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Ridge Forrester Is Still Blind To His Son And Brooke Logan Thinks Her Daughter Is Perfect

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Ridge Forrester is a blind, gullible foo as his son, Thomas Forrester, has not changed, meanwhile, Brooke Logan cannot get over that her daughter, Hope Logan, is not a naive little girl. Seriously! Can’t the parents let their kids do their own thing?

Hope and Thomas are not a good match. They never have been. We know that Thomas has done everything in his power before to hook Hope, and Ridge believes everything that comes out of his mouth while Brooke is always trashing him.

Brooke And Ridge Cannot Keep Their Opinions To Themselves Regarding Hope And Thomas

One of the most significant issues that The Bold and the Beautiful seems to have is they cannot find anything for Ridge and Brooke, particularly, to do when it comes to their children.

Brooke has never liked Thomas, and Ridge has never been overly fond of Hope until now. It’s weird. Neither Ridge nor Brooke want to see their children as just that, children who don’t know better. They’re both adults with children.

However, Thomas and Hope aren’t off the hook either. We all know what Tommy Boy is capable of. He told a partial truth regarding Emma’s death. He conveniently left out that he ran her off the road while not allowing his car to contact hers. Also, he didn’t answer Hope’s question when she asked if he called 911.

Thomas is still evil in his core. Hope is a lot like Ridge and Steffy, where she always wants to see the good in Thomas. His claims of being good before have blinded her, and she was hoodwinked into marrying him when she thought Beth was dead. Not to mention, Brooke and Steffy agreeing that Hope and Thomas’ relationship is not well-suited speaks volumes. Though, they have different reasons for their feelings on the issue.

Steffy Did Douglas A Solid In Taking Him In

It’s not a secret that Steffy loves her brother and can see he has “changed.” After all, she was the one who looked after Douglas when his parents were fighting over him. Thomas didn’t understand that he couldn’t just walk into his sister’s house whenever he wanted to see his son. Steffy also voted to boot Thomas from Forrester.

Another aspect we need to explore is how much Thomas has been through in recent years regarding non-Hope-related issues. His best friend, Vinny, committed suicide, and he had identified the body. We also know that he was involved in the twisted situation of his mother’s return to Los Angeles, where she attempted to win Ridge back. He also has to contend with Xander Avant‘s accusations of murder.

Thomas Could Snap

Could Thomas snap and force Hope to marry him (again) while acting differently to blindside Ridge and annoy Brooke? Possibly. It’s happened before. We all remember when the truth about Beth got out, and Thomas tried to kidnap Hope.

Something annoying about Hope right now is that she’s ignoring the morals she has always stood by. Yes, she wants a man dedicated to only her and without divided loyalties like Liam. But is she just settling for Thomas because she genuinely wants to be with him, or have the writers gotten lazy and just thought they’d do her dirty again? Why is it that Steffy gets a new man in Finn and Hope has to settle with the man who has been obsessed with her since they were teenagers?

Liam And Steffy Are Still Obsessed With Each Other

Let’s not leave Liam or Steffy off the hook, either. We all know Steffy is or was obsessed with having a complete family with Liam. Part of her wanted Hayes to be Liam’s. She only settled for Finn because Liam was with Hope.

Moving over to Ridge, the only thing we say here is… what the hell?! Just weeks ago, he wanted to be the head of Forrester so much that he was willing to let Eric die. Like Dollar Bill Spencer, he hates Hope even though he loves her mother. Ridge never treated Hope as his own. He preferred his own daughters, which is how the the whole love triangle between Steffy-Liam-Hope has played out. He will always favor Steffy over Hope because she’s more adventurous. Though, he is also drawn to Hope because she won’t cheat on him. The whole kiss thing with Thomas is whole other ball game.

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