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The Method, Madness And Backpedalling Of One Ridge Forrester, Oh And Thomas Hasn’t Changed

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It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about The Bold and the Beautiful. First, there is true madness regarding Ridge Forrester and his constant need to flip-flop between his two lady loves, Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan. This week’s episodes have shown how full of himself the fashion designer is and how he refuses to take the word of the woman he is supposed to treat like a Queen. Then, there’s the case of his son, Thomas Forrester and daughter, Steffy Forrester Finnegan. The same merry-go-round has been going since The Bold and the Beautiful debuted in 1987.

Ridge is the literal embodiment of a man drunk on power. His madness comes from being the heir apparent to Forrester Creations before the birth of his eldest son, Thomas Hamilton Forrester. The dressmaker didn’t know until 2001 that he was not a Forrester, but a Marone as his mother, Stephanie Douglas Forrester, had had an affair with Massimo Marone years prior. Oh, and did we mention that the Logan v. Forrester war is getting real old? Also, why is Liam, Kelly’s dad, being treated liked a single parent?

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Thomas And Steffy Are Marones By Blood, Didn’t You Know?

Steffy and Thomas are Marones by blood, but they’ve always identified as Forresters. Their sense of entitlement is disgusting, and their need to blame Brooke for everything shows how biased the writers of The Bold and the Beautiful are. They see the Logans as the villains and the Forresters as the best things to happen to the fictional fashion industry they’ve craved for the series.

The entitlement is something that Steffy and Thomas have learned from Ridge, who has taken advantage of Brooke and Taylor. They’ve been made to believe their mother is a saint and their stepmother is the devil incarnate, which doesn’t sit well with Hope Logan, Brooke’s daughter with Deacon Sharpe.

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Ridge, The Doc And Control Over Brooke

Now that Ridge is back with his ‘Doc’ let’s go over some things that have driven us insane and almost into madness. First, the dressmaker (thanks, Bill!) is allowed to hook up with Taylor, but Brooke isn’t allowed to do the same with Deacon or Dollar Bill. Talk about your double standards.

Ridge is trying to control Brooke and who she can and cannot see. If this were a real-life situation, it would be cohesive control, hence domestic violence. Moreover, it is the same old story regarding the Forresters and the Logans. Brooke and her sisters are called sluts by the Forresters and “the disruptors”. Meanwhile, Steffy and Thomas call their on-off stepmother an assortment of names while they are not innocent.

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Steffy Is Not A Saint And Please Return To The Zende-Paris-Carter Storyline

Can we PLEASE address that Steffy passes herself off as a saint when she’s stolen Hope’s boyfriends so many times and turned Liam Spencer into the same waffler as her father? Her saintliness is no different to her mother, who she thinks has done nothing wrong in her life. The Bold and the Beautiful is severely flawed. Newsflash, people! The Logans are not evil! If you want evil, wake up that Sheila Carter is still alive! The last thing we need is another “You’re my home, Doc” from Ridge.

The show needs to go back to the Zende Forrester Dominguez-Paris Buckingham-Carter Walton storyline. Or better yet, bring back Wyatt Spencer and Flo Logan and get them hitched. Flo hasn’t been in the show forever, and the actress has been removed from the opening credits. However, we know Shauna Fulton is returning to explain what happened between Quinn Fuller and Carter.

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Bye Bye, Quarter!

Now that Quinn is gone, Carter has nothing to do but whinge about how he’s unlucky in love. Could this be why he could potentially move on Katie Logan, as it has been teased? Who knows? We’re not here to talk about them anyway.

Getting Quinn and Carter together was a colossal waste of time, given that Rena Sofer wanted to move on from the show after almost a decade. It also lost one too many brain cells. We’ve still got brain fog from a storyline that escapes us. Moreover, it shows how unoriginal The Bold and the Beautiful has recently become. Also, the Quarter affair exposed Quinn for who she truly is. Poor Carter. The guy can’t catch a break when it comes to the ladies.

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The Headache-Inducing Trainwreck

The most significant part of this madness is how Ridge constantly jumps from claiming Thomas is the world’s biggest screw-up to the world’s best father. Of course, we’ve for a while; that ol’ Tommy boy would’ve wanted Douglas Forrester back. It’s unbelievable that The Bold and the Beautiful has won so many Emmys over the years.

We often refer to the show as a slow-moving trainwreck that you cannot look away from. It’s been tempting not to watch for a while, but what’s the point when they’ll still be on the same storyline in a month? It’s gotten so bad, folks.

Yes, we know what people are going to say. “Why do you watch it, if it’s so bad?” Well, here’s the answer for you. We love seeing how bad it gets. It reveals the flaws in a long-running show that keeps contradicting itself, rehashing old stories and what have you. The madness is more accurate than you think. It’s headache-inducing.

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