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The Logan Blame Game  – Make It Stop! – RANT

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Here we go. Again. Oh my. GOD! It’s a neverending Logan blame game cycle on The Bold and the Beautiful. Hope has just slept with Thomas. To no one’s surprise, Taylor and Steffy again compare the Logans and say Hope is like Brooke.

Here’s where I have issues with that perspective. When Brooke was young, she bounced from man to man, unmarried or married, and didn’t give a damn about the consequences. As a woman now in her 50s or 60s with grandchildren, she realises that how she went about her life back then was wrong. Hope, meanwhile, has morals. She waited until she was married to have sex and didn’t have a scandalous rap sheet as long as Santa’s naughty list. She still doesn’t, yet Taylor, Steffy and Liam see her as the bad guy.

I do want to make clear here that I am not defending Hope. What she did was awful. Yes, she had fantasies about Thomas but didn’t have to act on them. Steffy is no saint, and I’ve said this before. She used to steal every single one of Hope’s boyfriends. She even got with her twin sister, Phoebe’s boyfriend, Rick, after she [Phoebe] had died. Let’s not forget all the times she schemed with Bill to stop Hope and Liam from getting married so she could take Liam from her on-off stepsister.

The Neverending Forresters v. Logan War

Since Taylor came on the scene in the early 90s, she and Brooke have fought over possession of Ridge. I say possession because they see Ridge as an object, though he is not better than they are. I’ll come back to that.

Fast-forward to their daughters. Steffy and Hope have gone back and forth with Liam for years in a repeat of their mother’s feud over Ridge. It’s no wonder RJ didn’t stick around the last time he was in Los Angeles. Seeing the constant battle between his mother and Taylor over his father shows that he’s one of the few Forresters with a backbone.

Taylor sees herself as having the high ground as she has “no baggage.” However, does she remember how she encouraged Steffy to go after Liam? How about when she went after Rick and got engaged to him just after Phoebe broke up with him? You know, the worst one of all the stuff I’ve read about her? She’s even gone after Stephen Logan!

No one on the planet is perfect. Not even fictional characters. But the hypocrisy of Taylor, Steffy and Liam blows my mind. Liam is a good one to talk about trusting Hope. She has forgiven him for his constant back and forth with Steffy. He all but admired that he wanted to go back to Steffy now that Hope had blown their marriage to smithereens. However, there is one issue.

Steffy is happily married to Finn, or she’s making it look that way. If she were happy, she wouldn’t have allowed her idiot ex-husband to kiss her twice. Also, she would have told Finn straight away about Liam kissing her. But she didn’t. She can deny she still doesn’t have feelings for Liam, but we all know she still secretly wants him.

Liam Kisses Steffy Whenever He Wants, But Hope Cannot Kiss Thomas? Hypocrite!

Liam goes on and on about how much he hates Thomas and how his marriage is now over because he saw his wife kiss him. However, Hope has forgiven him one too many times over his affairs. This reminds me of Ridge doing a similar thing to Brooke. He’s allowed to kiss Taylor whenever he wants, but she’s not allowed to do what she wants, such as kiss Deacon.

Let’s not forget that Ridge dumped Brooke at the end drop of a hat when he thought she called CPS on Thomas, went back to Taylor, and almost married her days later. He didn’t know to check with her before he accused her of something she had no idea about. Also, he acts like a teenager when he doesn’t get what he wants. He should have asked Brooke whether she did what he accused her of before he went running and jumping into Taylor’s bed.

Meanwhile, Liam has been told by his older brother, Wyatt, and his brother-in-law, RJ, that everyone makes mistakes, and Hope does too. She doesn’t pretend to be perfect. RJ has to tread carefully here because Thomas is his brother, just as much as Hope is his sister. Since he and Tommy Boy share a father and he and Hope share a mother, he has a unique perspective that most people don’t have. He has to be careful with whose side he takes.

