The Bold And The Beautiful

The Bold And The Beautiful: Steffy Exposes Thomas At Their Parents’ Wedding!

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It’s about time Steffy did the right thing! She exposed her brother at their parents’ wedding. As usual, Ridge doesn’t want to believe that Thomas would do much something and goes off on his usual spiel. This is before his daughter gets Douglas to play the recording of the “Brooke CPS call” and the one of Thomas. We think it’s obvious where this is going to lead.

Ridge breaks up with Taylor and goes running back to Brooke. The Bold and the Beautiful is so predictable that you can see the story’s direction from a mile off. Thomas will not learn, and being exposed at his parents’ wedding is proof of this.

Forrester weddings are where the drama happens much of the time. It happened when Thomas stalled during his vows to Zoe and Steffy, and Hope and Liam exposed him for using Douglas and being obsessed with Hope for the millionth time.

Steffy, At Least As A Backbone

Despite Steffy being obsessed with the fantasy of her parents together, even she has a backbone. She doesn’t want her father and mother to marry over a lie. Also, she knows Douglas would never lie about something this big. Caroline and Hope taught him that honesty is the best policy. He’s a kid who is wise beyond his years.

It is nice that Steffy plays the hero of the piece this time, not the villain. Perhaps she has turned a corner; who knows? But just because she does one good deed doesn’t mean she’s changed for the better. She has a long way to go before officially in the green.

Finally, it will be interesting to see where her relationship with Thomas will sit now that everything is in the open. One of the spoilers says that Steffy vows revenge on her brother. From what we remember reading, it says that she will do what she can to ensure that Thomas pays for what he did.

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