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Thomas Gets What’s Coming To Him – He Gets Booted From Forrester

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Thomas Forrester never thought his family would kick him out of the company that holds his surname. But, in today’s The Bold and the Beautiful, the fashion designer is hit with damaging hard truths, and those closest to him weren’t holding back. A meeting with Ridge Forrester, Eric Forrester, Brooke Logan, Hope Logan Spencer and Carter Walton had the designer reeling when he was fired from his job at Forrester Creations.

Having had enough of his son’s scheming to get what he wants, Ridge had the backing of Steffy Forrester Finnegan, who was not present for the meeting, to axe Thomas from Forrester Creations in the presence of those he hurt. Man, it was satisfying. But only if you ignored the annoying intercutting with Steffy and Finn’s makeout session.

Hope laid into Thomas for using their son, Douglas Forrester, as part of his plan. Brooke also said she knew he wasn’t sorry for setting her up for the CPS call. Meanwhile, Carter and Eric expressed their disappointment in him after thinking he had turned a corner.

Forrester Creations Is Too Big For Thomas Now

Thomas (again) attempted to justify his actions, but all he did was dig his grave further. All he did was spew the same excuse as before; he wanted his parents back together. He’s a thirty-ish-year-old man! Even Steffy knows better than to push Ridge and Taylor back together by force. It was terrible when she agreed to have her brother fired from Forrester Creations.

Now, we have to give credit where credit is due here. The group meeting is something that should have been done from the beginning. Thank god they didn’t go down the predictable one-on-one meeting where Thomas would’ve blamed Brooke for him being fired. Having Ridge be the one to cut his son down to size in front of everyone (sans Steffy and Taylor) was a genius move on the part of the writers. Perhaps they are finally hearing what the fans have been saying with the endless circles they’re driving their storylines in.

There’s No Vinny To Hide Behind This Time, Thomas

Unlike the last time Thomas got himself into a bother, he doesn’t have Vinny Walker to hide behind. We all know what happened there. Now, he has no one to defend him. His sister won’t, and neither will his parents because he ruined their lives by trying to fast-track their “marriage” by basing everything on a lie.

We did have a suggestion given to us earlier regarding Thomas. What are the odds that he is so hurt by everyone turning their backs on him that he goes to Sheila and wants to help her? We can see it, but it would have to be a good scheme. All Sheila wants is access to Finn and Hayes. She claims that she loves them and would never hurt them. However, she is as bad as Thomas.

Thomas Is No Better Than Sheila

Sheila claims she has changed. And yet, she’s gone after Brooke for telling her to stay away from Hayes and Finn. Then she purposefully shoots Steffy when she tries to ring the police after Finn almost dies. Those are not the actions of a woman who claims she’s not a murderous psychopath anymore. If anything, it backs up what people say about her.

In conclusion, Thomas’s actions that got him fired from Forrester Creations only back up what everyone says. He cannot be trusted.

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