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The Bold And The Beautiful: The Brain Fog And The Keyboard Destroying Acts Are Very Real


This is not a race issue; it is a story issue. We applaud the Bold and the Beautiful writers for having a mixed-race couple, but what annoys us is that Carter is being used in a negative light. The writers must have brain fog or something because just a couple of years ago, they had the hot COO of Forrester Creations pining for Paris’ sister, Zoe. Meanwhile, she was flirting up a storm with Zende. This leads Ridge’s BFF to have a highly charged romp with Quinn, Eric’s wife, forming the ship Quarter.

The Quarter affair destroyed Eric and Quinn’s marriage, leading him back to his ex-wife, Donna, which was also hot enough that Quinn and Eric’s daughter, Bridget, accidentally busted them while at the health club. Moreover, Hope, Bridget’s sister and Donna’s niece, had stumbled across the affair. Despite her views on marriage, she promised to keep the scandal to herself, though she did tell her flip-flopping husband, Liam.

Come On Bold Writers!

Why can’t the writers go back to storylines they haven’t yet finished, like Wyatt and Flo, for example? We understand the actors have other projects they’ve gotten going on, but they were just left in limbo after getting engaged. Also, can the writers please quit their recycling of old story beats? For example, Zoe was dumped at the altar by Thomas. Could they not come up with something different for Paris? Also, leaving a woman at the altar is not Carter’s style; it never was.

Desperate For Quarter To Happen?

So, why are the writers so desperate to create Quarter as a long-term coupling? There are so many storylines at the moment. First, we need a conclusion to the battle of the mothers plot between Sheila and Li. Is Li dead? Is she alive? What is happening there? Also, was the reason Grace was bought in to be a foil to Carter? Since arriving in Los Angeles, she has all she has done: kiss Zende’s butt and cry that Carter is a horrible person. It is also just a shame no one could predict Finn defending Sheila. More on that in a later post.

Carter is not a terrible guy. He is sick of not being in a relationship and not having the family he’s always wanted. We understand his dilemma, but having him paired with Quinn is not the answer. Why can’t a new character be created specifically for him? Look at the whole Finn and Steffy thing.

The smokin’ hot doc with the great abs was created to add a barrier between Steffy and Liam getting back together for the hundredth time. It also stops fans from complaining about the constant focus on Steam and Lope. Speaking of continuous couple rehashings, can they stop with Tridge and Bridge? Steffy and Thomas have already proven responsible for their dad getting back with Brooke.

All About The Ships

Taylor and Brooke are only going to continue fighting. It’s not going to matter who Ridge chooses. At some point, he’ll jump back to the other the next time something happens. He’s always saying that both women are the loves of his life. But, seriously, he’s a middle-aged man who still can’t decide who he wants. Liam’s not much better in that regard.

Returning to Quarter, today’s episode was them getting their bearings together. Oh, and let’s not forget the bed-hopping. We feel for Paris, though can her mother get off her high horse for a moment? She judges a book, in this case, Carter, by what Zoe told her. That’s not right by any means.

Carter is not a bad guy. He just fell for a woman he couldn’t have. Yet, he got her anyway. Yeah, that is why people are tired of this show running in endless loops. It’s enough for anyone to want to ram their heads against a wall or on their keyboards as we do. Metaphorically, of course.

Fans Don’t Like Quarter

We were browsing through Facebook fan pages earlier, and one said that Quinn made Carter a worse man. Therefore, Grace had every right to slap him. Now, we disagree with that. We believe Carter just fell for a woman who doesn’t let anyone stand in her way and will do what she wants to get what she wants.

Quinn has a lot of nerve to say that Carter made her a better woman. The fan page we were reading said that Quinn had said the same thing to several men she’s been with, including when she had that fling with Ridge.

Some fans like Quarter as a pairing, but that’s their opinion. A character can easily corrupt another’s morals. It’s a classic trope in any form of storytelling. Soaps are well known for using them to make a character unlikeable for some time. Look at all the times we’ve come to hate Thomas. It shows that characters can redeem themselves, depending on the storyline.

The Thomas Dilemma

Thomas was unliked during the baby Beth switch, and then after that when he pursued Zoe to make Hope jealous. Those storylines ran for like a year, maybe eighteen months. However, the second time played a tragic figure who never truly got his father’s approval in favour of his younger sister, Steffy. That’s just a thought on our behalf, by the way. Though, it’s not a secret that Ridge favours Steffy over Thomas.

Look at what happened when Douglas was born. Ridge tried to pass him off as his son rather than his grandson. Also, we’ve dealt with the cuteness of Hayes’ arrival.

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