Given how close he is to Hope, RJ will always have Hope’s back. However, he loves his other half-siblings too. Hope has always protected him, and his job has always been to protect her. One of my favourite things about RJ in this storyline is that he doesn’t judge anyone.

The Logans Don’t Pretend To Be Virtuous

Unlike certain Forresters, the Logans don’t pretend to be righteous or deflect blame onto others unless there’s a reason. Also, just because you carry someone’s last name with a bad reputation doesn’t mean you’re bad. Steffy and Taylor crap on Hope because she shares her mother’s last name. However, no one craps on Liam and Wyatt for being Bill’s sons. No one says a word about Will, despite him being more their father in personality.

You can’t help who your parents are. Hope, RJ, Bridget and Rick can’t help that Brooke is their mother. Oh, that reminds me of something else. No one complains that RJ, Bridget and Rick are like Brooke, yet they complain about Hope. She has children with multiple men, but that’s not exactly scandalous. Bill has three sons by three women. Stephanie had Ridge by Massimo Marone. Both of Steffy’s kids are by two different men, and she had to do paternity tests for BOTH Kelly and Hayes.

At least Hope always knew who Beth’s father was. However, her mother also had the same paternity problem with Bridget that Steffy had with Kelly and Hayes. Brooke had slept with Eric and Ridge around the same time and had no idea who the father was.

Liam broke up with Steffy after finding Kelly’s paternity results in her bag. She ran after him and fell to her knees in tears on the driveway. Liam was the love of her life, and I’ve always thought Finn was a runner-up since she cannot have the man she wants. She hated being second to Hope, just as her mother was always second to Brooke.

The Show Is Losing Viewers!

The writers don’t seem to care about the loyal viewers who have been watching the show from the beginning. The writer’s room has drastically changed over the last forty years, and yes, things changed. But the new writers have original ideas and are recycling the old stuff. The triangle between Brooke, Taylor and Ridge is still going on, and it’s been going on since the 1990s when Taylor first showed up.

If I were the showrunner, I would fire every person in the writer’s room and hire new blood who can come up with new ideas because the show has been obscenely terrible with its hypocrisy and constant Logan blame game. It has gotten to the point where I’m trying to avoid watching it and then going back and watching four episodes in a row to get it over and done with.

Also, the characterisation of Hope is not like her at all. She usually has more self-respect, but she is now a carbon copy of Brooke when she was younger. I swear, there will be a riot from fans if she ends up pregnant by Thomas. It would delight the Steffy fans, who are without a doubt calling Hope “the new slut from the valley.”

Pot meet kettle. Steffy slept with Liam and Bill around the same time and didn’t know which was Kelly’s father. I still have my fingers crossed that this comes up and that Kelly is Bill’s. That way, she has no ties to Liam if this is the case. Also, the storyline is propping Thomas up while tearing Hope down.

Who Have Hope And Steffy Slept With Over The Years?

The Steffy fans are probably screaming from rooftops that they were right about Hope. However, do they stop to think about all the people their goddess has slept with or been in a relationship with over the years? Let’s recap, shall we? Also, they are in no particular order.


The count is as follows:

  • Liam
  • Oliver
  • Finn
  • Bill
  • Wyatt
  • Rick

Hope’s count of sexual encounters and relationships is nowhere near as long.


  • Liam
  • Wyatt
  • Thomas
  • Oliver (did not sleep with)

Moreover, Hope suddenly feels strongly for Thomas, especially after he is partially responsible for keeping Beth away from her and Liam and forcing her to marry him so she can have custody of Douglas.


Speaking of the little guy who saved Beth, he would be thrilled that his parents are potentially getting together. It’s not that he doesn’t love Liam; he does; it would be easy for him if his adoptive mother and father were an item. It also makes the custody arrangement less complex.

Though, the one thing that frustrates me is the whole thing with Beth. Everyone forgets she exists. It wouldn’t surprise me if she becomes the new Steffy when she’s older. It’s always about Kelly, Hayes and Douglas, and I can see her getting jealous of her sister and brother [Douglas] and wanting to prove she is not irrelevant.

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