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The Bold And The Beautiful: Could Thomas Be Bridge’s Saviour?


Could Thomas save Bridge’s crumbling marriage? After years of taking advantage of Hope, Thomas could end up saving her mother and Ridge’s union. In a recent promo posted to the official The Bold and the Beautiful Instagram account, Tommy boy has an interesting conversation with Sheila at Steffy’s house.

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Thomas accuses his sister’s nemesis of spiking his on-off stepmother’s drink. However, it is unknown why Sheila is at Steffy’s house. She doesn’t get free rein to see Finn and Hayes. Though, she believes Taylor could be the key. Anyway, the end of the 20-second post shows the designer back at work where Ridge demands to know what he is hiding.

Oh, and Sheila tells Thomas not to say anything. However, if he wants to maintain a positive relationship with Hope for Douglas’ sake, he’ll have to tell someone, right?

Since Steffy has started pushing for their parents to get back together, Thomas has tried to stay out of it. But, against his better judgement, he’s jumped on the Tridge bandwagon. He appears to forget all the horrible things he’s done. Moreover, this includes duping Zoe into a marriage he was never going to go through with and preventing Hope from knowing about Beth.

Thomas The Saviour?

Could Thomas tell someone other than Steffy or Taylor about his discovery? Let’s hope he does because if he hates Sheila as everyone else does he’ll rein her in. However, if he doesn’t do anything and wants to keep his sister happy, he’s no better than Sheila.

For years, Thomas always played second fiddle to Steffy who is clearly Ridge’s favourite child. This was made evident when Douglas was born. Ridge believed that Thomas wasn’t fit to be a father. Moreover, this led him to pretend to be the boy’s father. Also, this occurs during his marriage Douglas’ mother, Caroline.

Fast-forward to Thomas and Douglas’ arrival back in Los Angeles after Caroline’s death, and Thomas scares Douglas using a hologram of a ghost. He did this so that Hope would go running and comfort the little boy.

Going back to the situation at hand, Brooke has been accepting of Thomas’ struggles with his mental health and understood his situation. After all, she allowed him to live with her and Ridge at the time. Not to mention, when he, Steffy, and Phoebe were young, she became their mother figure after Taylor “died.” Why don’t the writers remember or revisit this? The series has been running for almost 40 years. If they’re able to bring back Brooke’s past as a chemist, they do the same with the parental figure thing.

Could He Be Talked Out Of It?

If the news does get out that Sheila pushed Brooke into drinking again, could Thomas be talked out revealing what he knows? Is his sister and mother’s happiness more important than the truth? Well, given Douglas told him about Brooke kissing Deacon and pushing the situation into the open, it makes sense that he would correct it.

Thomas has turned a real corner in his life. Would the writers risk unravelling that? Yeah, they would. If someone were to learn Sheila’s involvement who is anti-Brooke, it would be the perfect opportunity for said person to act, meaning convincing Tommy boy not to say anything.

Given what we see in the promo, it looks like he works out what Sheila did to Brooke. Or, better yet, some semblance of the truth. So, if he were to threaten Sheila, she could knock him out or something to avoid her plan from blowing up in her face. It’s already started with her gloating to Deacon and indirectly doing the same thing in front of Taylor.

However, Taylor is turning a blind eye to it, despite being labelled as a world-renowned shrink. In a recent episode, Sheila slipped up a second time, this time in front of Brooke. When we get to her confrontation with Thomas later in the week, she’ll slip again and she’ll be forced to deflect. Conclusively, it will depend on what happens after this as to whether his actions will save his father’s marriage.

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