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The Current Bold And The Beautiful Storyline Is To Put Thomas On A Pedastal While Throwing Hope Under The Bus – OPINION

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Hope Logan is not like her mother, Brooke. However, the latest storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful seems to erase everything she is and throws her under the bus. Meanwhile, Thomas Forrester is propped onto a pedestal, erasing everything he has ever done. She is not saying anything about Phoebe Forrester II being Beth Spencer and killing Emma Barber by running her car off the road, throwing Rick Forrester through a window, and kidnapping his son, Douglas, as a baby. The list goes on.

The storyline is making me want to vomit. I’m sorry, but I knew this was going to happen. The Bold and the Beautiful is two things; predictable and boring. While it’s great to see that Thomas is anything but the rotten egg he’s always been, it didn’t have to mean throwing Hope to the wolves and having her husband, Liam Spencer, kiss his ex-wife Steffy Forrester Finnegan for the millionth time.

Double Standards

It is nothing but double standards. Imagine how poor Finn will feel when he finds out his wife kissed her ex-husband. Oh, wait. She will probably never tell him as she’s too fixated on ruining Hope’s life.

Yes, Hope should have been honest with Liam from the beginning. But Steffy was rubbing it in his face that his wife had feelings for her brother. Also, I understand why Thomas is a sore subject for many people. He’s done many things that should have landed him in prison. But because he’s Ridge’s son, he gets off with not even a slap on the wrist.

Forresters Equal Suffering

I’ve said this before, but the Forresters are entitled, yet they scream victim. Taylor, despite being Thomas and Steffy’s mother, is amongst them. She believes she’s better for Ridge than Brooke is, yet she cannot accept that she, much like her daughter is for Liam, is Ridge’s number two. The woman is in her late 50s- early 60s and cannot get over “the love of her life”? Why does she pine for a man who has always loved another woman? It’s no wonder RJ left. He didn’t want to get caught in the family drama.

I believe Steffy only married Finn because she couldn’t have Liam. Now, she’s choosing not to push back against him kissing her in Rome. The double standards are apparent in more ways than I believe the writers realise. They’re making it look okay for exes to kiss behind the backs of their current partners but not okay for them [the current partners] to do the same with someone else.

Steffy is more or less the lead character. Her name is Stephanie Forrester, named after her late paternal grandmother. Liam is the new Ridge. I’ve said this before too. He hates Thomas like Ridge hates Bill, Deacon, and his half-brother, Thorne. Why? Because they’ve all been with Brooke.

Taylor Loves To Play The Victim And Believes Brooke Is The Worst Person In The Universe

In an episode from the other day, Taylor complained that Brooke has a long, complicated history with the Forrester men. She has children with Eric and was with Thorne and Nick, Ridge’s paternal half-brother, by his biological father, Massimo. In that same conversation, Taylor did have to back up that she, too, had been with Nick. She even has a child with him, but the egg used was Brooke’s, so the child is legally Taylor’s and Brooke’s biological. At the time, she was disturbed at the prospect of sharing anything with Brooke.

Anyway, going back to the Thomas and Hope crap, Hope made a valid point at the end of today’s episode. She has forgiven Liam so many times over his affairs with Steffy, so why can’t he forgive her for kissing Thomas?

Liam forgets all of the things he has done over the years. He always chose Steffy over Hope, yet his heart always wanted Hope. He chose Steffy because things were off with Hope, and he enjoyed the “fun one.”

Finally, the writers favour the Forresters, making them look like total saints while ignoring everything else. Making Hope the piece’s villain is as vile as not following through with specific plot threads. Will they resolve what happened to Emma by revealing that Thomas killed her to keep the truth about Beth a secret? No. Of course not. Viewers are tuning out because they’re tired of the BS circle in which the characters are thrown.

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