The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Could Steffy (And Thomas) Be Bridge’s Saving Grace?


STUCK BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE – It’s no secret that Steffy and Thomas hate Brooke despite everything she’s done for them. However, they despise Sheila even more. So, what can they do? One woman is going to win regardless of what they decide. Though, their stepmother is less of a threat than Finn’s biological mother. But this also puts a dent in their plan to have Ridge and Taylor reunite. As I’ve said before, is Steffy twelve or something? What grown woman wants their divorced parents back together and works to achieve it? Can’t Tridge make up their own decisions?

Anyway, Brooke might be Taylor’s longtime rival, but she’s protective of the family. She has a history with Sheila, too. Not in a fun way. No matter what, Sheila is dangerous, even if she says she isn’t. How many times does it have to be repeated? Even Finn knows how dangerous she is. He might not have seen it personally, but he’s heard the dozens of stories.

The last thing he needs is Sheila becoming obsessive about him and Hayes. We know she has always wanted to be within the grasp of the Forresters for years. She was the matriarch of the family when she was married to Eric. Now, she is public enemy number one. It is understandable due to the bad blood the Forresters have had with Sheila over the years.

Steffy Can’t Have It Both Ways

Steffy wants her parents together and thinks that Brooke drinks independently. However, she doesn’t know that Sheila played a part in it. These are two women she hates. But she cannot have them both out of her life. She must consider what is more important: keeping her children safe from Sheila or getting her parents back together. She can’t have both.

Thomas, meanwhile, is having conflicting thoughts. Yes, he wants his parents together, but he hates Sheila. Also, Sheila might’ve been the one to set everything into motion for Ridge and Taylor to be pulled back together, but it still wasn’t right.

 Steffy could pick Brooke over Sheila and do what she can to put her enemy in her place. It would also be the perfect opportunity to show Finn that his biological mother still hasn’t changed.

However, if she chooses Sheila, it would put her children at risk, and then Sheila would see it as her right to go to Steffy’s house whenever she wants. Sheila wouldn’t be honouring what Steffy would want. Then, she would cry to Taylor that her daughter was mean to her.

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