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Hey, Thomas! Sit Down And Shut Up!

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Thomas Forrester knows a lot about fashion designs and how to make people stand up and take notice. This also includes manipulating people into doing what he wants, even if it means tearing others down. His hatred for his on-off stepmother, Brooke Logan, is no secret and is legendary. His obsessive love for her daughter, Hope Logan Spencer, equals his bitterness towards her mother.

With Hope’s struggling fashion line, Hope for the Future, Thomas believes he is the saviour it needs. However, he cannot realise that despite his incredible designs, his attitude towards those around him sucks.

Thomas royally screwed many people over and left destruction in his wake, as he always does. From keeping the truth about Beth from Hope and Liam for months and scaring his son, Douglas, into keeping quiet and then obsessively pursuing Hope and forcing her to marry him is just the tip of the iceberg.

His desperation to have his parents get back together and that he used his son to attempt this tells everyone what they need to know. Thomas cannot be trusted to hold other people’s values above his own. He claims he wants to help Hope get her line out of the ditch, but he only cares about flaunting his quote-unquote power. After all, he loves telling people his family name was on the building.

So what if his name is on the building? It doesn’t make him any better of a person just because he comes from a famous lineage. Well, not really, given his biological paternal grandfather is Massimo Marone, but that’s neither here nor there. Look at Ridge, for example. He’s a pampered a-hole who went through women like they were glasses of wine. Yet he calls his rivals, Bill Spencer and Deacon Sharpe, womanisers. He should’ve looked at his behaviour that caused now-best friends Taylor and Brooke to hate each other for thirty years or more.

In today’s episode, Hope told Thomas that he and his designs could go where the sun doesn’t shine. She also mentions that his being bought back into the company has nothing to do with her. But first, he has to get past Steffy and Ridge; they already said they didn’t want him back in the company. Eric said the same thing.

Thomas thought framing Brooke was the most fantastic idea in the world, but he never thought his son would (again) bust him. This time, with the help of Steffy, who knew immediately that Ridge and Taylor’s then-pending wedding was based on a lie. She could have kept her mouth shut, but thank god she didn’t.

Steffy has come a long way to the point that she has earned respect. She no longer thinks of herself as being better than Hope. The odd part is that she took it upon herself to go to Brooke about Taylor, as they have become friends since the wedding didn’t happen, and they decided to stop their feud over Ridge.

In conclusion, Thomas needs to stop going to Hope, thinking she will cave to him and let him back into her life. Yes, he is Douglas’s father, and they’re co-parenting, but that is all they are. He sees Hope as weak. She is anything but. Also, he should be thankful that she even gave him the time of day after he almost kidnapped her and tried to keep her daughter’s survival a secret.

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