanks to emails from Jason Knauf.

Finally, the racist narrative regarding the Queen’s funeral undid the entire thing that Meghan and Harry had. They underestimated how beloved Her Majesty and the royals are, and now they must backtrack. In reality, they lost the battle they instigated.

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